Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Templars and Apostles: Quick Update

I thought I'd drop a quick modelling update on the armies.  I've got a few days off coming up the first part of next week, so it should be very productive. Though I do have to consider if I want to torture myself with THIS evil month long project this year or not.


After his stunning debut at the Pooping Gargoyle Mercantile Plaza, in the lovely, upscale west side of Petrastad, Blinky needed that eye. So here's the first application....
There is a wooden ball in there, which I misjudged the size of when I bought it at the local craft store, SO... I took the dremel to the neck aperture and aired it out a bit. The wood grain showed through on the paint test, so I covered the exposed eye in the finer grain putty and started 'fleshing out' the gribbly parts. Mostly it was to get the basic form in and let everything harden. I still have some seam lines to clean up (yeah.... 15 years building and judging scale models made me a bit retentive about that kind of thing), but otherwise it'll be down to the sculpting and seeing what I can figure out for a base.  Bug parts would be fitting.....

Not-So-Smilin' Bob is pretty much ready for a little repriming and then painting.  He's a whole new Bob with a whole new attitude. Twin linked devourer sodomy will do that to ya....

Otherwise I'm in the midst of a ton of building,cleaning and priming. By weeks end, my Dark vengeance cultists should all be primed and I'll be converting my 40 creepy Plague Monk based guys. Most of these guys I plan to use for double duty in my Traitor Imperial Guard Army and my Templars. One of the 3 pillars of the Templars of DOOooom is the cultist/traitor army, so they will be represented well.


I also got some final work done on the characters. The Interrogator chaplain has joined the ranks of the trophy taking Jaguar Warriors, as befits his terminator honors.

More feathers, a jaguar tail and a nice chunk of Tyranid Warrior skull plate.

I've been agonizing over the force weapon for the Librarian. Somewhere along the way I remember reading about the Black Swords of the Dark Angels or something like that, being cut from a block of Obsidian.  While I've wanted to kind of avoid the whole stone/obsidian weapon thing, I thought in this case (since he's likely to be my chief Librarian) , the idea of a psyk-sensitive stone (dare I say....Warpstone) battle club might be cool. So, I whittled me up one..... and here it be.

At one point I tried a Jaguar tail out on him, but it was just too busy, though it still could happen before painting begins. But, I have the 5 terminators, 3 bikes and these two guys to get ready to paint, so hopefully that will happen over my long weekend.

Maybe..... just maybe, I'll see if I can't sneak a game in with that pesky Broodnest again. He was threatening to break some Dark Eldar out on me.

Cheers ya'll!

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