Thursday, February 9, 2012

507th Volheim Update

Busy,busy,busy.... BUT here's an update. The vehicles have an overall British Armor brown spray. I primed the infantry with the same color. Here's the Devil Dog.
After three failed attempts and alot of paint mixing I scrapped my original idea for the Luftwaffe splinter-flage and with something like this.....
At least the basic pattern, that is. Believe it or not, I find it alot easier to paint. It likely has alot to do with tons of WW2 models I've done in the past. Also really like the modern desert derivatives of these.
Here is the first of the ground pounders.  The laurel and diamond on the shoulder plate are for the command squads, regular infantry will just have the diamond.
Many more to paint. I've got my hands on another Chimera, so I'll have the PzII transport conversion. Then there are 3 Leman Russ to build and 2 sentinels. Its been a bit humid of late which has discouraged my airbrushing (i have a very old compressor that doesn't like humidity)... but the next update should be 3 vehicles with their base paint schemes done.

Cheers ya'll.

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