Sunday, May 15, 2011

Languishing in Grandfather's embrace

Sorry for the long absence of new posts, I've been down with a larengitus-wanting-to-be pneumonia thing that has really drained me. the blessings of Grandfather Nurgle for sure. He has such a sense of humor. OK....granted, I have played some Civ 5 and Dawn of War II on my new desktop instead of painting.... but I had to make sure they run good on the new pc. Yeah, that's it. I'm probably being disciplined for neglecting my chaos army for so long. Either way, I need to get to painting.

I did finish reading "Nagash the Sorceror" by Mike Lee. Great insight into the ancient history of the fantasy Tomb Kings....before they were Tomb Kings and all dead, stinky, dry and flammable. I wasn't a big fan of Mike Lee's Space Wolf books, to be honest, but he writes fantasy really well. The battles are quite vivid and the setting feels very real. Definitely a good read and I'll be getting the second book to see what ol' Nagash will do next.
Worth a read if you like undead guys

I did some doodling on the Venerators of Osiron and have been absorbing alot of Egyptian imagery and mythology. So that should be fun to get going once my raptors are done.  I should get some pictures up within the next day or so, so stay tuned.

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