Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Changing gears: For the Glory of Chaos.

There is a 500 point league at the local game store coming up, so I figured I'd break out the Imperial Guard Army.... traitors, of course.  The first attempt at a list is basically a veteran squad in a Chimera, two sentinals, my Marbo version and two penal squads. The vets are done, but I noticed the red brown primer is not condusive to great photos. But, here's the photos.....
Here's the leader of my merry band, with his bolt pistol and mutated 'power fist'. I'm sure it'll all look better once its painted.

 And.... the rest of the gang. Two Melta guns, a heavy flamer and shotguns for the rest. Beasty veterans. The chimera they will be using is not the one I intended for them (which I will be finishing up) but it will serve. Pictures of that to follow. Lots of work to do to get the boys put together and some paint on them before the league starts. As long as the painting is 'in progress' when it starts.

Cheers, ya'll

**Update/correction: Marbo will be replaced with another Sentinal, since no named characters are allowed in the patrol league. One more autocannon, its a good thing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday "Break"

My out of the house job is retail. Needless to say, Christmas time is busy. That's my only excuse for not posting anything recently. Hopefully, I'll have some time to actually paint something. On the "To Do" list in the short term....
  • Finish up the Raptor Dreadnaughts, which at this pint is basically all detail work: Weapon glows,lights,scrolls,etc.
  • Reorganize/clean the art/hobby room.
  • And the new year's big project: (besides a comic) Chaos,chaos,chaos.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's that smell?

I've begun work on my Traitor Guard army, to possibly placate Grandfather Nurgle so I can get rid of this horrible cold/virus/flu/crud. So here is the WIP of my Commander, who is also designed to stand in for Col. Straken. I'm going for a "plague frankenstien" kind of thing. So, basic construction is done with some of the first layer of sculpting. I'm going to include some bolts.hoses,power cords. Like there is some bionic stuff under all the bloat and decay. ya know...things that make you go "EEeeewwwww."

Cheers ya'll!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Coming Attractions....

I have a thing for getting sick on holidays and weekends. Whenever you normally can't see a doctor, that's usually when I'll need one.  So, Grandfather Nurgle has smiled upon me with a glorious virus with the works, which has slowed my holiday week painting/modelling schedule down quite a bit.  But..... here's what's in the works and I should have pics up this weekend sometime... with bullets.
  • Dreadnaughts x3 to finish. The two ironclads are base coated, so its just a matter of finishing the olive scheme and then 'dirtying' it up.  
  • The Necron squad, with a couple bases of scarabs has most of the base colors on, then its on to patina and details. These guys are not a big priority, so they won't be done soon. I did get a Command Barge/Annihilation barge that is on the build list.
  • I spent some time with Army Builder, the Imperial Guard Codex and my stash of minis. I was toying with making two armies, since I have enough guys, but I'm just going to go with one. Dedicated to Grandfather Nurgle, so traitor guard are likely the next project along with/after the Raptors.
  • As soon as I'm feeling better, I'm going to get going on my Capt. Shrike conversion. I'm also doing a bit of inventory on my available marine minis to see what else I want to paint olive green.
  • The next decision will be, what to do with the rest of my marines. I'm still leaning towards doing a small Space Wolf force since they were my first 40k army, but the thought of doing a home grown army is there as well. Especially with all of the background thought I've done with the Venerators of Osiron, which will likely turn into something a bit more knightly, but still obsessed with death. Its a ways away yet.
  • Of course, there is the Inquistor/Grey Knight army to finish. I think I'll be using the sisters I have as Inquisitorial Henchmen. there are a couple of purchases that need to be made to make an army, so its not a big priority, but it might be a good project to paint on as a break from olive green and rusty,icky chaos stuff.
  • Lest we forget, my pirate/redneck Ork army. Lots to build and paint there too, but the Raptors and IG are priority.
  • I've begun writing comic strips and working on character development for a web based comic. Stay tuned.
  • AND last but not least, with all of the rumors circulation about this summer's Chaos Codex, I've been yearning to get out my half painted Nurgle army and finish it up.
Basically, I've got plenty to keep me busy and lots to post coming up. Thanks for all of the views and comments so far, hopefully there will be lots of cool stuff in the year ahead for you all to enjoy.

Cheers, ya'll!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something oxidized this way comes....

Its been said around the interwebs that Necrons are easy to paint. You could take the easy way out with a quick spray of silver or two.. but what fun is that? I cobbled together a few Warriors from a box I bought years ago for parts. The one thing I was short on was heads, which had would up on bases or as trophies somewhere along the way, so I have 9 complete guys out of a possible 12. I would have had 10, but there is some wierd interdimensional rift around my hobby desk which seems to eat any part I drop on the floor.

Here's the first of my terracotta/bronze, patina covered crusty old Necrons...
Cheers Ya'll!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From the Workbench.....

SO.... here's what's on my workbench.....

