Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From the Workbench.....

SO.... here's what's on my workbench.....

 Additions to the Dreadnaught stable in various stages of completion. Venerable Brother Stalwart, Revered Brother Rocky and Revered Brother Orkin.
The latest Ironclad and the old refurbished metal dread looks like a boxer to me, so Rocky was a perfect name. The thought of a great war machine with a stereotypical Stallone/Rocky slur constantly screaming for Adrian gives me the giggles and will either annoy or amuse my opponents. Either way, I'll be happy.
I may name the Master of the Forge Mickey now so I can have him follow RB Rocky around and say "Yer nuttin but a bum!" when he fails to kill things. Now... on to the subject of Bandwagon, uhm... really I'm not. I bought this box of Necrons in 2004. I kid you not. OK....OK... I bought it for basing casualties and conversion parts, b-but dammit I've always liked Necrons- because I like anything involving undead- and frankly, the changes in the fluff that make them a bit more like "Tomb Kings in Space" then frankly, it makes it even more attractive. I love the minis, but I just don't like Fantasy Battles.... so.....
But first... my C'Tan shard Conversion.....
Facing down the sisters at Sanctuary 101!  Er... well....b-but you should see him go when I crank him up!!
I did a survey on the box and its contents. I have ten complete Necron Warriors (for an impending Ghost Ark....because they are so friggin cool) and 3 bases of scarabs, which I plan on tricking out a little.

This will be a slow,slow army build because I don't have alot of funds for new minis these days. Yes....sadly, the tons of minis I have to build have all been purchased and collecting dusts- in some cases- for years. This blog has actually helped me get more done. :) That's all for now!

Cheers, ya'll!


  1. Dreads are shaping up! You sure your doing Raptors instead of Iron Hands? HEh!

    As for the Crons, yea they have some sweet looking stuff. I feel the pain of money. I am selling off some old games and such to scratch up some money to spend.

  2. I'm doing a Master of the Forge so I can get crazy and field all my dreads someday, but I've got another assault squad on deck along with Shrike. I'd love to get a couple Land Speeders, but they'll have to get in line for my hobby money. There are some more 'grunts' on the horizon as well. At the rate I'm going, I'll end up with a reinforced company or the better part there of. Originally, I had a couple other marine projects in mind for some of these minis, but resources are making my decisions for me.