Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Curmudgeonly Musings?

Just a quick post, since I've been down with a nasty chest cold. But I came upon this little gem on the GW website. With this kind of article and some changes (for the better) in White Dwarf, it seems to this old hand that maybe Games Workshop is getting back to some of the basics. Sure, they are in this to make money....and though I'm no fan of price increases, I won't begrudge them this.  The better their business, the more cool stuff I get to waste money on, the more fun I have.

For the most part, the Warhammer hobby is really my only hobby. I do fish, when I can, but thanks to a heat stroke I can no longer handle long hours in the heat of central Florida, nor do I have the access I used to have to certain fisheries....and there's that pesky promise I made to my wife about not going out to the coast alone, in case something wierd happens. That'll learn me for telling cool stories about wade fishing with sharks,dolphins, etc. There's also my artwork and occasional writings, but those things are often geared towards making some money, so they don't really qualify as a "hobby" in my book.

But, being an "old hand" at this hobby does give you a particular insight, if you can get past being grumpy about things like not being able to throw grenades anymore and pining for the days of Overwatch.  The push that GW seems to be making with White Dwarf lately- more hobby articles,'official rules' releases and the like- is a full circle back to the '90's, when the magazine was a 'must buy' every month. And I'm happy about it.  Granted, I'm sure it comes down to bottom lines and business decisions, but the hobbyists will benefit from it. So, I'm glad to see what they are doing and hope they keep it up.  They could use a few other "old things" like reader letters and submissions, rules questions, bring back the Golden Deamon spreads.  As the owner of a dusty,neglected Sisters of Battle army, I have mixed feelings about the 2 part codex, but I'll take it for the update.

There's alot of buzz on the interwebs (which is what the interwebs are for) about the introduction of Finecast (which I personally have had NO problems with) and changes in White Dwarf,etc,etc.  Personally, I see the changes as positives.

The 40k internet community is something I've become more active in (duh, I haz a blogz) .... by commenting and posting on hobby forums.  As an old fart, I'm constantly amazed at how I can interact with folks in Germany,Poland, the UK, New Zealand  among other places.  Its a great tool for creative people and the creative process in general. Then there's the "competitive" websites/blogs which I find entertaining in the same way one might find a playground slap fight entertaining.... fun to watch at first, but then you start to wonder if you shouldn't step in and smack somebody in the back of the head. I think the part that bothers me most is the polarization I see. Granted, it happens in alot of other aspects of life (politics, for instance), but just like politics, I see polarization as destructive or at least an impediment to progress.  There's nothing wrong with some good natured ribbing, but it seems that some folks on the internet take being put in one camp or another as serious business.  I'm thinking a firm slap to the back of the head followed by a "Lighten up, numbnuts" would do a great many of these self-styled interweb celebrities and know it all some good.  Damned Kids! Don't make me get the hose out!... 

Enough curmudgeonly ramblings..... more stuff to come, plus the start of what I hope will be a fun interwebs comic!
Cheers, ya'll


  1. Hope you get to feeling better first off! Keep up the good work on the Raptors and Orks. I want to see more.

    As for the SOBs, it is going to be like the Blood Angels PDF. Nobody will play it until the next year when they make the codex. Of course the codex will be totally different, have lots of cool stuff that people are going to want.

    I hear alot of cries about Finecast. So far, I have bought two items and both were great. Wish the price had dropped as they claim they are saving money (for the stock holders, not the consumers). I had to fill some small holes and such but that is all. Have heard of some horror stories but nothing different than the miscast metals and missing bitz of old. People have already forgotten that.

    As for Blogs, people asked me if i wanted mine to be "big" like some of the other ones. I said not really, I would rather have a few people apprecaite what I put up and learn from it as well as exchange ideas and chat more than turn it into something almost cultish like some sites.

  2. I figure the WD codex might incite me to paint my sisters and maybe dust them off for a game or two. That's about it. Kind of a shame, but I'd rather have a full codex. And frankly, not including the Inquisitors is BS in my opinion.

    I've bought 4 finecasts so far, and have had no problems I haven't seen on metal a thousand times. I had a job after college which involved casting (of different materials, but still basically the same idea) and its just normal for there to be stuff like flash and pin holes, etc. I think alot of folks missed these on the metal models, in truth. Now I have seen some fragile/tin pieces cast in finecast that were problematic. Personally, I've seen the same thin a hundred times in other resin cast products and know how to save/fix some common issues. I think alot of the problems come from folks not being used to the type of material...and being the 'slap together and play" hobbyist. Resin like materials get great results, but aren't as forgiving as metal, especially for inexperienced hobbyists. But to those who get miscasts or anything wrong...I say call GW and send it back. Their customer service has always been outstanding.

    As for the blog, that's what I'm hoping for in the long term for this. Its really a creative mind dump, and I'm hoping folks enjoy it. I do think some folks get 'wound a bit too tight' about something that's supposed to be fun, but it seems to focus on playing the game....and specifically playing the game for something other than bragging rights, where people get really fired up. But, I'm mainly a hobby guy, so I can't see any of the craziness like at BOLS ending up in my little corner of the web. I do plan on a webcomic, just for fun- since GW wouldn't tolerate any profit at their IP's expense- It'll start here, but eventually have its own page.