Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great painting advice...from another Blog.

There's an old saying about opinions, like assholes... everyone's got one. Same generally goes for advice, especially unsolicited.

I find myself getting asked for painting advice, which I do my best to give. It works best if I can 'show' someone, because I'm not always good at explaining. Now... I'm a fine artist by training/education, cartoonist by trade. I've been painting with acrylic paints for 30 + years. And even though I was a student teacher in college (for figure drawing), I haven't done anything really instructional in over 20 years.

My fellow blogger and general all around kick ass hobbyist, Ron over at From the Warp did a great tutorial on values, which I would love to share HERE

Inspires me to do something more instructional... maybe. Or I'll just stick with the goofy battle reports. Wait a second.... I have a new Chaos Codex to read.  Bye....


  1. That was a good read....I rather like instructional stuff...keep the other stuff also! As for the Codex, my prayers and sacrifices to the Dark Gods has been answered and now the universe will quake with fear and bow before Chaos in worship and joy! DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!

  2. I have given it a cursory look, since its been a busy weekend for me at work. I'll digest more in the next couple days, but at first glance.... I'm a very happy guy.