Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Bloody 7th: Ahnek Draugar

He's mean, he's ugly and he's painted. Ahnek is his rank among the former 7th Crixus legion, the right hand of their Deamon Prince lord. What his name was in his former life before the Legion was lost to the Warp is a source of much speculation, but he has taken the name of an angry, indestructable flesh eating spirit of ancient myth, fitting now as he does his masters bidding feasting on the vulnerable worlds at the spinward gate to the Crius Archipelago.

Or at least that's the 'cool' background until I actually start playing the army. Once the games begin, my normally inconsistant ability to roll dice will undoubtedly create some sort of not-so-serious/sadly comical background for him and the army. In the meantime, I'll bask in his rotting glory and stinky badassery, until he embarasses himself on the tabletop.

I start the command squad tomorrow. The plan is to do a full command with several options, most of which I likely won't use in the average game, since with "Straken" and all the bells and whistles, it comes out to around 300 point. But we'll see. I've got guardsmen, forgeworld traitor militia,crypt ghouls,zombies and nurgly deamons (just to name a few) to cobble together this army. Its going to be some twisted kind of fun. Also hope to finish up the sculpting of fur on the Warpig's head. So, there should be an update in the next day or so.

Cheers ya'll!


  1. Very nice paintjob here. Followed it from ToP highlights.. and glad that I did! Nice work.. very grunge, dirty, and full of filth.. just the way he should be!

    Also I find it best to not play them until the lesser grunts go in first. That why they can take the new shiny bad luck first, and he can only get the moderately bad luck when he shows up.. just an idea ;)

    1. There will be hoard of plague zombies and other nasties to be the rotting meat shield for him. I don't think he'd care much for his underlings.

  2. Woah!! Amazing conversion Sir!
    Love the extra details like the shotgun and heads on his back, also the plasma pistol looks cool!
    And that , gives him a taste of "rotting" intelligence wich make him full of character.

  3. Thanks, guys. I'm pretty happy with him. Though now I"ve set the bar high for the rest of the army. I really love the line of GW inks/shades, whatever you want to call them. Also its pretty amazing the references you can find via google images. Bubonic plague,pustules, you name it all in gross full color. the Interwebs are cooooool.