Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yes, I've been slacking. But.....

Did you ever notice how life can get busy, even if you are not one of those extremely busy people? I've got a new foster kitten with open wounds on her neck (he mother tried to kill her), 3 others that need to be fed every 4 hours, I have to build a solar system for my wife's class room, I have yardwork, a pool to clean, my own litterboxes and attendant cats to look after, a comic to write and draw, products from said comic to design for my zazzle store (so I can afford my hobby, with a dream of someday making enough to not have to work outside the house)..Oh, Yeah...there's the part time job"for grocery money" that seems to be getting more demanding and blah,blah,blah and on and on...not to mention all the models that want me to finish them.... including some pretty darn grumpy orks.

SO...first up. I guess I'll be giving my friends in Poland at Maxmini some more business soon. I love their miniguns and have decided that they will be the "Crixus pattern Heavy Bolter", so I'll need more for the two Imperial armies I'm working on. My Marines may even scam some since the Venerators of Osirion (a Dark Angels successor) might just be getting some new love late this year.  I had originally ordered on batch of 5, but since I started putting them on vehicles, I'll definitely need more. But look how sexy they look on the Russ command Tank.
I entered this guy in a contest.

Other things on my work table:
The beginnings of my "Death Cult Assassins" for my Slaaneshi Not-so-Grey Knights army.  Basically, they'll be deamonettes.
A little side project I've been goofing around with for a year or so got a little love as well. I've been working on straightening my art/hobby room and came across a few projects that got lost in the clutter. So the Deff roller on this eventual Ork Battlewagon got a little overhaul.
I also thought I'd share a pic of my old Romanian Me-109E-4, which is about to be overrun by headless and armless deamonettes. I did this model about 10 years ago. I kinda miss doing scale models, but you need to have display area for them. You can't just jam then in a case and play with them like 40k stuff. Maybe someday....

BUT... before I can have anymore fun. I have to work on this.....
Off tomorrow morning to get some paint, brass rod and the sun or Jupiter.  The plan is to install the solar system on her classroom ceiling Monday afternoon, so you can see what I'll be doing with my freetime all weekend. Hopefully, it'll score some more points, because if the rumors are true about the 40k release schedule for the second half of this year, its going to be expensive. ;)

Cheers.... for now, ya'll!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Occupied #3 is up.


Lots going on and getting in the way of my modelling. Should have a post up tomorrow with some builds in progress. I've been spending most of my time relearning photoshop....and I'll admit to getting sucked into a couple games of Civilization V (god, what a time vacuum) I have to build the next wave of tanks and a sentinal, they are on tomorrow's agenda, depending on how long I am at the car repair shop in the morning. Dan life getting in the way of my hobby. *grumble,grumble*  But, check out my comic. there will soon be a host of campaign swag at the GKG ZAZZLE STORE, for anyone who would love to help me work at home. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

507th Volheim Update: 2 tanks done.

The Stug/Medusa and the first Devil Dog are done.

I guess I was inspired by my new paints and a bout of insomnia. I changed the decals on the Devil Dog to be more inline with the Stug. So here is Tank#1 of the 2nd Platoon, 1st Company. (121)

AND here is the #3 tank of the 1st platoon, 1st Support Company.
Its a bit more heavily weathered than the Devil Dog, partly because I was trying out the new texture paints. But, I've very happy with both of them.  Now I have to think about building some more tanks. I figure I should keep going with the vehicles, so they all have the same feel. So I have to convert another Devil Dog and then move to the Sentinals.  The 507th is all Chimera hull based (except Sentinals), so any Leman Russ support will come from another unit. My overall Imperial army idea/theme is for a relief force sent to rescue a shrine world from Orks, so its a mix of whatever units were available in the area with a heavy Church presence.  Lots of fun to be had with all that.  Anyways, that's all for now.

Cheers, Ya'll!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


OK.....OK..I'm calm now. Being the GW addict and sucker for new products I made a purchase.
Just a few sample colors, two of the textured 'basing paints' and 3 of the new dry compounds, since I DO love to drybrush and one base color that just happens to come really close to matching British Armor Brown. I have yet to really start ot absorb the book or watch the dvd(that might be later tonight or tomorrow)

Much of it is basics and will be review, but I had an instructor in college who instilled in me 4 things: It never hurts to review the basics. You don't know as much as you think you do and its always good to keep an open mind about any/all techniques. And the two most important things- always think 'outside the box' (or as he would say with his thick Lithuanian accent "unconventionally") AND you can never practice too much. But here's a sort of review of my first impressions of the new products.

