Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Sorry for the delay of late. Real life seems to have gotten in the way of the hobby.  Aside from some near crippling migranes, which I get from time to time, work and basically everything else from lawn work to car repairs seems to be in the way.  HOWEVER.... I have managed to get some stuff done.... but of course, the camera is charging so pictures tomorrow.

I've also gotten "political"...sort of.. I've begun work on a comic titled "Occupied" that gets a few digs on pretty much everyone. Think Bloom County meets Occupy Wall Street meets the ridiculousness of the American political process these days meets talking house pets and zombies. So that's been a little distraction. I had originally planned a webcomic for the first of the year, which was going to be more of a Warhammer thing, but this whole "Occupy" thing (among other things)is just too good of an opportunity.  I'll be posting links to my "Occupy Donut Shops" Blog (or you can search for it). Hopefully the comic will be up and running with a fortnight.

Stay tuned for pics of my ever growing Dreadnaught stable with Revered Brother Orkin (with his pattented "Critter Ridder" arm) and Venerable Brother Stalwart. Then we have the beginning of (the as yet unnamed) Master of the Forge. The "to do " list includes the Shrike conversion (which I have the backpack done for) and two unmarked Drop pods that I plan to use in more than one army, because I am poor. :)

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  1. Slacker! Back to painting! Since we didn't get to play this week. May be back at some point for another overnight run.