 Additions to the Dreadnaught stable in various stages of completion. Venerable Brother Stalwart, Revered Brother Rocky and Revered Brother Orkin.
The latest Ironclad and the old refurbished metal dread looks like a boxer to me, so Rocky was a perfect name. The thought of a great war machine with a stereotypical Stallone/Rocky slur constantly screaming for Adrian gives me the giggles and will either annoy or amuse my opponents. Either way, I'll be happy.
I may name the Master of the Forge Mickey now so I can have him follow RB Rocky around and say "Yer nuttin but a bum!" when he fails to kill things. Now... on to the subject of Bandwagon jumping..er, uhm... really I'm not. I bought this box of Necrons in 2004. I kid you not. OK....OK... I bought it for basing casualties and conversion parts, b-but dammit I've always liked Necrons- because I like anything involving undead- and frankly, the changes in the fluff that make them a bit more like "Tomb Kings in Space" then frankly, it makes it even more attractive. I love the minis, but I just don't like Fantasy Battles.... so.....
But first... my C'Tan shard Conversion.....
Facing down the sisters at Sanctuary 101!  Er... well....b-but you should see him go when I crank him up!!
I did a survey on the box and its contents. I have ten complete Necron Warriors (for an impending Ghost Ark....because they are so friggin cool) and 3 bases of scarabs, which I plan on tricking out a little.

This will be a slow,slow army build because I don't have alot of funds for new minis these days. Yes....sadly, the tons of minis I have to build have all been purchased and collecting dusts- in some cases- for years. This blog has actually helped me get more done. :) That's all for now!

Cheers, ya'll!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Raptors: Big update

Here's what I've been up to in between life's obstacles.  
First off we have new additions to the Dreadnaught stable. Venerable Brother Stalwart in all of his Plasma wielding glory is in the process of being painted and suitablly weathered.
Then on to Revered Brother Orkin, seen here with his signature "Critter Ridder" arm. Kills bugs dead...at least the little ones, the eagle headed seismic hammer is there for the bigger ones.
Then... from the depths of history (and the bitz box) comes Revered Brother Not-Yet-Named, who is an oldy but a goody. I'm still not 100% sure how he will be kitted out. I do have about a half dozen extra dreadnaught arms, but the metal dreads have bigger arm fixtures. Also, somewhere..... there are the original arms to this old Furioso, so he may end up as my second ironclad.  I like the thought of him being a close combat dread, not only because he weighs a ton, but he's a little shorter than the other lads so he's got something to prove. Those little guys always do.

Next..... we have some Painting in Progress on the objectives which are about 90% done.

And.... to use all of these dreadnaughts, I'll need a Master of the Forge. I've magnetized the multi armed backpack, but something tells me it'll take more than that 1 1/8 magnet to keep it in place once the arms are on, but I figure it'll make painting and general storage to have the backpack removable. So...a work in progress on him.

And finally.... a bit of a tease on the Captain Shrike conversion I have underway.  The jump pack....

Cheers, ya'll!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sorry for the delay of late. Real life seems to have gotten in the way of the hobby.  Aside from some near crippling migranes, which I get from time to time, work and basically everything else from lawn work to car repairs seems to be in the way.  HOWEVER.... I have managed to get some stuff done.... but of course, the camera is charging so pictures tomorrow.

I've also gotten "political"...sort of.. I've begun work on a comic titled "Occupied" that gets a few digs on pretty much everyone. Think Bloom County meets Occupy Wall Street meets the ridiculousness of the American political process these days meets talking house pets and zombies. So that's been a little distraction. I had originally planned a webcomic for the first of the year, which was going to be more of a Warhammer thing, but this whole "Occupy" thing (among other things)is just too good of an opportunity.  I'll be posting links to my "Occupy Donut Shops" Blog (or you can search for it). Hopefully the comic will be up and running with a fortnight.

Stay tuned for pics of my ever growing Dreadnaught stable with Revered Brother Orkin (with his pattented "Critter Ridder" arm) and Venerable Brother Stalwart. Then we have the beginning of (the as yet unnamed) Master of the Forge. The "to do " list includes the Shrike conversion (which I have the backpack done for) and two unmarked Drop pods that I plan to use in more than one army, because I am poor. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Raptors: Painting update.

Regrettably, my migranes have slowed down my progress on this stuff, not to mention keeping me from playing the Wednesday night league the last 3 weeks. But, I did get something done.  Revered Brethren Amos and Gatling are finished.
And the objectives are well underway and very close to done, with the exception of painting the injured tank crewman.
That's all for now. Assuming my head cooperates, I should have some more around Sunday or so.
Cheers, ya'll!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Objective: Objectives

I didn't make it to the Wednesday Night League game this week, thanks to overdoing on yardwork. So, no battle report, but I did get around to building something sorely needed for game: Objectives.  I did 6 new ones which will make 7 total. So plenty for a game. Here's the results, before primer:
And a close up on the wounded tank crewman....
Also got the Dreadnaughts DONE...well, except their bases.... but mostly done
Last, but not least... my Battle Sister. The scheme may need a little tweaking here and there, but its pretty much what I was looking for.
That's all for now. Hope to get more stuff done, if my migranes will let me. The Raptors project is winding down. Only a few more things to do, then I can move on to my next army....and paint some more orks in the process.
Cheers, Ya'll!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Raptors: More PIP and a quick battle report.

