Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wotz dis Finecast stuff?!? Zagstruk Part 1.

Because the interwebs cry out for yet another review if Citadel Finecast, I am here! With an Ork.  And an ugly one too! (are there any other kind?) I went to my local gaming establishment tonight and purchased a finecast model and some more stormboyz, since "Youz can nevva 'ave e'nuff boyz!"

SO, here we have Zagstruk. While across the interwebs there have been cries of price gouging, I can see why they charge what they do. Packaging. Alot of expensive packaging.  Whatever Games Workshop saved switching to this resin material for casting, they have undoubtedly spent in packaging. But.... you need it to protect the resin. I've heard alot of griping about air bubbles and the like.  Though I have yet to do clean up and go over my guy with a magnifying glass, I've got to say the mold quality is superb.
Packaging is spiffy, but has to be eating into any savings they thought they might get switching materials
The actual bitz.  Upon initial inspection, I'm quite pleased.  Of course, this will be MY version of Zagstruk, so I have to decide to go with a more redneck look or a freebooter look.  I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to use the head that comes with the kit, though its pretty cool.
Detail is outstanding (though the picture leaves a bit to be desired)  I have yet to find any pinholes/airholes or other miscastings.  I still plan on giving the sprues a quick bath in some soapy water and then airdry before I start construction.   More to come....

Cheers, y'all!

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