Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Raptors: More PIP and a quick battle report.

Well, another Wednesday Night, another battle for the Chaplain and his brave crew.  This time I played against Mike, and his Space Sharks.  A marine vs.marine fight, which was not unlike an elementary school slap fight.  Mutual pathetic dice rolling didn't help, although mine was much better than last week. Mike's color coated grey/black dice, however had issue with him causing me harm.

My army was the same as last week, Mike's army was a Terminator Captain with lightning claws, 6 termies with lightning a Land Raider Crusader, a tactical squad with a plasma cannon and melta (split into 2 5 man teams) a 5 man scout squad with sniper rifles and a missile launcher and a Land Speeder typhoon.

The scenario was basically a kill point mission with regenerating troop units. If they died, they would be reborn as reserves.  I set up my snipers in a comfy,shaded grove of trees on the right. #2 razorback squad set up near them (las/plas), #3 razorback (twin assault cannons) set up in the center near a ruined building, with RB Gatling on the far left of that building and RB Amos in between the Razors. Chaplain Slappy and Assault #7 in reserve.  Mike set up his scouts in a building to my far left, with his plasma cannon team in a nearby building. Landraider w/ terminators and the other half of the tactical squad in reserve. The Typhoon was also on the far left. He basically had some clear fire lanes across that half of the table.

RB Gatling took the first hit, after Mike siezed the initiative. Immobilized after taking fire from the plasma cannon and missile launcher, Gatling would stand guard over his building corner for the rest of the game.  The Typhoon 'shook' Razorback #3. In return, RB Gatling shot up the building the scouts were in, killing....none. But..... he got that building good. The rest of turn 1 for me was jostling position, moving up RB Amos and Razorback

The landraider made an appearance on Turn#2, though Mike said he would have rather it waited, since the only things I had that could kill it were in the vicinity.  He was nice enough to 'stun" Razorback #2 to save a scorchmark on the Land raider's armor from its lascannon.  There was some intervening terrain between the LR and RB Amos, so I decided to unload on the Plasma cannon team, killing 1 marine. Razor #3 and RB Gatling unloaded on the Typhoon, which politely exploded.... I love it when they do that. Assault #7 and Chaplain deepstruck close to the building that the enemy scouts were in, but I couldn't quite get them to cover, much to their dismay.

Turn#3 the Plasmacannon team and scouts all decided to use Assault#7 for target practice and I managed to fail a few saves, leaving 3 men and the chaplain. Mike's landraider began a game long infatuation with RB Amos, moved forward and disgorged its terminators, who made a beeline for razorback#3. We both thought it would be ugly, but after what seemed like a billion attacks, he managed one glancing hit, which prevented me from firing the next turn. he then realized that, while they would have chomped through almost any infantry unit in the game, these particular terminators were ill equiped to take out armor. One chainfist would have done him a world of good. Needless to say, Razorback#3 got the hell away from them, because his dice rolling couldn't be that bad two turns in a row. the remnants of Assault #7 killed the scouts in close combat, powerfists make scouts go squuuuuish! Razorback#2 and RB Amos unloaded on the terminators, as did the scouts....with their usual lack of proficiency...although two of them actually hit, but the termies saved.  RB Amos, in an uncharacteristic show of percision, hit with both auto cannon shots AND his krack missile. Mike was nice enough to roll 3 "1's". And RB Gatling actually killed one with his storm bolter.

Turn#4.  The terminators made a run for the safety of the Land raider, which would survive the game with a few scratches and the loss of its twin assault cannons. the scouts respawned and ended up coming in near where they had been killed, SO Assault #7 went to work on them, killing all but the sergeant. This is where I made my mistake. I'm the first one to admit I'm not used to kill point games and I seriously considered jumping the Chappy and SGT #7 onto the fleeing scout SGT. It would have been another kill point, even though they would have been shot to pieces. It would have been a more glorious death than what would follow, but I decided to try and deny Mike the kill points of the Chappy and what remained of Assault #7.

As is typical for random game length games, this one lasted to turn 7. The land raider managed to immobilize itself on a ruin. Amos was FINALLY killed on turn 7 with a multi-melta to the face.  The scouts managed to kill 1 marine from the other half of the tactical squad, who ran up to try and kill RB Amos.  They got shot up by both razorbacks, but survived. In the end I got the most kill points, but I didn't have enough to qualify for a "win" in the scenario, so it was a draw. But a good game with some funny moments, with a nice opponent who I'd happily play again. Its nice to play against someone who can laugh at their own dice rolls and mistakes like I do. For the league, I'm expecting to be middle of the pack/low middle of the pack, unless I crush my next two opponents. I'll have to work on some pagan ritual for my dice. Hmmmmm the equinox is Friday.

Anyways, the army got some attention some oooo's and ahhh's, so that made me feel pretty good. I found out my painting padawan has decided he wants to build an Imperial guard army, so I told him he needs to bring his vehicles over so we can have a tank build-fest.... since he's used to those icky bugs.  So here's the pics of the Dreadnaughts in progress....

Here's Revered Brother Gatling the Indestructible. I've added some more battle damage to keep up with his growing legend. Still have the scrolls,seals and lots of details to finish, not to mention the base.
Here's Revered Brother Amos the Blind...or maybe Amos the Near-sighted, if he hits something next game. All of the work has been done on the body, so far, but I included a pic with his twin-autocannon/missile launcher load out.  And lastly......

Laying in some basic colors on my sisters. The armor will be a stone/old bone color, the shoulderplates and bolter casing will be beaten bronze, the robes will be deep imperial purple.  I haven't decided on a name for my little order, but it will have something to do with martyrs and the like. That's all for now.
Cheers Ya'll.

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