Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apostles of,uhm.....

I just got done with my "work week" so other "work week" (art/painting etc) begins tomorrow night... probably right after the "Dexter" premiere.   One sticking point I've been having with my Apostles is the chapter symbol. I was planning on turning the Dark Angels symbol into a stylized winged serpent. I've done this on two of the Drak Vengeance models, but I'm not overly thrilled with the results.  So I was thinking of an exaggerated wing with a screaming skull.... in jade on black.  I'm thinking I may have to send the boys in Warsaw some more $$ too.... for these.
Just a bit tooooooooo sexxxy! Of course, the real bitch will be getting these on to the Dark Vengeance models, but its not impossible. A sharp exacto blade can do all sorts of things and... there's always insta- mold.

Picture/model updates tomorrow or Monday at the latest.
Cheers ya'll!

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