Well, another Wednesday Night, another battle for the Chaplain and his brave crew.  This time I played against Mike, and his Space Sharks.  A marine vs.marine fight, which was not unlike an elementary school slap fight.  Mutual pathetic dice rolling didn't help, although mine was much better than last week. Mike's color coated grey/black dice, however had issue with him causing me harm.

My army was the same as last week, Mike's army was a Terminator Captain with lightning claws, 6 termies with lightning claws...in a Land Raider Crusader, a tactical squad with a plasma cannon and melta (split into 2 5 man teams) a 5 man scout squad with sniper rifles and a missile launcher and a Land Speeder typhoon.

The scenario was basically a kill point mission with regenerating troop units. If they died, they would be reborn as reserves.  I set up my snipers in a comfy,shaded grove of trees on the right. #2 razorback squad set up near them (las/plas), #3 razorback (twin assault cannons) set up in the center near a ruined building, with RB Gatling on the far left of that building and RB Amos in between the Razors. Chaplain Slappy and Assault #7 in reserve.  Mike set up his scouts in a building to my far left, with his plasma cannon team in a nearby building. Landraider w/ terminators and the other half of the tactical squad in reserve. The Typhoon was also on the far left. He basically had some clear fire lanes across that half of the table.

RB Gatling took the first hit, after Mike siezed the initiative. Immobilized after taking fire from the plasma cannon and missile launcher, Gatling would stand guard over his building corner for the rest of the game.  The Typhoon 'shook' Razorback #3. In return, RB Gatling shot up the building the scouts were in, killing....none. But..... he got that building good. The rest of turn 1 for me was jostling position, moving up RB Amos and Razorback

The landraider made an appearance on Turn#2, though Mike said he would have rather it waited, since the only things I had that could kill it were in the vicinity.  He was nice enough to 'stun" Razorback #2 to save a scorchmark on the Land raider's armor from its lascannon.  There was some intervening terrain between the LR and RB Amos, so I decided to unload on the Plasma cannon team, killing 1 marine. Razor #3 and RB Gatling unloaded on the Typhoon, which politely exploded.... I love it when they do that. Assault #7 and Chaplain deepstruck close to the building that the enemy scouts were in, but I couldn't quite get them to cover, much to their dismay.

Turn#3 the Plasmacannon team and scouts all decided to use Assault#7 for target practice and I managed to fail a few saves, leaving 3 men and the chaplain. Mike's landraider began a game long infatuation with RB Amos, moved forward and disgorged its terminators, who made a beeline for razorback#3. We both thought it would be ugly, but after what seemed like a billion attacks, he managed one glancing hit, which prevented me from firing the next turn. he then realized that, while they would have chomped through almost any infantry unit in the game, these particular terminators were ill equiped to take out armor. One chainfist would have done him a world of good. Needless to say, Razorback#3 got the hell away from them, because his dice rolling couldn't be that bad two turns in a row. the remnants of Assault #7 killed the scouts in close combat, powerfists make scouts go squuuuuish! Razorback#2 and RB Amos unloaded on the terminators, as did the scouts....with their usual lack of proficiency...although two of them actually hit, but the termies saved.  RB Amos, in an uncharacteristic show of percision, hit with both auto cannon shots AND his krack missile. Mike was nice enough to roll 3 "1's". And RB Gatling actually killed one with his storm bolter.

Turn#4.  The terminators made a run for the safety of the Land raider, which would survive the game with a few scratches and the loss of its twin assault cannons. the scouts respawned and ended up coming in near where they had been killed, SO Assault #7 went to work on them, killing all but the sergeant. This is where I made my mistake. I'm the first one to admit I'm not used to kill point games and I seriously considered jumping the Chappy and SGT #7 onto the fleeing scout SGT. It would have been another kill point, even though they would have been shot to pieces. It would have been a more glorious death than what would follow, but I decided to try and deny Mike the kill points of the Chappy and what remained of Assault #7.

As is typical for random game length games, this one lasted to turn 7. The land raider managed to immobilize itself on a ruin. Amos was FINALLY killed on turn 7 with a multi-melta to the face.  The scouts managed to kill 1 marine from the other half of the tactical squad, who ran up to try and kill RB Amos.  They got shot up by both razorbacks, but survived. In the end I got the most kill points, but I didn't have enough to qualify for a "win" in the scenario, so it was a draw. But a good game with some funny moments, with a nice opponent who I'd happily play again. Its nice to play against someone who can laugh at their own dice rolls and mistakes like I do. For the league, I'm expecting to be middle of the pack/low middle of the pack, unless I crush my next two opponents. I'll have to work on some pagan ritual for my dice. Hmmmmm the equinox is Friday.

