Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Da Rednekkz: Mek, rant.

I have too many miniatures.

Its a common problem for many of us. And to make it worse, we want more. Especially since our gaming company of choice (Games Workshop, in this case) keeps putting out so damned many cool minis.

Case in point, the new Ork Fighter/bommer kit. Damn you! Is it the best unit available? No, not really. Points could probably be better spent. But.... I can't help but want to build about 20 Ork fighterplanes.  Damn it!! Most I could field is 3.... but I want to build a whole friggin airforce! Luckily, I have limited expendable income. However.....

I have an evil plan. I WILL have one of those kits....eventually.  And with the left over bitz, I'll likely build/kitbash another. And I have a kit in mind.  Meet what will someday become the Rednekkz Burnabomma....
Image this chubby little freak with a jet engine in its butt and all orkied up.......OH.... the fun.  Since I can't build a whole fleet of orkified WW2/pre-war era planes, I may just have to ork up some artwork. Hmmmmm, I do needz da praktiss in Photoshop. *scratches chin*.  Some ramblings and food for thought.

  I'm working on finishing up my Raptors dreadnaughts, so expect some finished dreads in the next post.... then it's back to knocking out my Chaos marines.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. The only time you can take more than 3 would be Apoc games...I like them also and considered getting 3 but want to wait until 6th. Still they may not be bad with a KFF near....

  2. Try to find some cheap Su-22 Fitters. They're orky right out of the box.

  3. I'm with you, those Dakkajets are pushing all my Orky buttons! A MiG 15 would be a great basis for a conversion...lot of similarities. You're WW2 examples would be cool too...actually a MiG 3 from the WW2 era could be pretty dang Orky too

  4. Soviet era jets are the shoe-in's for Ork planes. For some reason, probably my longstanding love for WW2-era aircraft, I love the idea of turning radial engine prop planes into ork jets. Good stuff to come.