Monday, July 9, 2012

Warpig of the Aporkalypse: Brief update

Some sculpting progress on the Warpig. I took a stock pig head and started cutting. I've lengthened the snout, forehead and jaw, so far. Basically plan on using the stock pighead to build on, since the warpig needs to be bigger and mechanized.
Still very much in progress. He's gonna be vicious and ugly.   On the other side of the pig, I split the blood crusher hooves and put some putty on for the basic shape of the piggy hoofs.  The ones below will get some cutting ad shaping once it has cured more.
My A/C is down tonight(in Florida that's not always fun), so I might get more done, since sleep is not likely. I've been spoiled for too long, kind of forgot what it was like without air conditioning.

Cheers ya'll!

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