Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Fly Guy and Fly Gal.

Looks like I'll actually get to play Warhammer 40k in the coming week. It'll be my first game of 7th Edition. After putting together several lists with the miniatures I have available (I can't actually get to my whole collection because the house is still not back together yet) I decided I'll be working on the boys in the list over the next few weeks to get some paint on them and finish them off. It'll be interesting to see if the losing streak continues for the Templars of DOOooom!

I ended up proxying a few minis here and there, so it has become clear I have a few holes to fill. One of them, a Sorceror(ess) with a jumppack (wings).  Here's what I have, so far...

Of course, no plague army would be complete without a Typhus stand-in. Here's the beginning of mine...

And a close-up on the sculpting so far....

Lots more work to do to make him gross and disgusting. 

Cheers Ya'll!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Stormin' Boyz and Nasty Things.

The first five of Mista Ozprey's boyz are DONE! Looky here!

Eventually, I'll have to get at least 10 more. Of course, I've shot myself in the foot by painting them nicely. Its going to take a Looooooooong time to paint a hundred Orks like this is I don't temper myself to painting them simpler. Here's a close up on the last three I did....

The next batch is my plastic plaguebearers. I forget where I read on the interwebs of folks complaining about how these guys don't have as much character as the old ones. Honestly, I LOVE this kit. Maybe its just folks with no conversion skills (or desire to convert) but, there's so much that can be done. I was only tinking of a very small deamon contingent for my Chaos Army, but I may collect enough to have a playable deamon army. Nurgly, of course... maybe with some Khorne. Of course, I'd actually have to play the game. I tried to get in a game the last two weeks and the real world keeps throwing me curve balls. pesky real world, getting in the way of my hobby.

I figured I'd take the new batch a different direction than the old metal ones I painted. I primed them with GW Bleached Bone spray. Then, I washed them with Army Painter Quickshade: Strong Tone.  Once that was dry, I hit them with my trusty old GW Althonian Camoshade. (Steps 1-3, right to left)

Next, will be to work on the skin and details. But, that's for next time.

Cheers, Ya'll!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dropping in a quick one.

Any of you that have been reading for a while, know I did some consolidating a while back. I had 2 Drop pod kits in a bag. I decided to break them out and build them. A word to the wise... if you do that sort of thing, look at them before you bag them and throw the boxes away. Turns out one kit was missing the sprue for the bottom of the pod. I got an extra of the other sprue, so I bitz ordered the base and the engine and I built the other one.  Look...a drop pod!

I know, exciting. Its primed grey on the outside and bleached bone on the inside. See....

I left out the harnesses, etc. and filled in the holes for a nice flat pad for whoever or whatever might be in the pod for the game. The end result, once the painting is finished is a "generic" pod with minimal markings I can use for any marine army. Though I must admit, the temptation to do something like "Bob's Rent-A-Pod" was extreeeeeemely hard to resist.

Now for abit of history... of sorts. My first army, my favorite army... was Space Wolves. I've bought and sold 4 Space Wolf armies. And now, I'm starting another one ( because I'm slightly insane). Here's the beginning of one of my heroes.

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stormboyz and Mold Assault!

Yes, I'm still alive! After a rather rude interruption by the real world, I'm back to hobby stuff. Lets get down to the good stuff.  I've got another one of the Stormboyz done.

Picture quality is a little muted, because my normal photo taking set up is...well, atop a big pile. More on that later. Overall, he's pretty cool. And here's the progress on his mates...

The big reason for such slow progress on something I should have been able to knock out in one good night of painting was the rather rude discovery of an invasion under my dining room/graphics office area in the house. Water and mold, not a good thing. So, now the area that had my scanner, graphics pc, office furniture and two huge book shelves looks kinda like this.....

That big blue air exchanger sounded like a jet engine. It was like living next to the flight deck for 2 days. And the place where I do my traditional artwork and models looks like this..... (There's my redneck miniature photo studio waaaaaaay back there where I can't get to it)....

Thankfully, things have gotten better. We now have a wall between our great room and garage (so I'm no longer cooling that as well as the house) and I cleared out a path to my model building desk and set up my old laptop so I can do this again and paint...ya know, so I don't kill, I relax me.  OH....and I also got these handy dandy tentacle makers from Green Stuff Industries .....

which I can't wait to start playing with. Once I get the hang of it, I may have to finally finish Ms. Charlotte. So, I'm back in the saddle again, though some of my stuff may be buried and eventually I'll have to paint the house too.  Its good to be back either way. :)

Cheers ya'll!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Extreme Makeover: Ork Edition.