Anyways, the army got some attention some oooo's and ahhh's, so that made me feel pretty good. I found out my painting padawan has decided he wants to build an Imperial guard army, so I told him he needs to bring his vehicles over so we can have a tank build-fest.... since he's used to those icky bugs.  So here's the pics of the Dreadnaughts in progress....

Here's Revered Brother Gatling the Indestructible. I've added some more battle damage to keep up with his growing legend. Still have the scrolls,seals and lots of details to finish, not to mention the base.
Here's Revered Brother Amos the Blind...or maybe Amos the Near-sighted, if he hits something next game. All of the work has been done on the body, so far, but I included a pic with his twin-autocannon/missile launcher load out.  And lastly......

Laying in some basic colors on my sisters. The armor will be a stone/old bone color, the shoulderplates and bolter casing will be beaten bronze, the robes will be deep imperial purple.  I haven't decided on a name for my little order, but it will have something to do with martyrs and the like. That's all for now.
Cheers Ya'll.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just a quick hobby update....

Painting:  Work has progressed on the dreads. I'll post pics tomorrow of Revered Brothers Gatling and Amos after their evening battle at the LGS, regardless of whatever progress is made. They have alot of weathering on them since I posted the last pics.  I've also got a prototype Sister of Battle paint scheme for you to check out as well. PLUS.... I'm toying with a little mail order once the funds become available for my Inquisitor army.  No one will expect them......

Comic: Working on character development, should be some prototype stuff coming up...stay tuned.

Battle Report tomorrow plus model pics. Not sure if I'll get battle report pics, but we'll see.
Cheers ya'll!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Two fer One" Battle Report.

Yet another battle report from memory (sorry, no pictures...and yes, I need to take notes), but this time it’s a 2 for 1. The first was a makeup game for last week’s 1000 point Warhammer 40k league at the LGS. My army was the same for both games:

Chaplain Slappy von Counterstrike with his jumpack, powerfist and crozius.
Tactical Squads #2 +#3, 6 man Razorback teams, SGT’s have combi-meltas, one Razor has twin-assault cannons, the other is the las/plas turret.
Assault #7 with 6 men, SGT has Powerfist, one guy with plasma pistol
Brother Scout SGT Slacker and a 5 man sniper team.
Two Dreadnaughts:  Revered Brother (RB)Gatling the Indestructible (assault cannon and fist)
And.. Revered Brother(RB) Amos the Blind (Twin-linked Autocannon + Missile Launcher)

The first battle was against the insidious Hive Mind, in the form of Broodnest, my painting padawan. His 1000 points of nastiness came in the form of a Trygon (named Mr. Cuddles) a hoard of hormagaunts,  a broodlord with attendant genestealers, 3 Zoanthropes,3 HiveGuard and a tyranid prime. The scenario involved 5 objectives and the approach of dawn, so night fighting on the first turn until a random dice roll brought up the sun.  I was the defender of the weird industrial complex/moonscape table… and as usual, failed to seize the initiative. In fact, that dice roll pretty much set the mood of my dice rolling for the rest of the day.

Luckily the night fighting only lasted 1 turn. He advanced across the table from his corner, I shot…or rather tried to shoot what I could see, which wasn’t much, even failing my ability to use a searchlight, which must have had a faulty switch. We’ll have to get the techmarines on that. Not much happened, I held my ground and missed the few targets I could see. The only thing he could shoot was his hive guard which fired upon RB-Gatling, chipping his paint and adding to his otherwise miserable demeanor, by “shaking” him.

I was set up in a defensive semi-circle around my table quarter’s objective. The two Razorback teams on either side of the objective, scouts slightly behind, but with a clear field of fire into the center and a Dread on each wing, with Chappy von Counterstrike and team, behind a craggy terrain piece there to jump in and save the day. I’d thought about infiltrating the scout-sniper team, but all of those hormagaunts in the rear of his formation convinced SGT Slacker to take his boys to an easier/safer location. Broodnest’s swarm advanced at pace, his Hive Guard concentrated on RB-Gatling and “stunned” him, while the zoanthropes immobilized #2 Razorback. I poured fire into the trygon and managed to cause 1 wound, with practically the whole army firing on it.  I realized at this point that my dice were cursed because I had decided to dedicate the Chaos army I want to build (based on the Grey Knight Codex… yes, its heresy, but I will not recant!) to Nurgle, so Tzeentch decided to f*** with my dice.  Change we can believe in, indeed.

