Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Apostles of Quetza: Chaplain

Apologies for the absense. I've got a medical condition I've been wrestling with for a week or so, which has made it hard to get any real progress done in the hobby room.

I'm calling the converting on the Interrogator Chaplain done.  Any other effects, like a jade feather pattern on the back crest and such, I'll do with paint. I might get a little goofy and do something with the skull and bones on the backpack, but I'm feeling that 'less is more' kinda vibe at the moment

Also got alot of block colors done on the traitor guard and a couple of the Dark Vengeance Chosen, though it was Stompy that got the most love. 
He's got the basic under colors on him as well as a two tone rust base. The greens will change alot before he's completed. In the end he'll have a rusty metal, sickly green look to him, not unlike Ahnek Draugar. I plan to go light with the skin areas, like Draugar and then fade into the darker,olivey green.  Those tentacles sticking out of the mouth on the left are bugging me a little and I may take then out and replace them with a more nurgly looking tongue like thing.  The more I work with this model, the more I want another one to really convert. But the leaked photos from the upcoming Chaos preview in White Dwarf are making me try to find ways to save up some cash....... cool stuff. And I WILL have one of those dragon things. hat's all for now. Next update should be around Sunday or so.

Cheers ya'll!

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  1. I like the Aztec theme...looking forward to seeing paint on them.