Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dirty stinkin' Traitors..... The Bloody 7th is BACK!

I've been working on my traitor guard army on and off since....well, hmmmm..... I think the last Guard codex came out. Truth be told some of the conversions(or parts there of) go back to a hoard of plague zombies and traitors from the "Eye of Terror" codex days.  This Squad of veterans, for example, once included beastman parts and has actually been through a couple reconversions and some repriming.  But, here they are in their final "tabletop level' paint scheme.

Much of my renewed enthusiasm has to do with the new Chaos Space Marines codex, of course. With cultists and Imperial Guard Allies available, that opens up a lot of possibilities for my largest and favorite army. My Orks might even get built too, because the idea of Freebooter allies is just too much fun to not build. 

But, back to the Crixus Bloody 7th... I have been working on Ahnek Draugar's command team, and with the exception of the weapons option (which I just can't seem to settle on.... probably because I haven't actually played the Guard yet) ... it is done.  First, the Ahnek and his team..

Another shot of the Medic, Master Voxx and Icon bearer...

And last, but not least.... The Ahnek's stand in when I want a "bare-bones" Captain, without paying for Straken, the Artillery Officer who calls in the big guns... and two cultist "volunteers" who have the honor of jumping in front of bullets/whatever aimed at their officer... Or in Draugar's case, he just grabs them and uses them as shields.

 I figured I'd start a new bit where I update what I'm working on, so you get some sort of idea what might be seen in the upcoming posts.

APOSTLES OF QUETZA: Terminators and 3 bikers are primed. Undercoat painting on the Chaplain and Librarian have begun.

TEMPLARS OF DOOooom: Blinky's eyeball is done, now all the detail sculpting begins.  Not-so-smilin' Bob's front end has been primed. Still need to finish construction/scuplting on AHhnold. Dark Apostle Fleghmgrem has been primed and a ton of cultists are in progress. A bunch of marines in their two basic colors are on my desk so I can try to figure out what "table top quality" is going to be with them. I have such a hard time saying "Yup...that's good enough."

The "BLOODY 7th":   3 Missile launcher teams are primed along with a couple snipers. The next unit is being considered and may be made up of dual purpose cultist/infantry models.  I'll likely have to make a platoon command group. Also noodling out a Lord Commisar/Commisar Yarrick conversion.... which will be Khorny. ;)

Da REDNEKKZ:  Sitting in a large bin under my art desk wondering when I'm going to work on them again.  The Warpig of the Orkpacalypse is waiting impatiently for me to stop hemming and hawing over how to build the seat and controls and just build it already!

RAPTORS: STRIKE FORCE ICKARIUS:  Tucked away snuggly in their foam army cases, the Dreadnaughts wondering when I'm going to finish the detail work on them. The 4 marines who are destined to flesh out one of the tactical squads are cleaned up and on my work table. 

That's all for now. Cheer's Ya'll!


  1. Very cool! Nice work. Look forward to the coming attractions!

  2. Nice work! each model is its own character.

  3. Fan flippin tastic. Love these very much. Inspiring to say the least!

  4. Thanks guys, always good to get feedback.

    @Snake88: That's one of the things I love about this kind of modeling. For years I built scale models and entered/judged competitions. It definitely made me a better model builder, but when you are up against guys who know how many lugnuts should be on the roadwheels of a Panther tank built after November of 1944 or how may cables are visible on the right side of the Cockpit of an Me-109G6... creativity can be stifled a bit. I always have a story in mind for each army. Funny, though... they all start out all serious and Grimdark and then I end up with Deamon Princes named the Doombull that loves small animals, but can't touch them because they will whither and die, then binge eats donuts and assorted pastries evertime he is defeated in battle. But I do try to build some character into each guy, even the regular troopers and I'm glad it shows.

    I'm having WAY TOO MUCH fun with this Chaos project now- SO GLAD with reception its getting- and I've decided to jump into the NaNoWM pool, though I'm fairly certain I won't complete 50K words by months end. But I'm writing about the Templars of DOOooom and their auxiliary units, with the grand scheme of turning whatever I write into a comic after the first of the year.... because I work retail and December is pretty much a write off for getting alot done.:(