Monday, August 1, 2011

6 Steps to a Razorback Las/Plas turret

Here's a quick tutorial on how I put the lascannon/twin linked plasma gun turret together. Koota's grot Skribbla cropped the photos for me...he's a handy little Grot

1: Get the parts together....
2: Then comes the cutting......
3:  Next is clean up and sanding.  Dry fitting is a good idea at this point. I actually didn't cut enough off the first run out.
4: Then you glue the sanded plasma halves together and fit them onto the lascannon base.  I use Tenax7R whenever I work with plastics. Its great stuff.

5:  Since I didn't do a perfect job cutting (like I did on the first one I made)... we do a little plasticard and a couple of photoetched brass parts from an old aircraft cockpit kit I had laying around. Da Mekz Rule #1: Try not to throw anything out, you never know when it might come in handy.
6: Assemble the rest like you normally would and get ready to reduce power armor and light vehicles to burning piles of  melty goodness. This one is dry fitted.
 And a final shot next to the painted one.  Hope you liked it....until next time. Cheers ya'll!!

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