Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finecast Zagstruk Part 2:Insomnia Edition

CAUTION: Insomnia can lead to model building. Since laying in bed awake was getting boring, I decided to jump on the finecast kit and begin clean up and assembly.

Finecast is fine so far. Clean up was really no more than a metal mini. I'm betting some of the clean up issues some people are bitching about is clipping it off the frames or from that.  The resin/plastic cuts beautifully with a sharp exacto, which made trimming and cleaning up mold lines infinitely easier than it can be with metal.  Files or sandpaper boards work good on the material and I even ground out a bit to fit a different head with my dremel on low speed. I'd definitely recommend eye protection ... and a mask if you plan on doing any real powertool work.  The big thing with this stuff is work slow, think ahead and be careful...otherwise its super easy to work with.

They say you don't need to pin things because of the weight. I'm one of those, "when in doubt, pin it" types of modellers. I pin plastic to plastic often enough, just to reinforce things. Pinning is easy if you want to do it, the material handles a drill easily.  I did glue the model directly to the base and attached the leg/body without pins with the use of Loctite gel superglue (a personal favorite)  Hold it in place for a minute and it delivers a very nice bond.  The model does NOT want to come apart.   Which means, dry fit EVERYTHING before you glue it (which you should do anyways....but for this, with superglue, double your efforts to do so)  I also decided on a different set of arms, which are plastic from the Nobz box.  Same thing applies, pinning isn't necessary, unless you are altering the arm by sculpting or such.  The bond with superglue is a good one.

Here's what I've got so far......
The head is a Maxmini Pirate Ork with a headscarf and eyepatch.  I only found one small airbubble/miscast on the whole model (on his butt) that needs filling. There were mold lines and the normal amount of clean up a metal model would have had.  I have another arm for him, but have to finalize my decision on a weapon.   It will be up over his head and the crazy Ork jetpack will be on his back.  I'd love to get my hands on a couple of those pieces if I ever did an ork fighterplane....they look like cruise missiles.  I'm leaning towards a cruel looking hammer, though some sort of hammer/pick combo is kind of attractive too....and there's always the standard cultass type sword.   I think I'll sleep on it (because I haven't yet)

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