Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Workbench Quickie!

Uhhhhh, yeah..hehhhehhheeehhhhehe...

Hobby time has been a bit more than limited of late. In part, due to these two!

If you've been following for a while, you know the wife and I are involved in kitty rescue work, specifically newborns and bottle babies.  Well, the wife is out of town and I have these two miscreants to deal with. One was found stuck in a wall by a firefighter and the other in a planter. Plus, the only bathroom I had that was animal free now has a pregnant cat in it.  If you have animals, you know how nice it can be to have some solitary "reading" time.... but no, not anymore.  And within days, I'll have a litter of kittens in there with her.  Welcome to Spring in Central Florida.  Please Spay and Neuter.

BUT... enough of cat world. I've been working fevorishly on artwork for my comics as well as occasionally making it to my hobby desk.  While this is thoroughly unexciting or even inspiring, I have put the base colors on 20+ Necron Warrriors and one grumpy, drooling Ork Mad Dok.  After some serious research on just how friggin' cool Lapis Lazuli can look.  The 0001001 boys are base colored in GW Necron Abyss and my own black brown (GW Scorched Brown + Chaos Black @ 50/50)  The blue parts will be Lapis, the brown will be Bronze, dirty bronze.

I also puttered around with the slow conversion (aren't all of my conversions slow.... I mean, I work way too damned slow.  If only they'd just let me work on hobby stuff. ;)  ) of the first of the DOOOoom Wolves.  These guys are intended as "Space Wolf" allies for my Nurgly Guard er...Adeptus that used to be the Imperial Guard- army, since I can no longer ally my normal Chaos army with it.  Which is BS, by the way... but ya know. I had a guy a couple weeks ago say "Why don't you just get IA 13 (or which ever) with the traitor rules?"  I replied "If you can convince my wife I need a $100+ book for a game I barely play, when I already have rules I can use that the army was built for, knock yourself out." Models are great (and the best part of the game as far as I'm concerned).... but frankly, you can play the game with a bunch of nickles or cut out paper counters if you really want to. If I want my AM/Guardsmen to be Nurgley its perfectly fine.

But, I digress..... here's the start of my Chaosy Space Wolves. Think burning from the inside out with a bad temper, because frankly that can't be comfortable Vikings in power armor.  That'll be the look/paintscheme I'm going for.

Still a lot of sculpting to go on this guy.

Also...dispite all the grumbings on the interwebs ...because afterall, the interwebs are ALWAYS grumbling... I'm more than a bit stoked for the Khorne Deamonkin book. The DOOOoom Wolves, might end up being designed to use more than one Codex.  I've gone a bit sour on the hobby over the past few months because I never can get in a game, but even if they don't make everyone happy (and they never will) a book like this is long in coming for Chaos players.  I'm assuming the other 3 gods will get the same treatment.  Or at least they better.  I'd swore off buying new books, but......

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

From the Workbench: Phalo-cyanine-crons

Phalo-cyanine Blue has always been one of my favorite acrylic paint colors. Its a beautiful blue. With a little white, its a hauntingly beautiful blue. Its so beautiful, when given a mono-chromatic painting project in college (22 years ago) I HAD to use it.

That's not the whole image, but you get the idea of how "PURTY" Phalo-Blue can be.  Well, remember GW Necron Abyss ..... is Phalo-cyanine Blue. If its Necron Abyss.... how come there's no Necrons painted that way? Hrrrmmmmmmm, I said to myself.... that needs to be fixed.  And, I've always wanted to paint an army blue that wasn't "traditionally" blue.

Now, thinking of the Necrons and their background... I'm thinking Lapis Lazuli.

Regrettablly, I haven't had a ton of hobby time, so the lads are looking a little monotone at the moment, with only a basecoat over their primer.  But, its a start.

As for the rest, they are still "under construction"....

BUT... I called in someone to help, who is eager to get painted himself.

          BLAM!!!!!!   Make way, ya git! I'll fix dem boyz up jus' fine!

Cheers Ya'll!

Friday, March 13, 2015

OOps, I did it again!

I promise that is the last time I'll quote Britney Spears.   No new pictures of models, yet. Necrons are primed. I should get some hobbytime in Saturday night and Sunday, so look for a post around then.   In the meantime, if you want to see some more non-Warhammer doodles that leaked out of my brain, check out my ART BLOG.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

An Artsy update.

The Necron assembly line continues.  I haven't had a ton of hobby time, but should have something to show for it in a couple days. However, I did post some stuff on my ART BLOG for those that might be curious.

Keep an eye out here in the next couple days for a hobby update.
Cheers Ya'll!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

From the Workbench: Tin Men!

I've come to a couple conclusions in my absence. One, doctors think a trip to the hospital is always a good idea, never considering how much it costs. Two, I'm fairly certain that several days of fever, deprivation and or hallucinogens were involved in the origin of all major religions, not to mention things like the spork and Ronco's Mister Microphone. (For those too young for that reference, check THIS out!) It also might be responsible for me dusting off my Necrons.

Initially, I bought the first box of Warriors for parts. I was going to use some of the parts for conversions and the rest for bases for my Orks. Then the Allied charts came out and I found out that I could ally Necrons and Orks and that idea was just too cool.... and too damned funny to pass up. I've never been a big fan of the green rods and I want to go with a sickly white-green for the glowing undead feel, so I made carbines. Besides, who the f*** puts an axe on the end of a gun?!?!  Its a quick and easy conversion.

On the left are the cut down parts, on the right the parts before trimming.. When I chop off the grip, I cut the thumb off and glue it on to the hand. I carve out a little "trench" in the hand area where the front "zappy" piece will go. OH... and do futuristic robots need a big sight on the top of the gun?

