Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ms Blinky's Skin.

I've been working on Ms. Blinky's skin areas for a week or so now. I wish I could describe the process in more detail, but I'm lousy at keeping trap of what I do. I can tell you it starts with Dheneb Stone, some drybrushes of light fleshy colors and then washes upon washes: Druchii Purple,Althonian Camoshade, Waywatchers Green, Baal Red. A lot of mixes. Washes with paint. Washes with washes.  Experiment, is the best advice I can give... especially if you have a spare mini.  But here's my progress.
The basics...Dheneb Stone drybrushed with Rotting Skin with some washes of green and purple washes

And here's the end result. With some pinks and yellow pussy spot details.  Also the legs, which were based with a darker wash, then detailed with two fleshy colors, then a wash of Althonian Camoshade. The metal parts still need finishing.

Ive begun work on the mouth, but its far from done. I used some Blood of the Blood God medium as an experiment. Its totally movie blood. Way too damned bright. This may sound wierd, but.... I've seen an aweful lot of real blood in my life, this stuff definitely needs to be darkened -browned/purpled down. Especially for scale. Ms. Blinky has just hoarked up the bloody remains of some poor unfortunate, so the mouth/tentacles will be a good deal grosser before I'm done.

Lastly, another look at the back... which is pretty much done... unless I find something to pick at.

That's all for now. Hopefully, Ms. Blinky will be finished for the next post.

Cheers Ya'll!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ms. Blinky: Rust and Greens

One of the many projects to finish is...of course, the glorious Ms. Blinky, has been at the front of the line. I've been working on her armored pieces and I'd say.... aside from detailing.... are done.  First, the side views.....

 The top and front view.....

Still some fine detailing to do- metal chipping, maybe a bit of weathering powder/alcohol washes (though I'm not sure on that). All the gross 'skin' parts have to be touched up/repainted to match the other skin in the army like Ahnek Draghuul.

The nice thing is she she should be finished in a week or so.  I also have more paint removing from the free/cat pee minis going on. The first group is almost done, no thanks to an ill timed bought of blessings from Grandfather Nurgle (or the latest tide of tourists bringing their germs to more like it, aside from Vladimir Putin, I can only think of two or three human beings alive I'd wish that stomach virus on. Just brutal) Next up is the Hellbrute, who I have special plans for and possibly one of the Land Raiders... which I want to do a series of "Pimp My Land Raider" posts.

And then there's my bugs and the looming Ork and Imperial Guard releases (yes.. I'm still going to call it that.... doesn't matter, my guys are traitors anyways. :) ) 

While I'm rambling, feel free to check out my bi-weekly fantasy comic "Templars of DOOooom" (huh... familiar name) at this SPOT on the interwebs. Next one comes along March 30. A few 4Ok comics will probably land here at this blog in the not too distant future. I'd would have loved to have done one full time, but since its not my IP its not profitable, just fun.... and I have to eat,pay bills...pesky things like that.

That's all for now,gang. More frequent posts coming. I promise.

Cheers, Ya'll!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Comic silliness...

New comic over on my art/creative silliness blog. If you want to check it out, here's the link....
Templars of DOOooom!

Some photos of progress on Ms. Blinky soon.

Cheers Ya'll!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Busy, but not much to show for it....

Well, actual hobby progress has been slow of late. Some painting on Blinky, but nothing worth a photo yet.  The big project has been breaking down that huge lot of "free" cat pee soaked minis I got a couple weeks back. After an extended soak in the Krud Kutter I've started to liberate then from their stink and bad paint jobs. I'm not sure what kind of glue was used in their construction, but aside from too much super glue on the metal ones, the plastic ones seem to be coming apart in the soak. which is fine by me. Their acrylic paint is coming off, leaving a black undercoat, which is OK too. Its a slow process, but eventually quite fruitful.

Here's one batch. I did make the mistake of not using gloves during the process. Its a great way to really dry out your skin and probably not recommended. However, its nothing an application of lotion couldn't take care of.......

Cheers Ya'll....

Monday, February 24, 2014

From the Workbench: Rusty Blinky and Bug Shells.

Ms. Blinky is on the paint station and got the sloppy overall rust treatment. The same basic treatment as the standard troops... HERE .She will get some more snazzy washes and inking, not to mention the possibility of some weathering powders, just because she is a center piece. But, this gets the basic colors in....

So,  next for her is detailing.... which should take .....forever.