I have honestly never seen as many “1’s” and “2’s” in a game. Broodnest was actually feeling bad for me, but the “Boys in Drab” held the line. RB-Gatling was engaged in close combat with the Broodlord and company, something we both thought was bound to be quick and ugly. It was still going on at game’s end. RB-Gatling has yet to be destroyed in a game. He gets the heck kicked out of him, loses arms,etc.etc…. but  just won’t die.  

RB-Amos, on the other hand, managed to nothing significant the whole game, except absorb a lot of fire from the Zoanthropes on his flank and was finally killed.  Missing all 4 shots with twin-linked autocannons is becoming his trademark. Must be that ‘go-funny” eye he has.

Meanwhile, the snipers did not take their SGT’s lead and actually managed to wound the Trygon. The twin Assault cannons on Razor#3 wounded a Zoanthrope. Mr. Cuddles was getting WAY too close for comfort so it was time to launch my sneaky somewhat obvious counter strike with Assault #7 and Chappy.  They did more damage shooting at the monster than they did on the eventual close combat. Of course…. the plasma pistol guy’s gun overheated. Shocking, huh. I was hoping to kill the critter, if not tie it up for a couple turns to keep it off my objective holding troop units, one of which was afoot by this point. It….sort of….worked.  I managed to whittle the Trygon down another  wound, but lost the entirety of Assault #7.
RB-Gatling was valiantly holding the genestealers in place and off of Tac#2, so Brother Chaplain Slappy von Counterstrike did what he does best….died valiantly defiantly with an annoyed tail slap from the Trygon.  I put the beast down the next turn with a melta blast to the face from SGT#2. And that was pretty much the game.  Somewhere in the rush to feed, the hormagaunts had strayed from their objective, so I ended up pulling off a technical win.

There was a short break, in which I decided I needed chicken wings for the first time in 4-5 months. I went to Kur’s Winghouse. Don’t get me wrong, I like scantily clad women as much as the next geek, but I felt like I was at a strip club.  Luckily, the girls were qualified to wear their costumes (a couple were overqualified) but what turned me off was the patrons.  I know they are used to being gawked at, but c’mon man… have a little class, show a little respect, the only thing missing were cat calls….and dollars in various sorts of clothing. Oh my, those outfits they make those girls wear. Woof. The wings were excellent, the service was a little slow because I hit it on a shift change. And apparently, the ladies are required to have at least C-cups to work after 4pm. Just an observation.....er, giggity.

Game 2 was against a young man with an Eldar army (I’m terrible with names, but he was very nice and a lot of fun to play with- I REALLY need to take notes….. and pictures)  Chicken wings and hot chicks did not improve my dice rolling.  The scenario had objectives which deep struck onto the table during turn 2 and 3 and a final one that would deepstrike on the center in turn 4. My opponent’s army was : A farseer, two squads of 5-6 pathfinders, a wraithlord, a squad of Striking scorpions with powerfist Exarch (6, maybe7) a  Fire Prism and a Falcon.  We drew a cityscape with 6 wrecked buildings and various piles of rubble. I know I’m going to butcher this one a bit because it took a LONG time.  It was supposed to be a random game length…and it lasted the whole 7 turns.  We kept playing (because, honestly…… we forgot it was supposed to end on 7) until turn 9. “It’ll end if you don’t roll a ‘6’”….I rolled a 6. The last two turns didn’t change the outcome of the game, so we just had a good laugh that we had played them…because the dice told us to….. or was it Tzeentch?

Assault #7 and the chaplain took up residence in the center building, scouts to the right, Razorbacks in the street on either side the center building. Dreadnaughts were forced in on reserve but were timely and came in on Turn 2. RB-Gatling must have led Amos to the battlefield, because he just couldn’t hit anything.  He had one good turn of shooting, in which he “persuaded” the pathfinders to leave their building with his autocannons, and they almost fled off the table- which would have possibly ended the game in a draw. Almost. They managed to rally and sneak back onto their objective. Both of his objectives deep struck into the buildings, so it worked out well for him.

SGT Slacker did a great job….. not hitting a *** damned thing….. until the Farseer, who had taken 2 wounds at the rifles of his initiates, decided the null-zone between his ears needed to be gotten rid of and killed him with Mind War. The farseer spent the game ‘buffing’ the Wraithlord, who could hit most everything but was batting 500 killing anything. He finally managed to wreck RB-Amos after the two traded fire for 3 turns (Turns 5-7) The Falcon trashed the las/plas Razor on turn 2, putting Tac#2 afoot but on the objective. They ended up taking 4 turns of fire from snipers the Falcon, the Fire prism and finally the Wraithlord before they died.  Those 6 marines held out for nearly the whole game.  The falcon dropped off its Striking Scorpions to deal with them, but the Wraithlord killed the last marine.  The 3 remaining scouts charged toward the objective, but came up a little short. Still well within the charge range of the Scorpions.  What followed was NOT pretty. So now, both of the troops I had near that objective were dead.

