Monday, September 24, 2012

FLICKA!!! I SAY FLICKA!! Or is it Flickr?

I started a Flickr photostream, basically with hopes of attracting some attention... and maybe making the GW website. So its HERE in all its wonder and glory. Nothing that is new, really.... not yet.

In other news, I've been wrestling with some medical issues, so that's my only excuse for not posting. I have gotten some work done on Stompy and the Interrogator Chaplain, so keep an eye open for a post in the next day or so. Plus a few other goofy things I've been playing around with. In the meantime... go like my Flickr account...or whatever people do over there. :)

Cheer's Ya'll!


  1. Yea, keep thinking about doing Flickr, but then I go why? I have all my stuff on Photobucket already.

    BTW where did that helmet for the Plague Marine with the plasma gun in the first pic come from?

  2. Those are Maxmini Steam Knight heads, which I don't see on their webstore anymore.