Thursday, June 28, 2012

Because I can never work on one project at a time....

Jade, terracotta and patina-bronze. The Khymjonghotep Dynasty has awakened from its slumber. Of course (as with all my armies) things haven't quite worked out as they had hoped. More to come on that.... first, here's a warrior.
He's looking up at all the flyers likely to be in the sky for 6th edition.

I got in a final 5th edition game on Tuesday. I lost, as usual, but not without a fight.  The Templars of Doom decided to field marines with Nurgle Icons instead of hoards of plague marines. This allowed me 30 marines in 3 squads and 2 with missile launchers, which ended up being one of the few things that killed something. My new dice failed me in the death dealing department, yet I made more armor saves than I think I ever have in a game. SO....I'll take that. Makes for good comic relief. The Doombull didn't kill himself this game, he chewed through a large unit of spacewolves with a Rune Priest and then proceded to bash his head angrily against their drop pod until games end. The rest of the lads didn't fair too well, though they went down hard. Except for my defiler, Smilin' Bob. He died immediately, without getting to shoot. I tried Obliterators for the first time. As was typical for my shooting rolls all game, I managed to fire two twin linked Plasma guns and not wound anyone. They did better in close combat, providing a speed bump for the Wolf Lord Slappy Slapperfistson (with his increasing number of attacks). My terminators showed up from resereves on the last turn, shot the remaining Rune Priest to death and didn't get a chance to  hurt anyone else. A frustrating day for the Khorne, Dogs of Khorne, for sure.

Looking forward to Saturday's release of 6th Edition. The wife noted I'm like a kid at Christmastime. I have a meeting until 9:30am, then I'll be at the LGS around the time they open so I can drool all over my book until I have to go back to work at 4:30pm. Personally, I'm excited about the proported changes. It never hurts to shake things up and anything that gets rid of things like IG parking lots and razorspam, will only make me happy.

Cheers ya'll!

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