Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Bloody 7th: Platoons

I've begun to take inventory of what I have, what condition its in (since most of this stuff hasn't been touched since I put it together after Christmas... of '07 or so) and what I can do with it in the game.  My work area is a bit of a mess, but you can see the beginnings of what will be one of the strong platoons made of the remnants of the old Crixus 7th Expeditionary Legion, plus assorted creeps and nasties.

Each squad will have a vox creep, because frankly they are just too much fun to build. I'm not trying to think too hard on future purchases, since I have plenty to build and convert, but the crypt ghoul creeps are really growing on me, so I know if any purchases other than the odd part are needed its likely to be crypt ghouls.  I'm thinking about Weapons teams with gun creeps. And for 'bodyguards" Draugar will have shield creeps... though I'd envision it more like he sees an incoming threat, grabs the unlucky creep by the neck and puts him in the path of the incoming round, rather than the creep being all noble and jumping infront of it to save his commander.

For the first platoon of basic infantry, however, I'm going to run with the forgeworld militia/cadian look (with some Catachan parts) I have 4 old Steel Legion missile launcher arms (the ones that kindof look like RPG's), so I'm forming the 4 platoon HW teams around them. Still working on how to make medics for the command squads, since creeps are too dull for that.... maybe the hooded Plague Monk bodied things.  Still lots to do.

HOWEVER.... I finally played my first game of 6th edition today with my Templars of DOOooom.  They actually did great. My dice were uncharacteristically kind to me, while my opponents were not kind to him.  The DOOooombull killed Logan Grimnar and may have to have his base augmented with a nurgling that issues challenges for him.  Though eventually killed by Logan's second (damned storm shield)... the DOOooombull did very well and held up Logan and his large unit of wolfguard for a good part of the game...after they killed Smilin' Bob the Defiler when they landed in their drop pod. Serves 'em right. It was a very fun game, none of my guys killed themselves with their own plasmaguns (though one of the spacewolves did)... and though technically a draw in the end, the boys made a good account for themselves and outnumbered the 9 wolfguard left on the table at games end by at least 2-1.  Much better than my usual, 3 guys left standing at the end like normal.  A new league has started up and I'm mulling taking the kids out for a league run. 1500 points. I might do it...or I might just keep using Wednesday nights as a painting night, I haven't decided yet.  Either way, I may be painting some of my chaos marines alongside the traitor guard in the near future.

That's all for now. Another update this weekend....and maybe even some original background 'fluff'
Cheers ya'll!

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