Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warpig of the Aporkalypse: Humble beginnnings

Though thoroughly distracted by my shiny new 6th Edition rulebook and Civilization V:Gods and Kings, I have gotten something done aside from tinkering with Necrons.  I'll post some sketches of the final concept, but here are the humble beginnings of the "Warpig uv da Aporkalpse!"... my Wazdakka stand-in.
Picture if you will: A big ugly pig head with various cybornetic pipes,cables etc. The front shoulder area will all be ramshackle armoured in and housing a 3 barreled gatling gun. The truck tire will be attached bike style (or something like that) with appropriate exhaust pipes. The control knobs,levers,buttons will be above the shoulders... along with a hand crank for the cannon and a bar for the rider to hold on to.  SO...alot of work ahead. But.... just imagine the pure ORKY coooooooolness!

Cheers ya'll!

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