Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Bloody 7th: The Grunts

Like many, I've seen the pictures of the minis to be released with the 6th edition starter set. And like many, I have drooled. Since I would use all of them, I am seriously keen to get my grubby mitts on the set when it comes out.   In the meantime, I have the monumental task of figuring out what I have available to build this army. I have around 60 forgeworld chaos militia torsos, most of which are already married to Cadian legs. I have a unit of "veterans" I converted years ago, with beastman parts (more on them later- and their 're-conversion') I also have 40 plague rats and 40 of these-Cool looking heads ... so here's a doodle I came up with.

Still trying to decide the place these critters will take. Guard "regulars"? Penal troops? Dare I say.... veterans? Working with the obliterator-like weapon from the flesh kind of thing, the only limitation is what I'm willing to convert. Conscripts are out- because I need some zombies.  I have 60 of the forgeworld militia, so I figure they could be one platoon of regulars. Maybe these guys are another platoon. Next post will be the re-converted veterans (I already did a headswap and I'm not sure I like it) and hopefully the prototype of this little guy.

I also got a nice little envelope from a new friend in Warsaw, Poland to realize another project I've been wanting to do for a very long time. It has something to do with Meso-American cultures....and the grimdark of 40k. I get chills just thinking of it.... and a headache thinking of all the converting. I'm starting to believe I do have ADHD, can't do one project at a time.

Cheers, ya'll.


  1. May change your mind when you see the new Chaos codex!

  2. I'm trying to model them with the impending codex in mind. With the leak of the starter set minis, I have an idea of what cultists are armed with. I'm hoping I'll be able to field a cultist heavy army, just for the sake of doing it.