Friday, April 29, 2011

A bit of progress.....

The blessings of Grandfather Nurgle have shown upon me.  In spite of a sinus/ear infection and some flu-like thing from my loving Chaos patron, I've managed to get some stuff done. Alot of it is detail drybrushing on the tactical squads, vehicles and turrets. It doesn't show well in the photos, so I'll just post some when these guys are totally done. But here's what my work desks look like.  This one is SUPPOSED to be for actual artwork, cartoons and such, but has become my building and decal table.
You can see some metal grey knights in the background that have made there way out of storage in my "crusade army" box.  I have a box of the new guys, too. So with the 6 metal guys, and the new set I figure I can get two squads (probably of 6- may convert a couple, so maybe 7 or 8) I also have 5 metal terminators which may have plastic buddies once I find an extra $50.  But the army I have, that I call the "crusade army" was originally supposed to be inquisitors with allies.  Now, it will be an army with Inquisitor Coteaz and a bunch of henchmen (stormtroopers mostly) so it should be fun.   As you can see, alot  going on.  But,wait......there's more. Here's the painting table.
There has been some progress on the razorback turrets...base colors and the beginning of paint chipping
And some work on the Librarian. Layering on the yellow tabard, some on the blue armor and metalics on the psychic hood. I absolutely LOVE this model (who needs an arm) Lots of excellent details, so I'll likely agonize over the painting.  I've done some planning on the Captain Shrike conversion, but Nurgle's blessings have kept me from getting to the actual building. Well, that and having to find room to do the work. OK...OK, I'll confess to spending a few hours reading and playing Civilization V or Dawn of War II:Retribution. I really have no excuse for that... a decade long Civ addiction is hard to break sometimes and the Ork Freebootas in Retribution crack me up.  But here's a pic of the Librarian in progress..
Also dusted off/cleaned up an old conversion that I plan to use as my version of Inquisitor Coteaz.  He still needs some detail tweaking before I begin painting, but painting him will be my "reward" for getting my two tactical and one assault squad finished, before I start painting the second assault squad.  I'll also be assembly lining two drop pods soon. I'll be airbrushing alot on those. My plan is a worn out neutral codex grey scheme so I can use them for any of my marine armies.  They should be alot of fun to weather.
Luckily the Inquisitor still has his pistol to fend off a deamonic incursion on my disposable pallette.

After a bit of plotting, scheming and general procrastination, I've decided to lay claim to another Games Workshop named marine chapter and give it my own touch.  I had thought about creating my own name and have messed around with several ideas, but instead I'm taking on these guys....

This chapter has only been mentioned by name a couple of times in GW sources and have basically no "official" background.  So, I'll be giving them an Egyptian like theme and using the Blood Angels codex for the armylist.  I'm hoping to get a, raven, which I'll likely paint in a scheme where I can use it with this army and the Inquisition, unless the job market drastically improves and I can afford two.:)
So there's the progress and the kunnin' planz for the near future. Cheers, y'all!

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  1. These are all great! I like the rifles!...Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel