Thursday, June 28, 2012

Because I can never work on one project at a time....

Jade, terracotta and patina-bronze. The Khymjonghotep Dynasty has awakened from its slumber. Of course (as with all my armies) things haven't quite worked out as they had hoped. More to come on that.... first, here's a warrior.
He's looking up at all the flyers likely to be in the sky for 6th edition.

I got in a final 5th edition game on Tuesday. I lost, as usual, but not without a fight.  The Templars of Doom decided to field marines with Nurgle Icons instead of hoards of plague marines. This allowed me 30 marines in 3 squads and 2 with missile launchers, which ended up being one of the few things that killed something. My new dice failed me in the death dealing department, yet I made more armor saves than I think I ever have in a game. SO....I'll take that. Makes for good comic relief. The Doombull didn't kill himself this game, he chewed through a large unit of spacewolves with a Rune Priest and then proceded to bash his head angrily against their drop pod until games end. The rest of the lads didn't fair too well, though they went down hard. Except for my defiler, Smilin' Bob. He died immediately, without getting to shoot. I tried Obliterators for the first time. As was typical for my shooting rolls all game, I managed to fire two twin linked Plasma guns and not wound anyone. They did better in close combat, providing a speed bump for the Wolf Lord Slappy Slapperfistson (with his increasing number of attacks). My terminators showed up from resereves on the last turn, shot the remaining Rune Priest to death and didn't get a chance to  hurt anyone else. A frustrating day for the Khorne, Dogs of Khorne, for sure.

Looking forward to Saturday's release of 6th Edition. The wife noted I'm like a kid at Christmastime. I have a meeting until 9:30am, then I'll be at the LGS around the time they open so I can drool all over my book until I have to go back to work at 4:30pm. Personally, I'm excited about the proported changes. It never hurts to shake things up and anything that gets rid of things like IG parking lots and razorspam, will only make me happy.

Cheers ya'll!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Too Good NOT to share

THIS is just a thing of beauty. Done by "le Mediko" over at Work in Progress. He has some beautiful stuff in his WAAaagh, but this plane is inspirational.  Since I can't afford to buy a whole airforce right
now....what with the new rulebook inbound at $75USD. I think I may be drawing a few up for ideas. 

Here's THE REST OF HIS THREAD At Work in Progress.  The grot gunner is definitely loot worthy.

Chaos Marines ready for some in progress photos, finishing up the Raptors dreads and one more project in the works..... the WARPIG Uv Da APOCALYPSE!!!!

Cheer's Ya'll!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Da Rednekkz: Mek, rant.

I have too many miniatures.

Its a common problem for many of us. And to make it worse, we want more. Especially since our gaming company of choice (Games Workshop, in this case) keeps putting out so damned many cool minis.

Case in point, the new Ork Fighter/bommer kit. Damn you! Is it the best unit available? No, not really. Points could probably be better spent. But.... I can't help but want to build about 20 Ork fighterplanes.  Damn it!! Most I could field is 3.... but I want to build a whole friggin airforce! Luckily, I have limited expendable income. However.....

I have an evil plan. I WILL have one of those kits....eventually.  And with the left over bitz, I'll likely build/kitbash another. And I have a kit in mind.  Meet what will someday become the Rednekkz Burnabomma....
Image this chubby little freak with a jet engine in its butt and all orkied up.......OH.... the fun.  Since I can't build a whole fleet of orkified WW2/pre-war era planes, I may just have to ork up some artwork. Hmmmmm, I do needz da praktiss in Photoshop. *scratches chin*.  Some ramblings and food for thought.

  I'm working on finishing up my Raptors dreadnaughts, so expect some finished dreads in the next post.... then it's back to knocking out my Chaos marines.

Cheers ya'll!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Raptors: Captain Ickarius

Standing in for Captain Shrike of the Raven Guard, we have Captain Ickarius. He is a long serving member of the Chapter, very long serving. And he looks it. A good deal of his flesh and bone has been replaced by various augmentics, bionics, do thingies and thinga-majiggs. maybe even a few thinga-mabobs, but that's just pure conjecture. It has left the Captain's personality and over all demeanor a bit scared and 'intense'.  His sense of humor is morbid, morose and disturbing. He also will occasionally lapse into lucid memories that take over the present reality. Battle brethren under his command just tend to play along or ignore him if he should call them the wrong name or start talking about battles that happened before they were even born.  Needless to say, venerable Brother Stalwart, who was raised to a Tactical marine at about the same time as Ickarius, often enjoys the captain's company. The two will often stride through the battlespace reminiscing about days gone by, batting aside opponents like they are an annoyance and occasionally stopping to take pictures for the Captain's scrapbooking hobby, which goes well beyond the borders of obsessive. BUT.... he IS a brilliant strategist, in his lucid moments and urges his men to quick action, if for no other reason than to stay clear of his menacing pair of power blades. by design or by accident, the Captain often has moments of increadible, inspiring bravery, leading from the front by example... even if he occasionally thinks he's killing Orks instead of Eldar.

Cheers ya'll!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Templars,Raptors and Icons....Oh my!

The nurgly troop component of the Templars of DOOooom is assembled!  by that, I mean they are all on my painting table in various states of completion.
A little bit closer. Here's the first champion, about 80% done, with two plasma gunners who are around 70%. The gang on the bottom are at the 'base of green on the non rusty parts" stage, which I guess is about 50%.
Then we have the solution to the "I generally hate banners" problem with the new and improved Mk II Icon backpack. Yes... YOU can wear your very own corrupting icon of CHAOS.... ON YOUR BACK!!
Nurgly icons from the vehicle sprue on possessed backpacks...add a little Testors model glue and some fine sand ....and POOF! ....your very own nurgly Icon. The 3 unfortunate bastards who carry these are mutated/decaying in one way or another, so it does come with a price. But... what love doesn't?

AND..... while rummaging through the hobby room in a futile attempt to organize and...dare I say it, clean.... I came across an old favorite miniature, that I'd begun to convert. My need for a Captain Shrike stand-in still holding up progress on my Raptors..... and POOF! (again)..... I give you the as-of-now unnamed Captain I call the Swordsmaster, who will be leading my merry band of, marines.....
It was actually a pretty simple/ straight forward conversion and a good use for a great older metal mini. Not to mention those coooooool rippy swords. :) I had done the base a while back, so its mostly painted. Maybe this will get something done for my loyal marines as well as my traitors.

Sounds like 6th edition of 40k will hit the shelves later this month, so it'll be interesting to read the nerd rage online and hopefully it will reinvigor the game and hobby a bit.  personally, I'm thoroughly distracted by the new flyers (especially the Ork fighter)... but since my hobby funds are limited and a recent audit of my paints cost me a pretty penny, I'll be saving up for my nice shiny new rulebook first before I buy any kits. HOWEVER... let me plant this seed for any Ork Warlords out there who love to convert. The Ork flyer kit retails for about $46USD(possibly cheaper online...warstore for instance), a 1/48 scale MiG-17 or 15 can be acquired for @$20 online(probably less)... with a little mekboy ingenuity, you can get two great looking fighters with a kitbash. Yeah..... too many good ideas.

Cheers, ya'll!