Monday, June 11, 2012

Raptors: Captain Ickarius

Standing in for Captain Shrike of the Raven Guard, we have Captain Ickarius. He is a long serving member of the Chapter, very long serving. And he looks it. A good deal of his flesh and bone has been replaced by various augmentics, bionics, do thingies and thinga-majiggs. maybe even a few thinga-mabobs, but that's just pure conjecture. It has left the Captain's personality and over all demeanor a bit scared and 'intense'.  His sense of humor is morbid, morose and disturbing. He also will occasionally lapse into lucid memories that take over the present reality. Battle brethren under his command just tend to play along or ignore him if he should call them the wrong name or start talking about battles that happened before they were even born.  Needless to say, venerable Brother Stalwart, who was raised to a Tactical marine at about the same time as Ickarius, often enjoys the captain's company. The two will often stride through the battlespace reminiscing about days gone by, batting aside opponents like they are an annoyance and occasionally stopping to take pictures for the Captain's scrapbooking hobby, which goes well beyond the borders of obsessive. BUT.... he IS a brilliant strategist, in his lucid moments and urges his men to quick action, if for no other reason than to stay clear of his menacing pair of power blades. by design or by accident, the Captain often has moments of increadible, inspiring bravery, leading from the front by example... even if he occasionally thinks he's killing Orks instead of Eldar.

Cheers ya'll!

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