Monday, July 9, 2012

Warpig of the Aporkalypse: The Wheel is a'Rollin'!

Lots of sweat driven progress today, waiting for the A/C guy to get us straightened out. The body is starting to take form. I'm big on having a basic idea and letting the build evolve along the way. I figure if there is any method to Orky madness, its likely a VERY organic process. So, much to my suprise, the bloodcrusher has been hacked up pretty good so far. And there is still more to come. Lots of "Orkifyin'" to be done yet.

Also have gotten the rear wheel assembly straightened away. Still not sure how its all going to get together.. dakka-gatling gun and control panel, then rider.  But here's the mock up...OH....and the piggy hooves.
 THEN... we have progress on the ugly mug. The basic assembly is done. A second layer of detail sculpting, bionic eye and some bolts. Still have to straighten away the mouth and the one natural eye, but I've rebuilt the eye socket and added some scars. Eventually, It'll go on the front end. Lots of hair, lips and such to add yet.

Still lots to do. This thing has taken on a life of its own. Aside from more and more layers of sculpting, the next monster to slay is the gun. That will be the next big project, then the rider and the rest of the bike.  Hopefully, I won't loose my mind somewhere along the way. :)

Cheers ya'll. :)

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