Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Templars of DOOOoom: Stompy

My painting time has been dedicated to the Dark Gods this week.  I'v got some progress done on everyone's favorite psychopath, Stompy....
I'm sure there is a quicker way to do this, but the Hellbrute(s) will be a centerpiece of the army, so I'm spending alot of time on him. That... and I like painting dead, bruised and diseased flesh. So, he's probably close to 50% done. The plan is to do the exposed backbone in a rotten, bloody brown stinky look. I've still got a lot of detailing to do, but I'm just in total art geek love with the new line of GW washes and dry compounds for this project.

Also started work on some of the grunts from the Bloody 7th.  Base colors on the Vox creeps and the 'volunteer' cultist bodyguards.
That's all for now, more painting tonight and tomorrow, so I'll likely update on the weekend.
Cheer's ya'll!


  1. Nice work, how are you painting the sickly flesh look?

  2. Right now its sort of an experimental process. I've been trying to shave some steps off of it, but I'm finding my undercoats actually do show through. But basically, I start with Castellan Green, then heavy drybrush with Ogryn Camo, then drybrush with the dry compounds, Underhive Ash all over, then Eldar Fresh on key areas. THEN..... a wash overall with Athonian Camoshade (Which I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE) Once that dries, some light drybrushing with Underhive Ash and Eldar Flesh. THEN.... there are some strategic washes to emphasize certain areas. Leviathan purple mixed with brown, is great for bruised flesh and darkening areas. Gryphonne Sepia brings out the jaundiced,yellowy look. Its just a matter of working on the details. To come, I'll work on pustules- purplish,red wash underneath, then pick out the pustule with yellowish tan and bleached bone. THEN.... on to the bruises/plague buboes... purple,veiney,bruised looking patches... SO....its fairly involved. ;) There's also alot of the "That looks right/wrong." "Ooo, I should deepen that shadow"

    I love the GW washes. Alot of times a wash or two (or mixing the washes can be really cool. The nice thing is that one run with a wash can be very subtle and you can do a second or third (or even of another color) to get the desired effect.

    I also should note that I've spent a couple evenings searching Google Images for things like pustules, black plague victims, infected wounds and made 'copy/paste" reference sheets. Well.... that and a lifetime of hunting,watching my dad do taxidermy and seeing plenty of gross stuff probably helped a bit too. I figure between the traitors and the Templars of DOOOoom, that research will be useful.