Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kap'n Grogbeard , Mista Ozprey and Inquisitor Stand-in

I've got two of my Freebootin' skallywags mostly painted and set the theme/color scheme for the Freebooter section of my Ork army.  First up, my Zagstrukk stand-in, Mista Ozprey...
With the backpack off, so you can see it better.... and with the backpack on.....
It seems the Freebootaz don't have a good dental plan, yeesh...what a mug.
AND..... I got some work done on the Kap'n himself.
I'd say he's about 80% done and Mista Ozprey is about 90% done, not counting bases. So, hopefully within the week.  I also did some work on my comic project, "Inquisitor Stand-in".... inspiration for drawing you might say......*drumroll* 
Here he is... "Lord Inquisitor Torquemadas Stand-in von Munchauser the Third" at your service...
That's all for now...I need some sleep.
Cheers ya'll!

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