Wednesday, June 15, 2011

FOAD: A BLAST from my past.

BELOW is the very first space marine squad I painted for a friend in 1992.  These guys came primarily from the original plastic 20 'beakie' marine kit.  Originally, there was a banner to go with their "martian desert camoflage" and it said "F*** Off And Die!"....thereafter known as the FOAD squad. Each guy has a nickname on the right shoulderplate, like "Rover" the plasma gunner, "Elvis", "Ren", "Stimpy" get the idea.   I painted these guys with acrylic craft paints from the pharmacy/craft/general store in our small college town.  Small brushes, toothpicks and Testors Model glue. It started a hobby for me that has lasted 20 years and has no signs of stopping anytime soon.  I'll always blame my buddy/roomate Matt for getting me hooked on Warhammer 40000 and costing my probably more than a few grand, I'm sure.

I present the ORIGINAL FOAD squad.....
This has inspired me (since I don't have enough things going) to do a modern update of these keep an eye out.  But ..... I have Raptors to finish....and Orks... and Sisters of Battle.... and Chaos Marines.... and renegade Imperial Guard.....and an Inquisition Force...... and Space Wolves....and....

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