Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a week.

Sorry for the lack of posts.  On top of some cat sitting responsibilities (for a kitty that needs twice daily shots), a trip with the wife to a renaissance fest (where the people watching was more entertaining than the ...uh, entertainment) and a cold -like thing that will just not go away, I've had no noticable progress on the projects on my hobby tables.  I have done a bit of work on the two Raptors 6 man tactical teams trying to get them finished up. There has also been some planning work done on the Shrike conversion whose weapons I think I've finally come to a decision on. Sticking with the pirated skaven blades, my "Shrike" will have two swords. The pose is still in the works but I'm thinking something similar to this......
...... with a winged jump pack.  Maybe a little more crouch in the posture. Either way, I'll be hacking a plastic marine up at the joints, pinning him with bendable sodder or bent wires and filling in with green stuff where applicable.  It should he all sorts of "fun", but hopefully the model will kick ass in the end.

I'm also informed that my new desktop pc is not far off, so I could be venturing into the realm of digital artwork soon, maybe even some animation if I can get the program.  Either way, the creative possibilities will increase. But for now, its off to bed.

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