Tuesday, April 3, 2012

507th Volheim Update.... and other unpleasantness.

Phase 1 of the weathering on the vehicles continues. I'm sort of waiting to see what the new GW paints are like before I go much further, but you can see an in progress on the Devil Dog and pic comparing it to the unweathered camo on the Stug/Medusa.
I got a nice little package from my favorite people in Warsaw,Poland- MaxMini.EU.  My minigun-Heavy bolters have arrived. Heres a pic with a guy for scale and a pic of my rotary autocannon team. 
There's just one problem....... they look REEEEeeeeeeally cool with Marines, too.  

May be ordering some more in the future.  SO.. while I'm waiting for the new GW paints, I've been putting the rest of my order from MaxMini to good use. 
These will be "Crusaders" in my Slaaneshi "Grey Knights/Inquisitor" Army.  Its a Inq Coteaz list with 6 units of henchmen. Standing in for Coteaz will be this lovely lady...
Still work in progress. Sculpting to be done on the mistress. I think she may end up on a 40mm base so I can get some sort of deamonic critter on there for the cyber eagle stand in. But, I'm going to dark eldar her down and Slaaneshi her up....uh...hehehehe..... giggity.

ANYWAYS... that's the update for now.  Keep an eye open and check out my non warhammer comic if you get a chance. OCCUPIED    40k one in the works for this space as well. ;)

Cheers, ya'll!!


  1. Comic is pretty funny, the work your doing is amazing. I am about to update my progress for my Space Wolves for an indie GT that is on the rise.

  2. I have a bunch of Space Wolves that need painting. They were my first love in 40k, then Chaos. I've got just a few too many projects.

  3. I have to sometimes put something in front of me as a painting goal like a major tournament to encouage me to get them done.

    So far, short of bases and touch ups I just have to finish 4 rhinos, 1 character and 4 squads of 8, already got the first 10 up and finished the character...should be done in 4 weeks...oh forgot the Thunderwolves! I have 4 or 5 in the list...

    This is a small event about 70ish people, 21 and older, no douches and at a bar so drinking is allowed (and encouraged)...well it is the old school early days of GW where you would just throw down and have a good ole time. The missions seem a bit weird but fun....