Having not died his valiant defiant death yet, Brother Chaplin von Counterstrike led the lounging Assault#7 into the Striking Scorpions. It was a spectacular slaughter. Leaving the Exarch running away, with SGT#7 and von Counterstrike left standing.  They went back into the building (because , frankly….I didn’t want to go hand to hand with an untouched Wraithlord) and went after the Falcon which had moved to try and shoot the hell out of Tac#3 contest the one objective I still held.

On the far left of the line, RB-Gatling had taken up residence in the corner of a building. He dueled with the pathfinders across the street and weathered several attempts by the fire prism to make his day miserable. He continued to earn his moniker, by shrugging off everything. Razor#3 lost its assault cannons then was immobilized, but remained a nice LOS obstruction for TAC#3 who ran to the back corner of the building to sit on the objective.  When the Falcon came over managed to inflict one casualty, when the SGT blew off the starcannon with his melta shot (and people question why I spend those 10 points). Then the comedy of errors ensued as RB-Gatling and 2 powerfist wielding guys couldn’t manage to damage the skimmer. Ugh! And that was where it ended. He held 2 objectives, I had none. But, what a fun game… lots of laughs….usually at inappropriately horrible dice rolls or crazy situations. If 40k ”fluff” was based on the games I seem to be playing, it would likely be quite funny.  I can’t wait to use some of this stuff in comics. That’s all for now.

Cheers, ya’ll!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rednekk Tutorial: Rusty Rust

One of my favorite parts of painting vehicles is weathering. On anything Orky- including Orks themselves- that means knowing a good technique for chipped paint and rust. Here's a simple technique that can be used for both.  But, we'll start out with something good and rusty. My victim, one of those terrible little square fantasy bases. Someday I need to come up with a good use for these, but for now, painting test subject is perfect.
Rednekk Golden rule: Don't frow nuffin' out!
We start with the subject, a couple foamy inserts from any old battle case or a strip from the foam they use to pack metal minis and a couple beat up old flat brushes that are used for stippling and drybrushing. We paint our subject with a base coat of GW Scorched Brown and let it dry. Then.....
....we stipple/ drybrush the subject with GW Vermin Brown. I tend to try and go lighter on flat surfaces and heavier around corners and edges. But its a very organic process, this is only the medium step so don't go too crazy.
Then we go to the orange. You can go with GW Blazing Orange, but its a bit much. I prefer the foundation color Orange, its just about perfect. Though you can add some blazing orange to it if you want to go brighter.  With weathering, brighter is not always better, but some dramatic rust can be a nice detail. Stipple it on, concentrate on the edges and outer areas the most, but again... do what you feel looks good...we aren't done just yet. ;)

Now comes the foam. You can do this carefully with a brush, but the foam really gives a more random, natural look in my opinion. Tear off some chunks to make a point of sorts. I use a dark brown here - 50/50 scorched brown and black- and stipple it on. I left the pattern on the pallete so you can see what I mean.  Hit some of the edges and some random other spots.  If you don't want any metal showing through, you can stop here but......
... it looks pretty sexy with some GW Boltgun Metal showing through.  And here's a close up of the end result...

Pretty easy, huh? And the end result looks great. You can use the foam stippling thing for paint chipping as well. I actually will repeat the last two steps - with dark brown, then metal- and that's how I weather my Marine armor. The nice thing about the foamies is they can be formed to any shape you need for hard to reach spots. The points are usually one use, but you can always pinch it off. 

One more odd addition that has been siting on my desk for a while has gotten some paint, depending on how attached I get in the painting process it may be destined for E-bay.

Cheers, Ya'll! :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kap'n Grogbeard

The Kap'n is finished. I looted some ideas from the original "Freebooterz" book from 1991 for the back banner. He'll serve as a basic Warboss in the Army and since I tend to play alot of games of 1250 points or less, he should be perfect.  Next up on my painting schedule is to finish up my Raptors Dreads who have a date for battle on Tuesday, so I'm hoping to have all 3 of them with at least one set of weapons done by then....so keep a weather eye....yEAAaaaargh!
Cheers, Ya'll!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mista' Ozprey

Mista Ozprey (aka Zagstruk stand-in) is finished, stripey pants and all!  Depending on y mood after work tomorrow night and the weekly litterbox/garbage overhaul, I'll either work more on the Kap'n or start cobbing together some of those crazy gitz that strap rockets to their back. Without further ado....
Cheers, Ya'll!

Kap'n Grogbeard , Mista Ozprey and Inquisitor Stand-in

I've got two of my Freebootin' skallywags mostly painted and set the theme/color scheme for the Freebooter section of my Ork army.  First up, my Zagstrukk stand-in, Mista Ozprey...
With the backpack off, so you can see it better.... and with the backpack on.....
It seems the Freebootaz don't have a good dental plan, yeesh...what a mug.
AND..... I got some work done on the Kap'n himself.
I'd say he's about 80% done and Mista Ozprey is about 90% done, not counting bases. So, hopefully within the week.  I also did some work on my comic project, "Inquisitor Stand-in".... inspiration for drawing you might say......*drumroll* 
Here he is... "Lord Inquisitor Torquemadas Stand-in von Munchauser the Third" at your service...
That's all for now...I need some sleep.
Cheers ya'll!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I can't be the only one....

