Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Knocking off the Rust: The Templars of DOOooom!

                  "I'll get you, ya dirty bug! WARPTIME!!!  Wha...the...NOOooooo  *blink-pop*"

My Chaos army had an outing at the local gaming establishment today. 1500 points against my Tyranid playing painting protege', Broodnest. As usual, I lost, but almost more to my own dice than those nasty bugs. Two plague marines blew off their own arms/heads. And my Deamon prince failed a psychic test, suffering his final wound to Perils to the Warp... thus effectively killing himself. Oi.  So I bought a new brick of dice that will be dedicated to the Old Gods, since the ones I used had been giving me moderate success with loyal marines. The corpse Emperor put a voodoo whammy on those dice....I just know it.

American Idol is on tonight and tomorrow, which means I'll be hiding in my art room painting away. So, there will be pics up of the Russ and the new Templars of DOOooom paint scheme. My Devil Dog won second place in the Boot Camp Camo contest, so that was nice.  And I'm posting my ribbon graphics here so I can post them there, because I'm still kind of clunky at all this blog posting stuff.
If you have any interest in things Imperial Guard, Boot Camp is a great forum. Some of the conversions and plasticard work some of these guys do is just sick....in a good way. Its also a great place to get a taste of the international view of the hobby. CHECK it out!

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