Friday, January 31, 2020

Rednekkz 2.0: Almost Done!!

Pretty close to done with the Burnabomber.  I decided to seal it with my normal Krylon Matte, but it came out a little shiny.  The next morning, I got the airbrush out and hit it with some Testors Matte .

Before and after the Testors

The only big issue with the flat is that I have to go in and redo some of the metallics and such that need a little luster, which is no huge deal... but still, its painting something again. Otherwise its a great flat coat.

Before and after again

Here's some more all around shots (Before the dull coat) so you can get an idea what she looks like.

This ones a bit shinier than I'd like. I went over some of the rust to get a better look.

I like this view. Underwing stores are next and then its DONE!!!  Planning to take a break and build something before I get to the Dakka Jet.

Cheers ya'll!!

Monday, January 20, 2020

Da BIG Burna Bomba Update...

The painting is in full swing on both Ork planes, thought the Burna Bomba is the focus first. 

I started with my basic approach to most metals on most anything. Undercoat of Brown/black (50/50) then these two guys.... Tinny Tin first.  Drybrushing, stippling, there ya go....

Sometimes I'll hit certain edges with a little silver, like on the end of the main engine , but I've always liked this process as a good base for adding some depth to the metal areas.... without too much fuss.

Also decided there would be some blue and white checks on both planes.  Enter the sharpened Mechanical pencil and a fairly steady hand....

Some fairly careful painting and BOOOOOM!!!! Checks!!  I figure they don't have to be perfect since grots probably painted them. Close is good enough.  By the time the weathering and rust is done, who knows how much will show through anyways. :)

In hindsight, it'd been better if I had finished the white first, but .. it still looks good.  On to phase 1 of the rust/weathering....

I'm going to do these two with just paint (no weathering powders) so I'm relying heavily on Game Color Dry Rust and Rust (orangey) for most of the heavy lifting.  Drybrushed, stippled, smeared and even washed at times. I love these colors.

 The Dry Rust has a flat finish and some fine grit in the paint as well which is a quick way to add a little texture.  I also break out the sponges for the Rust and even some of the original Black/brown or Boltgun Metal.  Its a pretty organic process..... I really need to do a video someday because my descriptions are rubbish.

I seem to be going a bit nuts on the paintjobs on these planes. Not sure if it touched an old "scale model days" nerve or what. I'm enjoying it, but I hoped to be on another of one if my many projects by now. 

From here, its beating the hell out of the plane, more layers, washes,etc. 

Cheers Y'all!

Monday, December 23, 2019

Rednekkz 2.0 and Toon Tanks!!

Firstly, Happy Holidays- whatever you may celebrate towards year's end, I hope its wonderful for you and yours!!

The hand painting begins on the Rednekk Airforce.  I have to say I'm in total danger of building too many Ork planes. I love doing these. If I do, might have to do them with sale or trade in mine.... one only needs so may.

At any rate, the blocking in of areas for metal with dark brown/black has begun.

Also did the same thing on my Genestealer Cult Tiger Vanquishers, who also got a little more airbrush love with a 3rd camoflage color...

Lots of folks were asking for some size comparison photos, so I did those with one of my Traitor Russes.

I love the Meng World War Toons kits, so I picked up a couple more. If you are wondering how they scale out against 40k tanks, here's a Medium tank and light tank for comparison.

That's all for now! Catch you all next year. Stay safe and have fun!

Cheers y'all!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Rednekkz 2.0: Airbrushin' !!!

Finally, the brutal humidity has lifted here in the sub-tropical wonderland of Florida, so ya know what that means.....

.... yup, airbrushing in the garage, because I don't have a decent set up inside. First, some white over the grey primer.....

Then, after 2 hours of masking, a dark blue base color.

Came out pretty good.....

First, the dakkajet.....

..... and... the burnabomber...

Next, layers of blue and white by brush.  I could airbrush it, but Orks aren't known for clean paint jobs.

Cheers y'all!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Rednekkz 2.0: Grot gunner and such

SO... the planes are done! Well, built and primed anyways.

I added some patches to cover up some ugly holes ....

And I wanted a bullet deflector on the Burna-bomba.

Here they are primed....

I also got my little grot gunner painted up....

Still have to name him though. The oppressive Florida humidity has calmed down so I'm going to break out the airbrush for the bulk of the painting... stay tuned for that.

Cheers Y'all!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Rednekkz 2.0: Dem Fly Boyz!!

I was supposed to build an Ork plane for my mini challenge.  I decided to make 2.

Originally, I'd thought of doing a biplane conversion. But, after looking at the kit, it was a bit more work than I have time for at the moment, so I just built both kits.

Its a nice kit and maybe because its an airplane, it seemed to tap into the old scale modeller in me and I went a bit nuts with all the picky seam filling and such.

They are pretty much done, except for some extra styreen patches and battle damage,etc.  But the next thing will be painting up the air crew.

Cheers Y'all!!