...... who has looked at this and said "Ooooooo, I can loot that!"

$33 for lotz of bitz.......hmmmmmm.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Curmudgeonly Musings?

Just a quick post, since I've been down with a nasty chest cold. But I came upon this little gem on the GW website. With this kind of article and some changes (for the better) in White Dwarf, it seems to this old hand that maybe Games Workshop is getting back to some of the basics. Sure, they are in this to make money....and though I'm no fan of price increases, I won't begrudge them this.  The better their business, the more cool stuff I get to waste money on, the more fun I have.

For the most part, the Warhammer hobby is really my only hobby. I do fish, when I can, but thanks to a heat stroke I can no longer handle long hours in the heat of central Florida, nor do I have the access I used to have to certain fisheries....and there's that pesky promise I made to my wife about not going out to the coast alone, in case something wierd happens. That'll learn me for telling cool stories about wade fishing with sharks,dolphins, etc. There's also my artwork and occasional writings, but those things are often geared towards making some money, so they don't really qualify as a "hobby" in my book.

But, being an "old hand" at this hobby does give you a particular insight, if you can get past being grumpy about things like not being able to throw grenades anymore and pining for the days of Overwatch.  The push that GW seems to be making with White Dwarf lately- more hobby articles,'official rules' releases and the like- is a full circle back to the '90's, when the magazine was a 'must buy' every month. And I'm happy about it.  Granted, I'm sure it comes down to bottom lines and business decisions, but the hobbyists will benefit from it. So, I'm glad to see what they are doing and hope they keep it up.  They could use a few other "old things" like reader letters and submissions, rules questions, bring back the Golden Deamon spreads.  As the owner of a dusty,neglected Sisters of Battle army, I have mixed feelings about the 2 part codex, but I'll take it for the update.

There's alot of buzz on the interwebs (which is what the interwebs are for) about the introduction of Finecast (which I personally have had NO problems with) and changes in White Dwarf,etc,etc.  Personally, I see the changes as positives.

The 40k internet community is something I've become more active in (duh, I haz a blogz) .... by commenting and posting on hobby forums.  As an old fart, I'm constantly amazed at how I can interact with folks in Germany,Poland, the UK, New Zealand  among other places.  Its a great tool for creative people and the creative process in general. Then there's the "competitive" websites/blogs which I find entertaining in the same way one might find a playground slap fight entertaining.... fun to watch at first, but then you start to wonder if you shouldn't step in and smack somebody in the back of the head. I think the part that bothers me most is the polarization I see. Granted, it happens in alot of other aspects of life (politics, for instance), but just like politics, I see polarization as destructive or at least an impediment to progress.  There's nothing wrong with some good natured ribbing, but it seems that some folks on the internet take being put in one camp or another as serious business.  I'm thinking a firm slap to the back of the head followed by a "Lighten up, numbnuts" would do a great many of these self-styled interweb celebrities and know it all some good.  Damned Kids! Don't make me get the hose out!... 

Enough curmudgeonly ramblings..... more stuff to come, plus the start of what I hope will be a fun interwebs comic!
Cheers, ya'll

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Raptors get to KILL something! : A battle report.

My painting apprentice, aka Broodnest, and I switched places today and he tried to school the "old dog" in the ways of 5th Edition Warhammer 40k.  Yes, I've played a few games prior to this, but I will concede that Broodnest, who is a constant contender in local tournaments, definitely can teach me a few lessons. It’s not a proper battle report, since I didn't take any photos or notes, but there will be one down the road, because my opponent wants to finish up painting his army before we show pics online. So here it is from memory....

The game was 1250 points with a basic Carnage mission (I think) with a single objective in the center and opposite table quarters for deployment.  My force was pretty much all of the minis I have paint on.  A jump pack chaplain, the two Razorback mounted squads, my 6 camo scouts, the 10 man assault team to hang out with the Chappy and 3...yeah, I said 3, dreadnaughts- 1 with twin autocannon and missile launcher, 1 with assault cannon and 1 with plasma cannon. My opponent, had Dark Eldar led by an Ancient Haemonculus, with 2 Raiders, one Ravager, a squad of jet bikes, 2 squads of Wyches and one regular dark eldar warriors….oh, and some incubi.

So, we set up and I went first. My Las/Plasma razorback put the head honcho and his incubi afoot and the twin Assault Cannon razorback shot up the wyches that were afoot. Here’s where the dice gods seemed to set the tone for the game.  If I shot, I hit more than I missed. If he had a cover save or a “Feel No Pain” save, he made it. And that continued until the end of the game.

