Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Old Dinosaur learning new tricks.

If any of you are graphically inclined in the digital arena, you may have  Wacom or something like it. I've had mine for 6 years and, aside from dusting it occasionally, haven't used it. Until recently.  If you checked out my link to the Dragons I've been doing for my wife's Kindergarten class, you can see I'm jumping back in with both feet into the digital arena. I'm the first one to admit I'm a dinosaur.

I like paint. I like colored pencils. I LOVE graphite pencils and black and white charcoal on colored paper. I like the smells, the feels, the whole experience.  I used to do T-shirt design for a living and had to use a computer, but I did as much by hand as possible.  Well, that was last century.  With my desire to do comics and the software I have, its time to get digital.  Honestly, I've been afraid to try drawing on the Wacom, since I've noticed during clean up of the Dragons, for example, I can't draw a straight line.  But coloring and correcting my scanned drawings, has shaken off a LOT of rust and helped me learn alot. I'd hope so after 67 hours and counting. (yes... she keeps coming up with stuff, so you can blame her for the lack of painted minis. )

SO... as a test for myself I took this guy's photo ....

...broke out my handy Wacom and a brush tool in Photoshop. And came up with this....

I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. Its basically what I have planned for him.  I think I'll even be coloring him in Photoshop to see if I like the colors I have in mind.

And NOW... for a little experiment. Which I blame completely on Greggles and THIS POST at his blog.  While I don't have the same materials, I got me  Kunnin' Plan.

I'm going to mix Acrylic gesso with crackle for one base and Acrylic modeling paste with crackle on another and see what happens.   The results .... next time.

Cheers Ya'll!

Friday, August 21, 2015

There be Dragons.... at the Komixshop

I've been working on artwork all week for my wife's Kindergarten class. If you'd like to see what I've been up to instead of working on models, CHECK IT OUT!

Should be a hobby update around Sunday/Monday.

Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, August 17, 2015

From the Workbench: Works in Progress

Finally got some hobby time in and got several things going on.  First, VIVA TROPICO! 

Here's the progress on the "test" Red Beret. Everything except the skin tones and unit markings/details are done. The camoflage looks like its terribly time consuming, but its actually a fairly quick process.

As for El Presidente, he's underway, but I realized he was missing a thumb and some sunglasses. Lots of detailing to finish as well as the overcoat and hat.

Next on deck, the Apostles of Quetza.  The Sergeant of the Tactical squad is ready to get painted. He has a chainsword "Macuahuitl" - yeah.... I know the blades are running in different directions.... or maybe they are just teeth.... still looks cool. ;)

I've got some base colors on the Chaplain....

And some on the Librarian, who still needs an arm.

Now we come to my Khorny Space Wolves... The Bloody Claws of Khorne.  This is Ragnar Blackmane.... no, really. it is!

Or as the Plague Marines like to call him Ragnar Underbite. There is still some work to do on him. Mostly to find the happy medium between Chaos and Space Wolf. Details,details,details....its all in the details.

Then we come to the Odds and Ends category.  This guy, I think, will end up being a Vox Creep for my the Bloody 7th. Or something else. But, either way.... he's pretty cool so far.

Possibly what my Sanctioned Psykers will look like. He's kind of a test model on the Plague Monk body.

And this is Harvey.... and Brent.  Because a Spawn with two heads (sort of) is better than a Spawn with one.... maybe.  Still a bunch of gribbly greenstuff work to do on Harvey/Brent. There's likely to be all sorts of cool stuff going on on his back.  I figured its good to have a spawn or two in case I ever play and somebody gets "blessed" for winning a challenge.

That's all for now, gang. I'm making the last push to get stuff done for my wife's classroom, so the next few days I'll be drawing cartoon dragons.  But hopefully I'll get in another update later in the week. Next week the "routine" begins again and updates should be more regular.... along with COMICS!   So keep a weather eye!

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

From the Workbench: Khorne Dog! Get yer Khorne Dog here!

Finally, a hobby post with hobby stuff.  I snuck in some time and finished off the first of the Khorne Dogs...er... Dogs of Khorne.  I get the feeling I probably won't be able to resist some of the new Warhammer Fantas...er Age of Stigmatar releases. Too much cool Chaos stuff.  So, here's the completed Terminator paint scheme.

I'm pretty pleased with it. The "power" claw and the weathered bronze came out really good, though the latter doesn't show really well in the photos. Part of me wants to alter the flesh tone a bit. It could happen, but for now... its done.

Speaking of fantasy releases....

This is Gorgy Buttspitter... or whatever his name is, fighting a sergeant from the Apostles of Quetza in the Realm of Unfinished Miniatures. The new fantasy stuff has got some steroids over the Space Marines. And here I was thinking of making this guy a Plague Marine.  Well, I still might, but one could definitely argue Terminators and I see the new Khorne stuff is likely the same scale.  That would make the Khorne Bloodreavers some seriously HUGE cultists. Hrrrrrrrrmmmm... its got me thinking all sorts of crazy things.  We'll see what the future holds.

That's it for now. I'm working on getting my wife back to school and helping set up her classroom, but once a normal schedule sets in the hobby and art time will be plenty.  I'll do my best to keep the posts more regular now that I'm healed and the world is slowly getting back towards sane. ;)

Cheers Ya'll!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Yup.... I'm still alive.

After a damaged hand and a short "vacation" at the hospital I'm ready to get back at hobby and art stuff.  Once again, I have miserably failed a painting challenge, between my glacial painting speed and circumstances beyond my control. BUT, the ETL4 gang is still on the 'ready 5" to be finished.

The Khorne Dogs will be underway again this week, now that I'm up and about. Not-So-Smilin' Bob's body... well, that might take a while.

