Monday, June 18, 2012

Too Good NOT to share

THIS is just a thing of beauty. Done by "le Mediko" over at Work in Progress. He has some beautiful stuff in his WAAaagh, but this plane is inspirational.  Since I can't afford to buy a whole airforce right
now....what with the new rulebook inbound at $75USD. I think I may be drawing a few up for ideas. 

Here's THE REST OF HIS THREAD At Work in Progress.  The grot gunner is definitely loot worthy.

Chaos Marines ready for some in progress photos, finishing up the Raptors dreads and one more project in the works..... the WARPIG Uv Da APOCALYPSE!!!!

Cheer's Ya'll!


  1. Wow! That is kick ass and gives me an idea for mine!

  2. Definitely a super job and seriously loot worthy. I have no idea how I'm not going to end up build a half dozen Ork planes.