Squad 3 (in the las/plas razor) was put afoot by the Ravager. And another all game cycle reared its ugly head as my painstakingly painted camo scouts showed that they might look good but couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn if they were leaning against it.  Every guy with a sniper rifle was almost incapable of rolling better than a ‘2’.  The Missile launcher guy was the exception….as long as he was firing Frag missiles at infantry….but he couldn’t hit a vehicle to save himself.

Try as he might, Broodnest couldn’t seem to do anything but scratch the paint on my dreadnaughts. This eventually led him to throwing his jet bikers into close combat with the Twin AC/ML dread, after they softened up Squad 3 for its dismemberment by the Ancient Haemonculus, his Incubi and the big group of wyches. It was a continuing comedy that followed as the Dred tried to stomp or bash the swirling jetbikes with its autocannon barrels and my opponent failed one disengagement roll after another.  Though the desired effect, tieing up the gun Dred, happened for 3 turns. I finished off the Ravager and blew the guns off the remaining Raider, which he then tried to ram my flanking Assault cannon dred with to no avail.  The Dred ripped the Raider apart and proceeded forward to finish the remnants of the foot Wych squad.

The objective, a communication tower looking thing, became the site of a last minute clusterf*** involving Tac Squad #2, Assault #7 with the Chaplain against the remaining –formerly raider born wyches (6-7 of them left by this time) the Ancient Haemonculus and his last 2 Incubi.  The Ancient Haemonculus and Chaplain went head to head and he died horribly, thanks to the huskblade. The rest of #2 and #7 fared better, sending the wyches into a route which #7 pursued as #2 consolidated on the objective, though they still had the old skin shaper and his last remaining Incubi to deal with as the last turn wound down. Thus, a technical Draw.

Overall, it was a great game, besides a few distractions from onlookers and the rare odd appearance of an attractive girl in the realm of geekdom. Were there another turn I was in a great position to shoot the living daylights out of the Ancient and his buddy. The remaining Dark Eldar that had hid out in a building in the back with their junior Haemonculus had no doubt been plotting the old skin shaper’s demise, since they added little but a few stray shots to the battle. On the final turn they got to shoot, the scout snipers actually hit something too…which was a surprise…only to have their targets make their “feel no pain” saves. One other oddity, especially for me, was that any shot I made with a scatter dice….except one, actually hit the intended target unit.  That was shocking. But, it was great to play a game with a mostly painted army and it’s always fun to play an opponent, who has a good sense of humor and is a great sportsman.  Now…if we could just convince the onlookers to keep the irrelevant conversation to a minimum until after the game, it would have been a very enjoyable afternoon.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Work in Progress: Raptors: Assault Squad #7

Squad #7 is DONE!!! Well, with the exception of static grass, they are done. Here's the whole gang.
And here's a closer shot ....
I also got some work done on my librarian.
Still lots to finish. I have to dirty up/detail the last Razorback.  I started work on 4 more marines for Squad 2, if I ever want to play them as a full tactical team.  I have 3 dreadnaughts to  finish painting with their assorted army. A Capt. Shrike conversion to build and paint. The Librarian and chaplain to finish painting. Two Drop pods, a thunderfire cannon,an Ironclad Dread.....well, you get the picture.  Not to mention my Orks are getting downright grumpy so I may have to give them some love soon as well.  But, that's it for now. The next update should be sooner. C&C always welcomed and let me know if there are any "How'd ya do that?" questions. 

Cheers, ya'll! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

6 Steps to a Razorback Las/Plas turret

Here's a quick tutorial on how I put the lascannon/twin linked plasma gun turret together. Koota's grot Skribbla cropped the photos for me...he's a handy little Grot

1: Get the parts together....
2: Then comes the cutting......
3:  Next is clean up and sanding.  Dry fitting is a good idea at this point. I actually didn't cut enough off the first run out.
4: Then you glue the sanded plasma halves together and fit them onto the lascannon base.  I use Tenax7R whenever I work with plastics. Its great stuff.

5:  Since I didn't do a perfect job cutting (like I did on the first one I made)... we do a little plasticard and a couple of photoetched brass parts from an old aircraft cockpit kit I had laying around. Da Mekz Rule #1: Try not to throw anything out, you never know when it might come in handy.
6: Assemble the rest like you normally would and get ready to reduce power armor and light vehicles to burning piles of  melty goodness. This one is dry fitted.
 And a final shot next to the painted one.  Hope you liked it....until next time. Cheers ya'll!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Work in Progress: Raptors:Scouts are done

The Scouts are done! Yeah!  The initial push to get them done was the local 40K league, but health issues have sprung up that make sitting this one out a good idea.  So, I'll keep working on the Raptors with the September league in mind and hopefully, I'll be feeling better by then.

Next post will be a quick "how to-" on my twin linked plasmaguns for the Razorback turret.
Cheers, ya'll.