Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Bloody 7th: Master Voxx

A commander is only worth a damn if he can command. So, to communicate he needs a good signalman... or signal-creepy-thing or signal-ghoul or whatever you want to call it. I present to you Master Voxx.

I wanted a creepy radio beast of sorts. A psychic thing married to the vox machine. Crypt ghouls are just creepy, nasty things and I always love using cool stuff from the fantasy line (since I don't play the game) just to be a little different. I sculpted a bit of a hunched shoulder and some nurgly, funky brain stuff on his skull. The head is from the old fantasy mutation sprue, with a blindfold and mouth sowed shut. IG radio parts, an orky grenade launcher, some old photo etch brass from 1/48 scale cockpit kits and some floral wire completed the mess. I'm quite pleased with him for the vision I had. 

Some of the command team will be your basic guardsmen/human types, some will be slightly corpsified and some will be beastman-ish, so it should be a fun mix.  Here's a scale shot with Master Voxx, Draugar and the future artillery liason (or whatever you call him.... "the guy that brings down the steel rain")

That's all for now, look for another post Saturday or Sunday. 
Cheers ya'll!

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