Friday, March 25, 2011

Tzeentchy goodness

I did a project recently that was "possessed Space Wolves" for a friend's Thousand Sons army.  It was alot of fun for me, since the project was simple "I need 9 of these guys by April, go nuts" The only restrictions, they had to be corrupted Space wolves, because the Thousand son's really don't like them much...and it would be delicious irony.  Here's the finished work.

There are no commission projects on the near horizon, except painting some flaming Khorny deamons, so the next post will likely be some of my Raptors Space Marine army. The orks are calling to me as well and my Freebooter Kaptain needs a right arm.  I want to get my mitts on two Dark Eldar raiders for the Kaptain's "battlewagon"..... yeah, you read that right. Oooooooo what fun will be had.

So, dear readers... upcoming posts:
Raptors Space marines in all their olive drab goodness and a Captain Shrike conversion to lead them
Background/ short story goodness on Da Reddnekkz Waagh and the tribes that follow Da Irun Ork
Koota will start contributing with:
How ta loot dem sneaky spikey panzees an der weedy floaty wagons, den turn dem inter sumfin wiv sum Dakka! Or Wot a real Freebootaz Battlewagon shud look like.

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