Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Recharged and painting gross things

Work,work,work. I did manage to get out and get some me (or rather me and the wife) time yesterday on the water. Couldn't find any big ones, but the day was near perfect weather wise  and the little guys kept us busy.  My wife (a kindergarten teacher)wears a fitbit and commented on how relaxed her heart beat was.  A boat on the water and good company is hard to beat, for me at least, when it comes to recharging the batteries. 

At the hobby desk, the plaguebearers are all base colored and washed, the filthy little buggers.

As for their leader, now known as Two-Toed Ted, he's done.  Well, he needs some static grass on the base, but I'll do all the lads together for that.  I wanted to bring in the scheme I had used on my unit of older metal Plaguies, plus the rust/green scheme in the overall Chaos army, so he's got some funky bright green magicy kind of stuff going on. Its neat to compare them to the older models.

I was pretty pleased with the way his head turned out.

And an all around ....

9 more to go. I also have to figure out how I'm going to work the green + rust scheme into a band of Noise Marines next. That should be .... interesting.

Cheers Ya'll.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First we clean... then we paint.

I finally got a day where I could do my own thing. So what do I do? I start tearing apart THIS mess...

And that was just part of it. I took 4 garbage bags out and a HUGE stack of old magazines. I started to do some organizing, like putting all of my character clam packs in one shoe box and all of my after market bitz orders in another. Its still a bit of a mess and I have plans to move some stuff around, but its better.  Here's the Junkyard of forgotten Ork projects.  The minions watching over it aren't very good since its obviously infested with termagaunts.

Then there is the Paint Deck....as in stuff that is in progress but needs to be finished.

Emptying drawers in that dresser was a big priority. I came to two conclusions. First, I have a ridiculous number of bitz and sprues from kits across the GW range. Second, I also have more fishing tackle than 6 people could use in a lifetime. The fishing stuff will be a huge undertaking of its own.  In one of the drawers I found some old pictures I took in High School, which shouldn't have been there. Among them was a picture of a drawing I did in 1985.

I cleaned off my hobby desk and decided I didn't really feel like building, I felt more like painting to get back in the swing of things. SO, the Ork-sair is in a ziplock bag for the time being and I grabbed a unit of Plaguebearers from the Paint Deck to finish off.  A while back I experimented on these guys with different color washes on the same base coat. There will be a common overall look to bring the unit together, but I'm going to run with each slightly different base coat and see where they go. First up, the boss man.

He was pretty standard, dark brown base, GW Rakarth Flesh/Orgyn Camo mix drybrush and GW Druchii Purple wash.  I did another dry brush a green and picked out the pustules and details with a bleached bone color. Now for the washes....

Some washes with a mix of the GW Blood for the Blood God medium and Druchii Purple and/or Althonian Camoshade.  The purple and Camoshade are my go-to colors for these earthy olives.  The purple is great for deepened shades. It also mixes with the blood medium well for some nasty looking dark bloody stuff. I found that washing this around the pustules is an easy way to give it that inflamed/bruised look. A little wash of GW Gryphonne Sepia, to give a yellowish tint. Then you just back in with the bleached bone and give the pimple a head. :)
I also did some tasty running sores and open woulds. The mouths I used the same dirty blood color.

Then on to picking out details with GW Rakarth Flesh, putting heads on pimples and the like.  He's pretty close to done, but there are some more details to work on.

Nice to be back in the saddle, more Nurgly goodness to come.

Cheers Ya'll!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

A new day?

I work two jobs. And lately they have gotten the better of me. On the upside, this is the view I get from the morning job... 

On the downside, I am literally going through stretches of 10 days with no whole day off at a time. Partly, its my own fault. I'm the guy who almost never says "No" when asked if I can work an extra shift. Its just the way I was brought up.  That doesn't leave much art or hobby time, though.

I've actually got the next 3 days off (then another stretch of 10 or so with no whole day off) so I'm planning on getting to my hobby desk, if for no other reason than to finish at least (if not al 3 ) Ork pilots.

Just thought I'd drop ya'll a note and let you know I'm still alive.... and to keep a weather eye on this little corner of the interwebs. I'm in serious need of some hobby therapy.

Cheers Yall!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017: The Way Forward

 faces another hoard of vicious dustbunnies!

New year and lots going on at Casa D Rednekk. Especially the honey-do list, plus appliances that seem to be dropping like flies.  For those that have followed me for a while you know I've been kind of agonizing over how to proceed with the hobby since I don't play anymore.  After much back and forth, hemming and hawing,etc.etc.  I've come to a final decision.

While I'm giving up on playing, I plan on continuing to build models. HOWEVER.... instead of painting everything and then trying to get rid of it, I'm planning to get rid of some of my stock.  Since you folks have been such a great audience for my shenanigans, I would like to offer the stuff I want to get rid of to you all first.  So, stay tuned for the coming inventory and I'll give you contact info.  The overall plan will be to get a little cash and buy a couple models I just want to paint

SO... what about the armies?  Well, I'm going to look at what I've got, look at the current books, plug in what I've got and if I need to paint a few models to make a formation, I will... otherwise, I'm getting rid of stuff.

The tenative plan (which can always change) for this year and forward is as follows:

Rednekks: Finish the plane conversions and go from there. I've got an absolute ton of Ork stuff. If there is one army I'm likely to keep (at least until stuff is built and painted) its this one.

