Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yes, I've been slacking. But.....

Did you ever notice how life can get busy, even if you are not one of those extremely busy people? I've got a new foster kitten with open wounds on her neck (he mother tried to kill her), 3 others that need to be fed every 4 hours, I have to build a solar system for my wife's class room, I have yardwork, a pool to clean, my own litterboxes and attendant cats to look after, a comic to write and draw, products from said comic to design for my zazzle store (so I can afford my hobby, with a dream of someday making enough to not have to work outside the house)..Oh, Yeah...there's the part time job"for grocery money" that seems to be getting more demanding and blah,blah,blah and on and on...not to mention all the models that want me to finish them.... including some pretty darn grumpy orks.

SO...first up. I guess I'll be giving my friends in Poland at Maxmini some more business soon. I love their miniguns and have decided that they will be the "Crixus pattern Heavy Bolter", so I'll need more for the two Imperial armies I'm working on. My Marines may even scam some since the Venerators of Osirion (a Dark Angels successor) might just be getting some new love late this year.  I had originally ordered on batch of 5, but since I started putting them on vehicles, I'll definitely need more. But look how sexy they look on the Russ command Tank.
I entered this guy in a contest.

Other things on my work table:
The beginnings of my "Death Cult Assassins" for my Slaaneshi Not-so-Grey Knights army.  Basically, they'll be deamonettes.
A little side project I've been goofing around with for a year or so got a little love as well. I've been working on straightening my art/hobby room and came across a few projects that got lost in the clutter. So the Deff roller on this eventual Ork Battlewagon got a little overhaul.
I also thought I'd share a pic of my old Romanian Me-109E-4, which is about to be overrun by headless and armless deamonettes. I did this model about 10 years ago. I kinda miss doing scale models, but you need to have display area for them. You can't just jam then in a case and play with them like 40k stuff. Maybe someday....

BUT... before I can have anymore fun. I have to work on this.....
Off tomorrow morning to get some paint, brass rod and the sun or Jupiter.  The plan is to install the solar system on her classroom ceiling Monday afternoon, so you can see what I'll be doing with my freetime all weekend. Hopefully, it'll score some more points, because if the rumors are true about the 40k release schedule for the second half of this year, its going to be expensive. ;)

Cheers.... for now, ya'll!


  1. Classroom Solar system and Battlefleet Gothic Scenery! Think outside the box bro! Good stuff!

  2. I love Gothic. I wish they'd do a re-release or reboot of it.

  3. Ok, so you aren't just sitting around, watching soap re-runs on your wii/netflix. Great job! Wish I had your wife for a 5th grade teacher. I may have learned something~