Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's that smell?

I've begun work on my Traitor Guard army, to possibly placate Grandfather Nurgle so I can get rid of this horrible cold/virus/flu/crud. So here is the WIP of my Commander, who is also designed to stand in for Col. Straken. I'm going for a "plague frankenstien" kind of thing. So, basic construction is done with some of the first layer of sculpting. I'm going to include some bolts.hoses,power cords. Like there is some bionic stuff under all the bloat and decay. ya know...things that make you go "EEeeewwwww."

Cheers ya'll!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Coming Attractions....

I have a thing for getting sick on holidays and weekends. Whenever you normally can't see a doctor, that's usually when I'll need one.  So, Grandfather Nurgle has smiled upon me with a glorious virus with the works, which has slowed my holiday week painting/modelling schedule down quite a bit.  But..... here's what's in the works and I should have pics up this weekend sometime... with bullets.
  • Dreadnaughts x3 to finish. The two ironclads are base coated, so its just a matter of finishing the olive scheme and then 'dirtying' it up.  
  • The Necron squad, with a couple bases of scarabs has most of the base colors on, then its on to patina and details. These guys are not a big priority, so they won't be done soon. I did get a Command Barge/Annihilation barge that is on the build list.
  • I spent some time with Army Builder, the Imperial Guard Codex and my stash of minis. I was toying with making two armies, since I have enough guys, but I'm just going to go with one. Dedicated to Grandfather Nurgle, so traitor guard are likely the next project along with/after the Raptors.
  • As soon as I'm feeling better, I'm going to get going on my Capt. Shrike conversion. I'm also doing a bit of inventory on my available marine minis to see what else I want to paint olive green.
  • The next decision will be, what to do with the rest of my marines. I'm still leaning towards doing a small Space Wolf force since they were my first 40k army, but the thought of doing a home grown army is there as well. Especially with all of the background thought I've done with the Venerators of Osiron, which will likely turn into something a bit more knightly, but still obsessed with death. Its a ways away yet.
  • Of course, there is the Inquistor/Grey Knight army to finish. I think I'll be using the sisters I have as Inquisitorial Henchmen. there are a couple of purchases that need to be made to make an army, so its not a big priority, but it might be a good project to paint on as a break from olive green and rusty,icky chaos stuff.
  • Lest we forget, my pirate/redneck Ork army. Lots to build and paint there too, but the Raptors and IG are priority.
  • I've begun writing comic strips and working on character development for a web based comic. Stay tuned.
  • AND last but not least, with all of the rumors circulation about this summer's Chaos Codex, I've been yearning to get out my half painted Nurgle army and finish it up.
Basically, I've got plenty to keep me busy and lots to post coming up. Thanks for all of the views and comments so far, hopefully there will be lots of cool stuff in the year ahead for you all to enjoy.

Cheers, ya'll!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something oxidized this way comes....

Its been said around the interwebs that Necrons are easy to paint. You could take the easy way out with a quick spray of silver or two.. but what fun is that? I cobbled together a few Warriors from a box I bought years ago for parts. The one thing I was short on was heads, which had would up on bases or as trophies somewhere along the way, so I have 9 complete guys out of a possible 12. I would have had 10, but there is some wierd interdimensional rift around my hobby desk which seems to eat any part I drop on the floor.

Here's the first of my terracotta/bronze, patina covered crusty old Necrons...
Cheers Ya'll!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From the Workbench.....

SO.... here's what's on my workbench.....

 Additions to the Dreadnaught stable in various stages of completion. Venerable Brother Stalwart, Revered Brother Rocky and Revered Brother Orkin.
The latest Ironclad and the old refurbished metal dread looks like a boxer to me, so Rocky was a perfect name. The thought of a great war machine with a stereotypical Stallone/Rocky slur constantly screaming for Adrian gives me the giggles and will either annoy or amuse my opponents. Either way, I'll be happy.
I may name the Master of the Forge Mickey now so I can have him follow RB Rocky around and say "Yer nuttin but a bum!" when he fails to kill things. Now... on to the subject of Bandwagon, uhm... really I'm not. I bought this box of Necrons in 2004. I kid you not. OK....OK... I bought it for basing casualties and conversion parts, b-but dammit I've always liked Necrons- because I like anything involving undead- and frankly, the changes in the fluff that make them a bit more like "Tomb Kings in Space" then frankly, it makes it even more attractive. I love the minis, but I just don't like Fantasy Battles.... so.....
But first... my C'Tan shard Conversion.....
Facing down the sisters at Sanctuary 101!  Er... well....b-but you should see him go when I crank him up!!
I did a survey on the box and its contents. I have ten complete Necron Warriors (for an impending Ghost Ark....because they are so friggin cool) and 3 bases of scarabs, which I plan on tricking out a little.

This will be a slow,slow army build because I don't have alot of funds for new minis these days. Yes....sadly, the tons of minis I have to build have all been purchased and collecting dusts- in some cases- for years. This blog has actually helped me get more done. :) That's all for now!

Cheers, ya'll!