And I've been playing with my carnifex carapaces.  Tons of greenstuff to make it look 'solid'. Still, in progress, obviously.... but coming right along. I just got the bitz in the mail today that I've been waiting for to help with the "undercarriage" part of the body. Next update should give you a pretty good idea of the general look of the end result. Of course.... I'm making a lot of it up as I'm going along too. :)

And more work filling in the devourer arms. Except for detailing, they are close to done.

That's all for now. Should get another update up around Sunday/Monday, but maybe sooner if I can find more time to paint. There's lots of artwork and "real world" things on deck to keep my hobby time regrettably slim this week.

Cheer's Ya'll!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Never look a gift horse in the..... hey! Something smells funny!

A friend told me his brother was getting rid of his Chaos army and I was welcome to it if I wanted it. Since I'm babysitting some kittens for him, its was sort of a thank you/down payment gesture or rather he just didn't have space for them since he's in the middle of a move. So, being a sucker for free minis (Mekk's rule #2: "Yous can nevva 'ave too many bitz!") I said "Sure, I'll take 'em off your hands"

                    How many of you store your minis like this?

Like I said, basically free. there's a ton of minis and vehicle (TWO land raiders).... they all smell like old cat pee and a moldy basement.... but they were free. He did warn me they were in rough shape, so I kind of expected some of it. Some.  The first step, sorting and getting rid of the case. Luckily, tonight is garbage night.

Most of the construction was pretty straight forward to downright sloppy, so I have a LOT of clean up work ahead. Doors are missing on the vehicles. I have a Defiler and ahalf...... which I'll likely cob one defiler together out of. But there are two plastic deamon princes (in pretty good shape), a Rhino hull, the afore mentioned Defiler and a half, 2 land raider hulls in various states of disrepair, a hellbrute (Stompy needed a brother) and an OLD metal Chaos Dread which is in good shape... that might be a kick to get straightened out..... that's the big stuff....

Then there's THIS MESS.......

After being stored in the case with the foam that had cat urine in it, plus whatever other "old basement" smell it has going on, the miniatures have a definite funk.  I actually wore rubber gloves to sort them.  There was a pretty complete Chaos Dark Vengence set, mostly unpainted, a bunch of Khorne deamons in varied states of repair but in general good order, though pretty much 'slapped together' as far as construction was concerned, Kharn, A terminator Lord, Typhus (because I need another one) and a hoard of marines, mostly Khorne berserkers.

This is minus the Dark Vengence set and Deamons. Khorne berserkers on the right, everyone else on the left. EVERYONE...even the unpainted plastic is getting the Krud Kutter bath. A few of the Deamons went in for a dip tonight. I'll have to go off to the home improvement store to grab a jug so I can bathe the rest bit by bit. Not sure how much of this will make it into my Templars of DOOooom Army, but it seems the Dogs of Khorne contingent will be getting a big boost, which they sorely need....because they tend to suck ass in battle.  They better hope I can get one of those Land Raiders in shape for them, because I have a whole line of impatient Orky Meks just drooling all over that box at the moment. Definitely a battlewagon for the Boss  in there.

A little more progress on the Carnifex carapace sculpts. More on that in the next post.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

From the Workbench: The World's Heaviest Carnifexes

Building on the the old Carnifex is turning into something interesting. There is just no way to not make it weigh a ton. Slowly, but surely its turning into something that will look more in line with the "modern" Tyranid line... but still be unique.  With my typical Orky engineering skills, this is the way the carapace/body is taking shape. Keep in mind, there is still a ways to go....

Eventually, the whole carapace will be shell. The vision I have (sketches to come) is of a barnacle encrusted swamp monster of sorts. The Splinter fleet/army I have in mind is an hive once thought defeated that has lurked in the dark corners of a world and regained its strength. Also.. they are tasty, when boiled with cajun spices... but not everybody knows this.  Kind of a tyranid version of this guy.... but with bigger legs....

                           "Beware the Snappyfex! Nomnomnom!"

For one of the two, I have started a 'custom' set of  Devourer arms. Kind of helps with the crabby look and also gives him an extra set of walking limbs because he's a bit top heavy. I wish I'd had enough for both, but I thik the other may have a venom of the few S-9 weapons in the Tyranid arsenal, short of engaging vehicles in close combat...which is always fun.

Just the start, still have to fill them in and make them a bit more weapon like, but you get the idea.

ALSO....Ms Charlotte got another pair of legs while I was waiting for greenstuff to dry. I'm endeavoring to get her finished up as this month, if possible.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll have another post @ Sunday/Monday.

Cheers Ya'll!