Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vehicles WIP & musings

Tonight I'm doing something I'm not comfortable or familiar with. I'm thinning and pushing GW/Privateer press paints through my airbrush. I usually do my airbrush modeling with enamels or model acrylics formulated for airbrushes. So, this is kind of shaky ground for me. I'm not crazy about "experimenting" on models I plan to be finished pieces. The first round of painting is done and it went.....OK. There were a few wattery sputters here and there. The results are not as good as they would have been if I were prepared with the correct colors in enamels or model acrylics, but I'm trying to match the marines ....and frankly, I'm being cheap and not interested in investing time and gas money in travelling to secure a few bottles of paint I'm likely only going to use a bit of.   SO....we'll see how it all works out, pictures forthcoming. Here's something similar to what I have in mind for my "in theater" camoflage.

I've also been scheming with the new Grey Knights codex.  By using Inquisitor Cotez, you can use henchmen as troops which puts TONS of conversion possibilities on the table as well as allowing me to use the 30 odd INQ stormtroopers I have.  Also some possibilities for agents of Chaos. Lots of fun could be had.  I'm seeing lots of grumblings on possible interpretations of the rules surrounding this whole thing, since the codex COULD be interpreted a couple ways. Way to go,Games Workshop editing folks! You guys have to start considering your audience a bit more. What may seem a pretty logical/ gentlemenly solution to the obvious to you (especially in England) might not be so clear cut elsewhere. Especially here in the states where American over competitiveness has turned the relaxing game of toy soldiers into some wierd evil twin of its former self.  Time will straighten any confusion out over the rules, I'm sure. Either way, the speed at which I model things, I'll have plenty of time to deal with what ever the ruling is.

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