 Paint containers and colors have changed through they years. (Yes, that liche purple is still a viable paint and its nearly 20 years old...the washes have begun to smell a little funny though they work just fine) At the risk of sounding like a GW fanboy, I've always loved their paints. I wasn't fond of the 2nd generation paint tubs (I doubt anyone was) but aside from that (and the dropping of Imperial Purple from the paint line) I've always been happy with their product.  Of course, acrylic paint and painting in general, have always been one of my 3 favorite things to do since I was a youngster. The other two involve red meat and women, but we won't get into that. Upon reading about the new paint system, I was excited. After using some of it, I'm very,very pleased.  But....on to the testing. First the textured paint. Specifically, Stirland Mud.
Kindof looks like brownie mix and you definitely want to clean your brush good afterwards.  I can see several applications at first glance. Basic basing, weathering vehicles and adding texture to things like carapaces and gross nurgly stuff. It paints fairly like normal paints, though I'm going to tend to use older brushes for it until I get used to it. To be cautious, it probably wouldn't hurt to have certain brushes just for textured paints if you use alot of it. And yes, you can mix it with the base/layer paints if you want a different color.

If you go for a minimalist basing approach, it'll work just fine on any mini's that don't have a slot. Otherwise you'll have to do some prepping before hand to hide the slots. The mud with a little gloss varnish over it would look great if you wanted a wet muddy effect.  AND..... it does add some nice texture when stippled on vehicles for thick dirt/mud etc...
NOW... for the thing I was most excited to try, the drybrush compounds.  When you open it up, its a bit disconcerting.  My only hope is they don't dry in the container.This is seriously concentrated color and can be blended or thinned with a medium, if you think there is a need to. When using it straight from the pot, a little goes a long.long way.

And its easy to overdo it, as I learned with my first attempt on this base. Less is more. Less IS more.
A little drybrush on Spot and his carapace looks nice and gritty. Great for skulking.
 I thought it might be interesting to see what I could do to a marine with a little select drybrushing and a wash.  A quick and easy way to paint troops quick.. I drybrushed the bulk of the armor (quickly) with Terminus Stone then did the greaves,legs and bolter with the necron compound. (top) then, two healthy washes of Badab Black.  Not bad for a 5 minute marine.

The drybrush compounds dry quickly. Very quickly. And can be interacted with a wash or the like a couple minutes after applying without interaction. Overall, I think the new paint system will make it alot easier for the novice/new painters to get decent looking results and will likely help veteran painters discover great new (and quick) ways toachieve great looks.  Very pleased with my purchase so far..... now to watch my DVD.

Cheers ya'll!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

507th Volheim Update: Weathering Phase 2

I broke out the washes and the chalk pastels to do some weathering.  The wash is a mix of GW Devlan Mud and Badab Black. I put a wash in the creases and panel lines, then hit it with a hair dryer.  

THEN....on to the redneck weathering powders. Chalk pastels.  I keep meaning to invest in some weathering powders, I really do. But, I've used regular artist's pastels for 20 odd years. The same set of pastels, as a matter of fact, bought in my college bookstore when I was a freshman in 1989. I have a flat brush (2/0) set aside and taped to the box that I only use for pastels. Run the brush on the chalk, pick up some pigment and apply.

After a liberal dose of brown, some black, orange for rusty areas and even some grey and purple, here ae the results.
The next step will likely be over the weekend after I get my mitts on some of the new GW paints. :)

Cheers Ya'll!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

507th Volheim Update.... and other unpleasantness.

Phase 1 of the weathering on the vehicles continues. I'm sort of waiting to see what the new GW paints are like before I go much further, but you can see an in progress on the Devil Dog and pic comparing it to the unweathered camo on the Stug/Medusa.
I got a nice little package from my favorite people in Warsaw,Poland- MaxMini.EU.  My minigun-Heavy bolters have arrived. Heres a pic with a guy for scale and a pic of my rotary autocannon team. 
There's just one problem....... they look REEEEeeeeeeally cool with Marines, too.  

May be ordering some more in the future.  SO.. while I'm waiting for the new GW paints, I've been putting the rest of my order from MaxMini to good use. 
These will be "Crusaders" in my Slaaneshi "Grey Knights/Inquisitor" Army.  Its a Inq Coteaz list with 6 units of henchmen. Standing in for Coteaz will be this lovely lady...
Still work in progress. Sculpting to be done on the mistress. I think she may end up on a 40mm base so I can get some sort of deamonic critter on there for the cyber eagle stand in. But, I'm going to dark eldar her down and Slaaneshi her up....uh...hehehehe..... giggity.

ANYWAYS... that's the update for now.  Keep an eye open and check out my non warhammer comic if you get a chance. OCCUPIED    40k one in the works for this space as well. ;)

Cheers, ya'll!!