Friday, September 7, 2012

General Update:Traitors, Feathers and Warpigs

OK.... lots going on. I got my grubby little mitts on a Limited Edition Dark Vengeance set. Love,love,LOVE the minis (I may need some more of these eventually) Great set, worth the $$ if you can use the minis. Since I have a never ending Chaos hoard and I've been gearing up to start another marine force, its perfect for me.

First.... meet Stompy:

I absolutely love this mini.  Granted, I don't need more than 2 in the same pose and if I get another one, there will be some hacking. But assuming GW does a kit, this new Chaos Dreadnaught is finally, FINALLY ... the monkey to fit the bill. I hope and pray the regular old Chaos Marines, Khorne Berserkers (who really need it) and...maybe....just maybe, plastic Plague Marines, get an upgrade with the asthetic they have used in this set. With a decent codex (though....I will have no problem whatsoever with an overpowered one) and this new take on the design, they may finally get Chaos close to where it should be. Enough of my fanboy ranting.... on to the next bunch of traitors...
I've pieced together Draugar's Command squad. From left to right: Master Voxx, cultist meatshield #1, Artillery liason, cultist meatshield #2, Ahnek Draugar the Undieing, the medic, the icon bearer and the sniper.
I figured it would be a great way for sycophantic cultists to suck up to the commander by standing in front of a bullet for him. I mean.... why waste a perfectly good creep, when you have cultists handy?  So they will stand in as bodyguards. I'm also working on a spawn-thing as Nork stand in. Spawn. Ogre. Not alot of difference. Here's a close up of the unnamed 3 armed medic, who is still a work in progress.
I've got to do some sculpting and other horror movie/gross kind of stuff with him. Not really sure I'd want this guy working on me if I got hit.

SPEAKING OF SCULPTING....... The Warpig of the Orkpacalypse makes a sudden and stinky reappearance.  He was lonely.  I started putting hair on the critter and here's the results. I have some sketches of the final concept knocking around too. Now that I have a functioning scanner again, they'll likely be in the next post.  Still trying to figure out the orky engineering on how to get there on some of it.

And finally... my loyal marines.  I'm still rounding out the name of the chapter. Leaning toward the Apostles of Quetza or something like that. I still may do an allied sized force of the Venerators of Osiron too, which will likely be Blood Angels successors now.... bit that will involve some investment, so it may be a while. In the meantime, I'll move forward with my Dark Angels successor chapter. Being a Space Wolf player from way,way back, I'm sure Leman Russ is having a little acid reflux with me going off the wagon, but I gave all of my Space Wolf stuff to my painting protege and he's having a ball with it (plus he earned it by helping me with yardwork and stuff)... so I don't feel too bad. I always liked the Angels of Vengeance chapter, but I've had a long standing fascination with Meso-American cultures as well, so I'm working on an Aztec/Mayan inspired (with a mishmash of some other Native American imagery) theme for my Marines.  Here's the limited edition Interigator-Chaplain, I'm working on..... and the beginning of his cloak of feathers. :)
Pretty pleased with the progress so far and it was alot easier than it looked. Originally I was planning a big headdress, but I figure there has to be a difference between ceremonial costume and something that's almost practical for the battlefield. Almost.  You've got to think he burns through a few of those feathered cloaks. Anyways its a good start. the main imagery will be skulls, feathers and jaguar skins.  Still knocking around a paint scheme, but it will incorporate deep greens, jade, black and jaguar patterns. A pain to paint, most likely... but it should look friggin' cooooooooool when its done.  That's it for now. I've got a long 'weekend' next week, 5 days off... so somewhere between comics, the 'honey-do' list and general housework, I aught to get some serious hobby time.

Cheers ya'll!!

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  1. Nice collection of items running around here.. am also liking Stompy.. and cannot wait to see how the rest of the collection from Chaos will turn out. I have high hopes though!