Sunday, April 24, 2016

From the Workbench: The Most Basic of Colors

I finally got some hobby time. I started to block in some colors on the Apostles of Quetza Razorback team.  Its the first coat of the basic under colors.

I have decided not to do the weapon casings in jade. I'm going to go with an obsidian instead for the ranged weapons.  In the long run, we'll be looking at end results more like these real world examples...

Lots more detailing to do, but I actually have some time to work on it this week.... for a change. :)

OH....WTF?!?!  GW needs to slow their roll. Knock it off I'm trying to not buy more minis!  When they put out stuff like this, I know its going to make me add to the mountain of unbuilt ork stuff I have.  (I'm really getting the itch to build some ork... and chaos stuff, these loyalists make me feel dirty)

This guy has got Mega Armor written ALL over him. Of course, he'd be converted and painted in a proppa Rednekkz rusty red and blue. Can't have none of those uppity Bad Moonz runnin round here

And for anyone who might be wondering.... Beware of Goblins in Dirty Lab Coats....

Cheers Ya'll.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Its been a crazy couple of weeks. The Flu (because Grandfather Nurgle LOoooooooooves me... well, that and all the tourists bringing their germs to the Land of Mickey.) and a ton of artwork, which I'm still doing.  Like this guy, who is probably too close to Goblins while they play with chemistry.... 

I did get some Terracota paint, which will serve as the base color for the brown parts of the Apostles of Quetza.  I'll likely alter the original paint scheme a little. Da Kunnin' Plan is to do designs on all the terracota areas. I'm also rethinking the whole Demi-Company thing... and might just stick with the force as is, but we'll see.  Definitely some other projects I want to get to finishing as well.  The grand plan will involve selling off most of my stuff in the long run, so I may do a couple Raptor things to complete that army and have it ready for sale.

Next week, I'll be giving the art/hobby room an overhaul. Partly because its in dire need and partly because I have to replace the window in there ... thanks to bad golfers.  So that'll likely be the next post along with some base painting on the Apostles.

Cheers Ya'll!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016

Its Boring, but Necessary.

Priming is D.O.N. E.

 First, a coat of  rust red spray primer. Then, the messy part. An all over heavy wash of a 50/50 dark brown/black mix.  The Apostles of Quetza ( or what I have built, that is)  will be ready for the painting process in a few hours. There's artwork that needs doing, plus a few doctors appointments for me and the dog, but I have a long "weekend" (my weekends start on Sunday or Monday) so there should least.. be some base coating and a spec model in the works by mid week.

And there is something angry creeping around my hobby room.  More on that next time.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Demi Demi Company

Well.... I've run out of shoulder plates. So, while I wait to order some more, I'm going to get these chaps squared away and, FINALLY, begin painting some of the Apostles of Quetza.

Not counting the characters and the Terminator squad, I have 2 tactical squads, with special weapon and sgt options. (one 10 man- one 5, that one gets a Razorback) and a 10 man (9 actually with shoulder plates) Jump pack Assault squad, which are basically a refurb of an extra Assault team I made for my Raptors army and didn't need.  Some of the guys still need the odd detail with some green stuff, but basically they are ready to prime.   The next update will involve painting. :)

The Razorback Team

Special Weapons options.

The rest of the lot with another Sargeant option

Not the greatest picture, thanks to the black primer, but here's the assualt team sans hand weapons.

I also upgraded Sgt Quasimo to an Assault Sargeant.

Sorry for the time between posts. Lots of artwork and other work getting in the way of the hobby time of late.  Next time, I'll have some paint slapped on someone.

Cheers ya'll!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

From the Workbench: Breaking into the reserves.

I can only imagine most folks who have been at this crazy hobby for a while have a bunch of miniatures that are just waiting for a job. Maybe they were part of an old army or project that never quite got finished or were needed.  Enter Assault Squad #8 and friends.  These guys have been sitting in a box waiting for a job ever since I decided my Raptors army was big enough.  I also needed marines to fill out the Demi-Company, without buying any new ones. So, I've been scraping old paint, trimming bits here and there and such to get these guys up to standards.  My desk... as you can see- is a clutter with mundane and boring hobby doings. 

One guy who was cobbed together from various parts was Sergeant Quasimo.  He's had a long, distinguished career.  Maybe a bit too long, but don't let the shuffling gate fool you.

Also did some work on the Assault Sgt.  Like a few others, he'll be an enemy sniper's dream, because he "don' need no stinkin' helmet!"

Hoping to get all the mundane stuff done this coming week on these guys. At that point I should have 2 Tactical squads, 1 assault squad, a terminator squad and maybe.... maybe a Devastator squad.   I'll be hammering out a Razorback for a 5-6 man Tactical squad in the near future too.  THEN... it should be on to painting. Although, I did find one wrinkle to this cunning plan..... I'm going to need more resin shoulder plates.

Cheers Ya'll.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Just when I was trying to get out..... they pull me right back in.

It may be no suprise tho any of you that I've always liked the stories of corruption in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. The frailty of the human spirit. The idea that ambition or desperation could lead to otherwise sane people to pledge themselves to something as insidious as the forces of Chaos.  What you may not know, is I've always absolutely adored the idea of the genestealer cults too.  I've toyed with the ideas of conversions, even bought miniatures (which remain unbuilt) for possible projects.  Now, I'm at a point where I'm doing my best to only build the models I have - because I have WAY too many.  Then Games Workshop pulls this Deathwatch game..... with friggin awesome minis. Damn you......

And this little nugget dropped too.  I have a small Tyranid force that has been on hold.  This may screw that all up.  Besides.... imagine the conversion possibilities!! Nothing says you couldn't convert non tyranid minis to stand in for tyranids. 

If (when) I aquire the rules and minis, this project WILL happen.  Just as I'm trying to wind my hobby purchasing down, this happens.  I think GW is in cahoots with Sid Meiers (I'm a Civilization addict) to keep me spending money. I guess its better than spending my money on strippers and drugs. Or at least thats the excuse I use with the wife. :)