Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work in Progress: Raptors

I can't tell you how many space marines I've built in the last 20 years. I love space marines.  There is just something about a genetically engineered 8 foot tall superhuman in power armor putting foot to ass that gets my blood going.  My first army was the Space Wolves. One reason was the cool illustration in Rogue trader mentioned in the last post, the other has to do with a personal connection to the animal.  They got me through the first few editions of Warhammer 40,000 as my chief army.  As time passed and the background of the 40k universe began to fill out I heeded the calls of the Dark Gods  the Hive Mind and the Waagh.  The overall theme, was assault armies.

Another of the Primogenator Chapters that appealed to me was the Raven Guard.  Jump packs and black armor, hit and run.  While waiting for a new Space Wolf codex (and having sold off my last space wolf army), I settled into the idea of doing a Raven Guard force, especially with the introduction of Captain Shrike to the loyalist Marine codex. The problem, as many who know me have identified it, is that I seem entirely incapable of leaving a miniature unconverted or can't just "paint it like it is in the book".  So my army would likely be a successor of the Raven Guard of my own making.  Then, Forgeworld started making decal sheets and I saw the Raptors in their drab green livery instead of the blue and yellow of the past. There were also illustrations from the Rogue Trader days of the "Raptor Legion" in various camoflages and I said "Hrrmmmmm, methinks I can get into that."  Thus, my version of the Raptors' 5th Battle company and a strike cruiser based force making a nuisance of themselves to the Waaghs of the Arch-Maniac of Calverna.

So, here's some work/painting in progress shots of the units which will form the foundation of the army.  Two 6 man razorback mounted Tactical squads (Squads II and III) are first up.
These are the sergeants. The base olive drab is heavily dry brushed with bleached bone at the moment which will get toned down with some washes. The yellow on the helmet harkens back to some markings from the Rogue Trader illustrations and I thought I'd bring some of the yellow from the traditional yellow and blue scheme to note the sergeants. Tactical troopers are all drab with white decal markings.  Lots of little details to do yet as well as weathering.

Enter the Assault Squads (Squads VII & VIII), here's the sergeant and section leader of the 10 man Squad VII.
Yellow marks out the leaders again. These guys are close to done. All of the decals are on the whole squad, with squad numbers on the top of the jump packs etc.  There are still details to be done as well as weathering.

Here's a shot of the painting table.... there's still alot of work to be done.
I've got plenty more marines to build. There will be an elite element to the strike force with terminators, vanguard and dreadnaughts.  I'd love to build the whole strike force, but I'm constantly coming up with new ideas I'd like to try, plus I have Orks,Chaos,Imperial Guard(Traitors) and more, so it remains to be seen how big the force will get.  I'll likely camoflage the footborne tactical and/or devastator squads, so it will be fun to see how this develops.

Oh....yeah.... and there will be Wolves. Soon.


  1. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  2. Thanks much. I'm still a bit of a noob to the whole blogging thing, but I wanted to change that this year. As I start to figure out better mini picture taking tricks and some HTML magic it should be fun.

  3. I've in the process of starting my second Space Marine army, and have decided to do Raptors. I'm stuck on paint choices at the moment; and I'm curious how you achieved the olive drab scheme. I've messed around with Knarloc Green and Catachan Green, but I can't seem to hit the right color note. I want to make sure these guys are as drab as possible; don't want them confused with Salamanders or Dark Angels. I'd like to do an undercoat of green (once i get the color right), and use the Dip method for shading in order to speed up the painting process, so the base color is key. I'd appreciate any input you might have. BTW, love the use of yellow to distinguish Vets/Sgts!

  4. Quick question: I ended up going with Vallejo Brown Violet as my Olive drab base. I'm totally ripping off your yellow Vet markings, 'cause the yellow contrasts so much better with Olive Drab than red would. What color(s) did you us for the yellow, Golden Yellow, Iyanden Darksun?

  5. And I love the camo scheme on your Razorbacks. Way too detailed for my present skill level!