Friday, August 26, 2011

I can't be the only one....

...... who has looked at this and said "Ooooooo, I can loot that!"

$33 for lotz of bitz.......hmmmmmm.


  1. Loot it? I want to plunder the entire Ogre line for a new Fantasy army!

  2. I just can't do fantasy...can't afford that AND 40k, but there are some orky vehicles and a sqiggoth or two in there somewhere for sure. Great looking stuff. Plus I have an IG army that may need an Ogryn or two.

    I'm definitely considering painting up an army or two and selling them to fund a new army purchase in the not too distant future. that would mean I really need to pick up the pace on painting. Now...if 'real life' would stop getting in the way of my hobby.