I go the assembly line up and running and here are the first 10.

And my favorite 5... so far.

Between the two boxes I had, I can get about 21 complete guys.  The left over guys, I'm going to have to make some "Uh... the reanimation thing didn't work so well" - "Hey, where'd my head go?"- guys.  That should be some fun.  The other part of the plan, since I have an absolute TON of unbuilt Orks. SO..... I'm going to mix the Orks with some Necron technology. I'm still working up the back story, whether the Orks are "slaves" or the Crypteks and the Meks did some sort of deal. But Hijinks will ensue. This will give me something to have fun with along with the Chaos army. 

Good stuff ahead and comics as well. Its going to be a fun spring.

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Through the Magnifying Glass(es)

The soundtrack differs with my mood. Gregorian Chants one night, Metallica the next. But, there always seems to be a 10/0 brush involved and this pair of 2x Magnifying glasses perched on the end of my nose. Like many people, I wear corrective lenses to see everyday. Somehow, I let my optometrist talk me into "progressive" lenses, which I find a lot like "progressive" American politics: it might have sounded good at the selling point, but after that the buyers remorse/malaise set in quick. (By the way, getting old sucks - don't do it if you can help it and if you can't, fight it for all its worth.)
 I really don't need my regular glasses for model building or painting and never wear them. The 2x Mag-glasses, on the other hand,  when I crack them out.... it means s*** just got serious. we are....again... faced with the corrupted Vindicator that just won't finish itself.  I actually tried to move it off my desk so I could sculpt or build something tonight, but I just couldn't. So, I got out my 10/0 brush and committed to the work that needed to get done.  Sure, I could hurry it- give a couple good drybrushes and some ink and BAM!!! DONE!!-  but I wouldn't be able to live with myself. I'm bad like that. But first,...a short anecdote.... no really, it'll only take a minute.... or maybe two....

I have a Deviant Art account.  I recently added some miniature photos over there and started a back and forth with another modeller from Germany.  He asked me  how many hours went into building and painting Ms. Blinky ?  Honestly, I took a stab at it, because I lose total track of such things, especially when I'm in "The ZONE"  I've lost entire days to "The ZONE" and still don't know where they are. I could have children I don't know about in "The ZONE".  See, it was only a minute....

For a bit of fun, I put a 1 hour time limit on myself tonight and figured I'd post what detail work I could do in an hour.  And here it is.....

 Tonight's irritating hobby fun was applying a lighter fleshy tone and doing painterly details on all the gribbly parts. Specifically, the hatch. Or what used to be the hatch. Its GW Elf Flesh. With my Mag-glasses on the end of my nose, and my regular glasses above my forehead- in case I needed to see across the room-  I went to work to the thrilling sounds of Gregorian Monk Chants. My wife rolled her eyes, laughed and went to bed.... pointing out for perhaps the millionth time that "There really is something wrong with you.". Giggle if you will, O doubters of my madness, but those chants were made for repetitive work and luckily for me (and I guess you, if you are enjoying any of this) I set an alarm or I'd still be painting, because into "The ZONE" I went. Tiny stripe after sinew-like stripe I painted, feeling my way through the sculpt organically. A ballet of trying to keep that friggin' tiny 10/0 brush loaded with enough paint to make a mark but not too much to make too big of a mark. (I do test stripes on my left thumb) Then a pirouette into the water glass to keep the paint fluid. All kinda Zen-like  er, Moscow ballet Zen like backyard Hootnanny Zen-like........until suddenly, in mid-tentacle... BEEP-BEEP-BEEEP-BEEEP

And here, you can see where I stopped. Poor thing.  All half loved. Like a girl getting a $.99 Valentine's Day card and one of those cheap boxes with only 2 pieces of chocolate. And neither one is a caramel.

It does give you (and me) an idea of what the more crazy-detail, eccentric miniature painters like myself put into some of the things we come up with. It also might make you think when someone is putting a miniature up for sale that is truly well painted how much time went into it and why some of the prices may not be unfounded. Lord knows, selling this or any artwork, you never make a decent rate per hour. Its about the love....yeah, baby yeah!....its all about the love you put into it,man!  Though money does help... if you like food and shelter.

What's next?  Finish the fleshy highlights. Then, another color on some of the pustules. Get reeeeally crazy (anal retentive is a better choice of words) and see if there are any touch ups needed. then the washes begin for shadowing and tinting.  After that, any final weathering/paint chipping. The model gets a fixing coat/dull coat. Then.... lastly... finally, I go in and put gloss medium on any parts I want to be slimy.

Yeah.... I'm going to have to start a building project or a side project before this is finished. Or I may finally lose my mind. Thank the Dark Gods the Rhino is not that complicated of a project.  That's it for now, gang.

Cheers, Ya'll!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

More fun with RUST!

Alright! Grandfather Nurgle's most recent blessings have moved on.... (until the next batch of, I mean tourists bring nasty bugs to town)... and I'm back to the hobby room.  I present the touch ups/clean ups of the weathering powder mishaps.  Here's the BEFORE shot...

And AFTER some stippling and other touch ups. I also started the base colors for the gribbly parts.

And here's the BEFORE picture of the front end......

...AND after some touch up....

This picture doesn't really do the plow justice. The washes weren't quite dry and look a bit blotchy, but dried nice and flat.  And here's a shot of the top. I'm laying in the basic colors to start painting the organic, gribbly parts.

That's all for now, gang. The plan is to keep picking at the Vindicator to get it done, but I'm jonsing to build something, so who knows what might pop up in the next post.

Cheers Ya'll.