Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Decisions. Decisions.

I've come to a frightening conclusion. I have too many armies and too many miniatures. What does this mean? Well, good things for followers of this blog, because I've decided to schedule painting/building time each week.... like its a part time job. The down side, I'm planning to try and sell off the armies I'll be painting.

On the eventual chopping block:
The Raptors Space Marine Army
The 507th Volheim Imperial Guard Army
The Sisters of Battle/Inquisitor (Grey Knights/Coteaz Army)
Small Necron Army.(maybe)

Doesn't sound too bad.... but considering the state of them at present, there's a hell of alot of painting to be done.  The Raptors are the closest to done, so I'll finish them up and get a Shrike conversion done.
Then, the Guard, then eventually the rest. So, if you know anybody that might be interested.... tell them to keep an eye out here. I'll happily sell to friends or friends of friends before going to E-bay.

Somewhere in the mix, I'll want to work on the armies I intend on keeping for a while. So, expect a strange mix of posts int he future. I'll post some pics in the wee hours of friday morning.

Cheers, ya'll.

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