Friday, April 12, 2019

The Eyes and.....DONE!!!!

Martha's eyes are DONE.  And so is the rest of her!!!

I started with the Nighthaunt blue-grey, then some lighter tones. It looks white, but there's very little straight white. I actually used really light flesh tones or warm off whites. Then about 3 generous coats of gloss medium...  

And a shot for scale.....

What's next?   The immediate project is getting over this virus/sinus infection I have. Been a week of fevers and general ick, so far. Hmmmmmm, finish a Nurgle project... get blessed. Maybe I need to think about going over to Slaanesh, the blessings might be more fun.

Well, in the warhammer world, there are lots of rank and file guys to finish up for the Traitor Guard AND  I've mail ordered some parts to finish up my two Tiger/vanquisher tanks, hoping to see them soon.  Also have some color shift paints ont eh way, so the Creature Caster Demon is on the short list. Probably the next big model project. Also feeling like giving my Ork army some love to get it up to playable level since I seem to be getting around 1-2 gaming opportunities a month all of a sudden.  Then there is the rehab of my Chaos Marine army and one more Marine oriented "suprise" in teh not so distant future.  Lots to come

Also, if you are one of the folks following my Instagram, thanks SO much for the support and for helping me breach the 1000 follower mark. I've chatted with my wife and she is interested in helping me figure out how to do some videos over the summer. Of course, to complicate that.... I'm hoping to change careers over the summer as well, so that may put all of this hobby frenzy down to a gimpy walk for a while. But.... it sure will help the financial end.

Cheers Y'all!!!

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Martha: Blood and horns.

First up the horns.....

A quick drybrush with the Tyrant Skull, then a thin coat of the Aged bone. Some of the tones showed through, which was what I wanted.  Then, on to laying in successively lighter shades of aged bone.

After that an overall wash of Army painter Soft Tone. I love this stuff. It leaves a great finish and a nice subtle wash.

Picked out some shadows near the bottom, mostly with Earthshade. I might have added a little Druchii Violet to darken some of it.

On to the bloody parts.  GW Blood for the Blood God and a bit of Druchii Violet for depth, sometimes a little Althonian Camoshade to brown it up a bit.

And some running sores on the body.....

The eyes were next. I attacked it with some zeal, thinking I might spread a few around the body and hated it.... so now I have to spend some time repainting tonight. But the new plan is to go spooky, milky white blind. And just stick to 3.....

Cheers y'all!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Washing Ms. Martha

The washes begin....

Most of the washing is done with a mix of GW Althonian Camoshade and GW Druchii Violet.  Its usually about 2-1, but its a pretty organic process as it goes on the mini. Sometimes one coat, sometimes 2 if I want it darker. Sometimes a dab or more of one color or the other. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you'll note this is a pretty common technique (esp. with these two colors) for me. These couple shots show the was vs the underpainting.

And the end result before detailing begins.....

Then I added some purple and flesh colors in detail areas....

On the tentacles I did some striping with a light blue grey and elf flesh. Then a wash of Violet with a touch or thin wash of the Althonian Camoshade.

The end result and Martha's skin is pretty much done.

 Here's a scale shot too

Horns and claws are next.

Cheers y'all!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

And the painting begins....

Putting color on Martha has begun!  

 After the priming and the washing, the first step is the drybrushing of GW Rakarth Flesh

Then on to the next two colors of the underpainting......

 Vallejo Flat Flesh was first, then Game Color Elf Flesh to pick out the highlights. You can see all the beat up old brushes I use to drybrush with. They all started out with points, then I cut them down with an Xacto and use them for drybrushing. The yellow ones are actually 20+ years old. I give them a good washing when I'm done, but I beat the hell out of them while painting.
There are faces all over this thing. Its so neat for me to see all the details coming to life.

AND... the first color done.....

Then I pick out areas I want to show through the washes as lighter with the next color. Most of it is drybrushing too, though usually with more finesse. There is also some basic small brush work, usually with watered down paint to help get highlighted areas....


 And that's where she stands at the moment. Probably some more highlighting tomorrow and maybe....maybe , another color along the back. After that, on to the washes.

Cheers y'all!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Demler pattern Vanquisher

Throughout the Crixus sector, the Tresorbis Labor/Logistics Conglomerate searches for archo-tech and ancient STC, along with their usual pursuits of providing labor and labor services to all sorts of large businesses, from mining to aquaculture. Due to the sectors frequent isolation by fluxuating warp storms, The Mechanicus on the Forgeworlds of Demler, Volheim III and Xibis have often been given special consideration in using "non-approved" STC for a variety of civilian and a few military designs. The latter only for local use and in "dire circumstances"

Enter the Demler pattern Vanquisher. With the standard Chimera drive train, the type sports a smaller caliber, but extremely high velocity gun, Designed to kill other vehicles and hard points, its overall performance is similar to the standard Leman Russ, though it has a slightly taller profile.

 And the second with genestealer hybrid head......

The construction is done. I may add some rivets or a small but of stowage in the near future, but all the engineering and conversion is over. 

NOW.... on to painting Martha.

Cheers y'all!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Prime, Martha primed.

The painting has begun. First, the spray coat... and all her loveliness.

Then I go to my normal 50/50 brown/black wash....

The Fleshmower got it too. Here's a shot in progress and final....

More painting on the way.....

Cheers y'all!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Here kitty. kitty!

My last 40k game introduced me to the Leman Russ Vanquisher. I was impressed. Having no dedicated Vanquishers, I decided to commit a little heresy (nothing new) and get a couple tanks to convert. The kit in question, the Meng World War Toons Tiger 1.  Lovely kit, especially for under $20 USD.  AND its just about the size of the Leman Russ.  Originally, I planned on building the kits and "40k-ing" them up a bit, but I went a bit farther, using the Chimera lower hull/track assembly. So they can be stuck in the mud like their inspirations. :)

Great kit, especially for beginners. Its a snap fit, but I used glue and hacked it up a bit.

I primed the lower hull because of all the road wheels. But I've decided these hulls will have .... another use.  More on that later... The weapons.....

 I love the barrels, so perfect in my mind, for a tank killing gun. I rigged the bow gun mounts with las cannons.  Its a simple 167points of tank killer.

 The size comparisons....

And here's where they stand without the lower hulls, which are next. I'll add some stowage and a few bell and whistles, but overall... pretty pleased with the conversion.


 Cheers y'all!