Mista Ozprey needed his color scheme "modernized" to look good with his eventual hoard of Freebooter Stormboyz.  Basically, my formulas for rust and ork skin have changed in the years since I first painted him and the introduction of those glorious shades by GW have basically changed the way I paint.  So, without further ado.... the new and improved, Mista Ozprey. (the "before" is on the left - the "after" is on the right. )

And here's a shot with one of the boyz...

And now, something a bit different... a bit of an editorial.  The last week or so, Casa d Rednekk has been plagued with several computer issues - funky modems, pc power supplies dieing,etc.etc.  Being an old fart (i.e Child of the '70's) it got me to thinking how much we rely on computers. I know its no earth shattering thought, but its crazy how being without one...or without internet just impacts ones life these days. What scares me even more is what would happen if it all goes down? Yikes. So, I guess its kind of nice we all have a hobby where we still do something that doesn't require a computer and involves interacting with real people ....well, except when you are surfing blogs.

So, the next post should be the other 4 stormboyz finished. Then..... I think I'll dust off something scary.

Cheers, ya'll!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stripey Pants and Rockets!

The stripey pants painting has begun! Of course, I forgot to do an step-by-step on the white but the actual stripes are a bit simpler. It starts with off white pants (because Orks really don't give a fat squig's ass about how white their whites are and grots aren't as reliable at laundry as one might hope) and an HB technical pencil. Then a 10/0 brush and some GW Macragge Blue.

The touch-up phase is next to straighten out lines. Then a drybrush of Desert Sand (I use a craft paint for bases)- something like GW Bleached Bone or Karak Stone would work too- just to dirty things up and give some base contrasts for inks and washes.

Then GW Macragge Blue with a drybrush highlight of GW Hoeth Blue, plus GW Hoeth Blue and a light grey.  All of that would get a healthy wash with GW Drakenhof Nightshade. Then its painting over the straps on the pants and on to more details.

In the end, I love my Orks. But, I guess there is absolutely no way I can simply paint them. Its going to kill me with 100 Orks to paint, but damn it.. I'd rather be happy with the way they look.  This guy is done...... except for the base.

AND, because I painted him YEeeeeeears ago... I'm going to have to get 'Da Boss' looking like the rest of the gang. The skin is different, rust is different .... and I'm in love with the GW shades. Get ready for Mista Ozprey Mk 2.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celebrating 40K with some 40K.

Well, my happy little hobby blog has breached 40,000 page views. Thanks gang, I really appreciate the interest. I'll do my best to keep things interesting and fun.

On the Nurgly front, I've been working on the plastic Plaguebearers. I had seen some gripes about the interwebs about these fellows not being all that characterful. The more I mess around with the kit the more I disagree. One of the easy things you can do is some easy clipping around the head attachment to turn the heads. Its amazing just how much character you can get with this little tweek. Of course, you'll need to fill in some gaps with greenstuff.

The way the arms attach to the shoulders is the same thing, a little sanding and fill as needed and you can change the position. Of course you can go nuts and cut limbs, pin limbs, sculpt and fill parts if you really want to , but you can really get alot out of this kit with simple conversions to keep the gang looking a bit different. The Champion, I put a bit more into... added some sculpting and gribbly looking nastiness. I like this guy.

Thanks to the shiny new codex, my Ork army has risen from its dusty hiding place.  Da Rednekks and WAaaaaagh! Rustbutt! are on the rampage again...well, sort of, at least they are finally getting built and painted. The first group I broke out was my Stormboyz. I'm planning on another 10, but this scurvy lot are part of the Freebooter Fleet that tags along with Da Rednekks Space Hulk. Here's my Zagstruk stand-in Mista Ozprey..

And now the first five of his long suffering Freebooter Stormboyz.....

I also started some converting on the new Painboy model.  I plan to do enough conversion to him so I can use him as Mad Dok Grotsnik if I choose. And I'm definitely doing something about the face on that grot on his shoulder. Absolutely beautiful mini other than that. What's up with that mouth?

That's all for now. Off on a brief holiday, but should be back up with something new in a week or so. Thanks again for viewing my humble hobby blog everyone.  Orks, Inquisitors & friends, Chaos (of course) and my ancient Space Wolf army reborn to come over the following months. And possibly a comic or two.

Cheers Ya'll!