Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fumble Recovery: The Devil Dog.

I checked the surface on the tanks and as ugly as some of it looked going on, everything dried nice and smooth..... SO.... another coat of British Armor Brown.  Then i decided on a bit more...uh.. ambitious paintscheme.  The other night I camoflaged 3 tanks in under two hours with the airbrush. Last night, thanks in part to some black bean soup the wife made, I spent 5 hours on ONE tank. The labor was more intensive, but the results are very nice. First the In Progress....
Step 1: Blotches of tan (Vallejo Iraqi Sand), then Step 2: GW Foundation Chardon Granite. Step 2 took about 4 of the 5 hours. And the 'finished" tank with some basic track colors and stowage colors blocked in. Alot of detailing and weathering to do, but I think I may try to get the other vehicles to this stage first, since the technique is still fresh in my mind.
More to come soon,
Cheers, Ya'll!

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  1. Wow, nice camo work! Everything turned out great. I have that happen every now and then, something just looks like crap and then a few more brush strokes and wash, it looks great!