In other news, the hobby and art room is on deck for an overhaul which starts (albeit slowly, thanks to the medical hurdles) tomorrow. Also thanks to a friend of mine, who is WAAaaaaaaaay more digitally saavy than I am, I picked up a new (old) program to help bring my comics into the digital age.

And while I WON'T be drawing Magna, this is just great and easy for the layout,digital inking/coloring and printing of comics.  Thanks to some great tutorials by my friend Artist Erin Humiston  I should be up and in waist deep soon. If you do this kind of stuff, I noticed a lot of the interface is similar to Photoshop which I know my way around fairly well.  But the hours I would spend editing my hand drawn (and lettered) comic in Photoshop, will hopefully be cut severely.  I have a BIG project in mind with characters and story of my own. But while I'm cutting my teeth on this thing, its safe to assume there will be a 40k comic or two in the near future.

So, much coming this way in August. Sorry for the slow couple of weeks, but thanks for sticking around. :) oh....and VIVA TROPICO!

Cheers Ya'll!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Heads! Heads will roll! .... on in from Poland.

Hobby time has been at an all time low, while the honey-do list is at its highest here at Casa D'Rednekk. The wife is off for the summer and we're trying to get a few projects we need to do together done before she has to start planning for her next crop of students.  I've gotten basically NO painting done and a bit of fiddling with this and that. One of the projects, which starts tomorrow is straightening and reorganizing the hobby/art room.  In the long run it should be easier to get my hobby and art work done, right now its basically a path through storage so I can sit cramped at my hobbyy table. Cleaned out the new storage area today, so tomorrow I can move a TON of junk out.... and THROW another ton out.  I also have a trunk full of stuff that was my dad's which I have, so I may share some cool photos from his "Pacific Vacation" as he used to call it from 1942-45.

On to the hobby.  I'm fighting the idea of new purchases, but I have two problems. I really sort of "need" the new Space Marine codex. I have a total of 3 armies it basically effects, if I include my Raptors Space Marine army that I still have a couple things to add to. Secondly, I.... well, I hate to admit it, but some of the Age of Sigmar models look reeeeeeally good to me The gold guys scream a few ideas at me.

  Most people see Blood Angel or Loyal Space Marine. Is it bad I immediately see Chaos (Slaanesh)?


As for my Tropico themed army, I'm gearing up to order some heads. Probably in August, so you may see a few painted headless guys for a while. :)  The plan is for one standard infantry platoon, with special weapons and heavy squads attached. The rest will be Veterans. I also have  the older metal Cadian Kasirkin that I'm going to use as storm troops. I haven't fully decided on head swaps with them, mostly because its a serious pain in the ass and you can potentially destroy a good deal of detail on the model wit a runaway dremel.  Besides, the boys out of the East Point Academy could use Cadian standard gear... makes sense.

For the standard troops, I'm looking at the spot camo and these.....

For the famous Tropican Red Berets, I have beret heads from the new stormtrooper kits, but I may need extras for my NCOs too

And lasty, a few of these guys for some of the special ops guys.....

Also considering these to add even more flavor....

So that's the eventual plan. I have 2 Valkyries and a Chimera hull...which might end up playing multiple roles. I'm hoping NOT to buy anything else for it, leaving room for allied Space Marines. BUT.... I kinda love the idea of a tank named El Diablo Pollo.

Hopefully, the art/hobby room project won't take more than the week end and this coming week I'll have better update. The chances of me finishing my ETL4 vow by August 1st, however,  are about as good as Donald Trump's chances of being the next president of the US. :(

Cheers Ya'll!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

ETL4: The Dogs of Khorne

Avoiding the nightmare of painting the rest of the Defiler and putting it off until last, I've begun the Terminators for the ETL challenge. 

The concept is "burning reds" and burnt iron.  I don't really want flames all over, these guys have a bad enough monkier, let alone to end up looking like a biker gang with a flame graphic fixation.  So, its the suggestion of flame/heat I'm trying for. We'll see how it goes since I've gotten quite comfortable painting my "bullfrog" greens and other nasties, this puts me a bit out of my pallette comfort zone. Which... is always good to do to yourself.  It may not seem so at first... but it is.

SO here's the under coat dabbled reds (on top) and then a wash or two (under). I washed the reds with GW Druchii Purple and Althonian Camoshade, either by themselves or mixed.  Washing a red with a green (especially a muted green) can add some great depth to it.

 I'd love to share the process from there. But,  aside from saying " I kept mixing reds and browns together, then reds and lighter reds, then red and orange, then orange and yellow.. and screwed up a few times along the way, but then washed the whole thing a couple times and started over.. only to then wash the darker areas again." I really don't know how to describe it.  How long did it take?  Uh.... well. the Black Album by Metallica (1 and a half times) and most of White Zombie's  "Super Sexy Swingin' Sounds" album. That's how I'm telling time this weekend. Here's the end result for the red armor bits. Still have fleshy bits and metal bits to go.

 While I was waiting for washes to dry, I slapped an undercoat on the first of the dreaded "Red Berets" from my Tropico army.  They'll be sporting a version of spot camo on the cloth areas similar to this WW2 USMC pattern. It kills me that I had a shirt and pants of that and I lost it in one of my many moves during college.  Great in the early fall woods of New York.

Once the ETL is over, my hobby time (in between the summer "honey-do" list) will be working on the kits I have for the Tropico army and continuing the laborious process of paint stripping the hoard of Chaos infantry models I aquired for free a year or so ago.  Once the summer is over I'll be able to get in a mail order or two and get those done.  The Tropico infantry are bound to be headless, for the most part, for a while until I get heads with caps and berets.  Although, the East Point Cadet's Drill and Cricket team has the snazziest gear in the Cadian style, so they'll likely get the painting treatment after the Red Berets.

Cheers Ya'll!