Friday, June 8, 2012

Templars,Raptors and Icons....Oh my!

The nurgly troop component of the Templars of DOOooom is assembled!  by that, I mean they are all on my painting table in various states of completion.
A little bit closer. Here's the first champion, about 80% done, with two plasma gunners who are around 70%. The gang on the bottom are at the 'base of green on the non rusty parts" stage, which I guess is about 50%.
Then we have the solution to the "I generally hate banners" problem with the new and improved Mk II Icon backpack. Yes... YOU can wear your very own corrupting icon of CHAOS.... ON YOUR BACK!!
Nurgly icons from the vehicle sprue on possessed backpacks...add a little Testors model glue and some fine sand ....and POOF! ....your very own nurgly Icon. The 3 unfortunate bastards who carry these are mutated/decaying in one way or another, so it does come with a price. But... what love doesn't?

AND..... while rummaging through the hobby room in a futile attempt to organize and...dare I say it, clean.... I came across an old favorite miniature, that I'd begun to convert. My need for a Captain Shrike stand-in still holding up progress on my Raptors..... and POOF! (again)..... I give you the as-of-now unnamed Captain I call the Swordsmaster, who will be leading my merry band of, marines.....
It was actually a pretty simple/ straight forward conversion and a good use for a great older metal mini. Not to mention those coooooool rippy swords. :) I had done the base a while back, so its mostly painted. Maybe this will get something done for my loyal marines as well as my traitors.

Sounds like 6th edition of 40k will hit the shelves later this month, so it'll be interesting to read the nerd rage online and hopefully it will reinvigor the game and hobby a bit.  personally, I'm thoroughly distracted by the new flyers (especially the Ork fighter)... but since my hobby funds are limited and a recent audit of my paints cost me a pretty penny, I'll be saving up for my nice shiny new rulebook first before I buy any kits. HOWEVER... let me plant this seed for any Ork Warlords out there who love to convert. The Ork flyer kit retails for about $46USD(possibly cheaper online...warstore for instance), a 1/48 scale MiG-17 or 15 can be acquired for @$20 online(probably less)... with a little mekboy ingenuity, you can get two great looking fighters with a kitbash. Yeah..... too many good ideas.

Cheers, ya'll!


  1. wow looks like things are going for 6th the nerd rage is amusing me, shut up roll the dice and play the game a few times BEFORE you bitch about it....*sigh*