The Templars of DOOooom: I have WAY too much Chaos stuff.  I'll be looking at the aftermarket stuff I bought and kind of plan from there. Most of the Templars infantry is base painted, so I'll likely try to finish a formation or two up.  I'm bound to have a ton of Chaos stuff left over (since someone gave me 100 Khorne Berserkers ... for free) so, I'll likely have that available for purchase/trade  or for free. I include my traitor guard in there, but that will depend on the inventory too.

Raptors:  Anything that needs some paint will get it, then it will be up for sale/trade.

Space Marine stuff: There is one army I still want to build. Its a modern incarnation of my very first army The Dire Wolves.  Its going to be conversion/sculpting heavy and its likely to be the long range on going project. Other marine and Imperial stuff will definitely be ready to go.

Bitz,bitz, bitz! : I've got a ridiculous amount of bits from across the range and other stuff, so once I get an inventory done, there will be some bags for those that need them.

Artwork is going to be a major focus from here on out. I have another blog for just that, but I've decided to delete it and just go with this one, so there will be some art and comics about warhammer and D&D like fantasy as well.

Now, I have to put up or shut up. My work schedule has finally stabilized a bit and hopefully, for good, there should be some hobby progress in the next couple days. I've got some Ork pilots to finish. :) I'm glad to be back and looking forward to a hobby and art filled year.

Cheers Ya'll!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Holiday Greeting

Greeting ya dock monkeys!

Yup, still alive. I've emerged from the other side of the barbed cocoon that is Retail Work at the holidays still in one piece. Lots of changes here at Casa D' Redneck - which I won't bore you with- suffice to say its been a month to forget and I'm moving forward. 

So if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanza, Hannukah or are a dirt worshipping pagan like me and its now the new year, Merry Happy whichever one works.  I Sincerely hope the season treats you and your well and I look forward to getting back at my long neglected hobby within the next week now that I have a finally stable work schedule and life.

If you are embibing this holiday, stay safe, be responsible and have one or two for me. ;)

Sincerely, JF Shand, the one and only Rednekkboss, his long-suffering wife, dog and 4 cats.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

From the Workbench: Da Orksair!

The Corsair conversion has begun. Its a 1/48 scale Revel kit, cost me @ $18 at the local Hobby Lobby. Not a horrible kit, but basic and for the novice modeler. This would not be the kit any contest modeller would build (unless he/she was a masochist) due to the raised details and glaringly simplistic fit issues, but considering the horror I'm about to put this kit through (or I should say the horror Oddnutz and his mek crew are going to put it through)... it will serve very well.

The fun part for me, with kits like this is searching the kit for the copyright date on the mold. Though it looks like this kit was cast in '07 (at least the decals and instructions are from then) the actual mold is from 1963.  Older than the Ol' Rednekk himself... and that's sayin' something. The wonderful thing, compared to the Hellcat, is that the plastic is not as brittle as cheap glass.  Its as cooperative as any new kit, so there are no excuses on this one down at  Da Mekkshop.

Before we jump in, a fuselage size comparison of this one and the other fighters that will be converted in the short term.

On top, the Corsair. Then the GW Ork Fighta bomba.  Then the P47D Razorback. And finally the Japanese Mitsubishi J2M Raiden.  Here's what the Corsair fuselage looks like after some basic cutting. They'll all have a similar take on this profile.

Any self respecting aircraft modeller always starts with the cockpit though.  In this case, since its not for a 1/48 scale human and Ork proportions are definitely different, to build the cockpit you have to build the pilot.  And since I need 3, time for Doc to snip some legs.

Three sets of standing legs cut off around the groin/hip area - because I don't have extra trukk drivers or the like.  But, its an easy enough conversion, especially since most of the nasty looking bit will be hidden.  A bit of clipping and filing and the line up pretty satisfactory for a sitting Ork with his feet on pedals.  Adding the torso is a little trickier because of the way it normally fits. I wanted a slight recline, so I fiddled around until I got the right look. I'll be sculpting parachutes/seat cushions and some flight gear looking stuff after they have dries.

For the arms I used some fantasy spearman arms. When I first started my Ork army I was under the impression you can never have enough boyz. At the time I was working a lot of hours too, so picking up a box here and there ended up swelling the collection and since fantasy ork parts and 40k ork parts were basically interchangable... you get the idea.  I used a left arm that had a small knife. Clipped the knife and handle with the goal of having this hand on the throttle.  The other arm is a spear arm, which gives me a "grab and go" control stick- with some clipping.  The throttle arm needed to be cut at the wrist and the stick arm below the bicep.  Once I'm done sculpting the flight gear stuff, I'll attach the arms and resculpt any major muscle groups that need it.  For now, that leaves the Ladz in this sorry state.

    "Oi, wot you seein' da Dok fer, 'umie?  Maybe 'e can make you less weedy. Ahur-hur-hur."

That is likely NOT the head I'll be using, since I just realized I have some storm trooper heads that could save me a lot of sculpting, but there are bomberjacket/vests and the like.  More on that in a few days

Cheers Yall! 

Sunday, October 23, 2016

I could be working on models, but....

The latest last minute project for the wife's kindergarten class in progress.  Nothing quite like getting a "Hey can you do..." in the late afternoon the day before you need it.

Also tearing apart/reorganizing the art/hobby room. Its 1am right now and still have a way to go on the dragon, but the Ork pilot parts ARE on my desk. Depending on how long it takes me to ransack the hobby room and catch a nap or two I should have at least the first cockpit pretty well built by Wednesday, so keep an eye open for that update. Until then.... I have to get back to work. Thank got for Pandora on my laptop.

Cheers Ya'll!

Update: The finished product. Drugs are bad, M'kay?