Thursday, November 22, 2012

HAPPY BIRD! Gobble! Gobble!

For those of us here in the United States its time to celebrate the harvest. We celebrate by gorging ourselves on nap enducing turkey and various trimmings in mocking imitation of a bunch of European religious refuges who were being helped out by the indigenous Americans before the centuries long campaign of displacement and genocide was launched against them by the waves of follow up settlers. (FWIW, I'm part Haudenosaunee and part French/Irish/Scottish... so I'm constantly mad at myself for what I've done to myself, but too drunk to care while wearing a skirt that's not really a skirt and don't you dare call it a skirt or I'll whack ye wit me sheleaghle... or how ever its spelled.) BUT... I digress, it is a day to give thanks for what we have. I am thankful to be at my in-laws (the only family I have geographically close by) and out of the hospital.

Yup, the ol' Rednekk was in the hospital for a few days because grandfather Nurgle loves me SOOOOOoooooo much. So that's why no great posts. BUT... I do have a little holiday coming attractions for you, since I have started some new projects etc...

Ya know that cool fantasy Leech lord guy? "Wullsir, Imma make mea Epidermius outta him. Yessir!"  Herpaderpus will be his name. The Snake oil salesmen of Nurgle! In case you don't know what a 'Snake Oil salesman" is, these fellows(most famously) used to ply their wares in the American frontier towns throughout the 19th century (though I suspect they've been around in probably every century- these days we call them politicians) They were famous for selling "cure alls" which commonly were made from things such as snake vemon and just about anything, usually with little to no medicinal value and often with harmful side effects. They would roll into town, make some $$, hopefully not get tarred and feathered and run to the next town before folks found out what frauds they were. Sounds like a few o them fellers we voted fer here in the States just this month... don't it?

The plan, so far is to have the "leechlord" with his test subject on the front of the wagon. The little nurgling on the box mixing up the latest batch on the back. The wagon will be pulled by two plague bearers ... all on a 60mm base, with nurglings prancing about and some zombies as an audience.

As for the Templars, painting continues. One more stack of exhausts to finish on Blinky, the base, then painting begins. Painting on the troops has begin.I have received  a package from my friends in Warsaw, now I have rotary cannon goodness.

Work on the Templars of DOOooom comic has begun. Mostly on storylines. I had begun the the National Novel writing contest (50,000 word in the month of November.... but the whole hospital thing screwed that up) BUT... it got some good stuff like character names, background and such done, so great fun will be had after the first of the year.... once the hell that is working retail during December is over.

MARBO!!!!...err  well... his Nurgly stand-in, Sly Buboa. I have another plastic fantasy Chaos nurgle lord tostart with which will become my 'Marbo" stand-in. He was so much fun in the last game, even though he died horribly, that I think he will be a regular feature when the guard allies are involved.

AND... that's about it... for now.  I'm off to eat turkey and go into a trytophan coma.

Cheers Ya'll!


  1. Happy Holidays! Enjoy! Looking forward to tons of cool stuff!

  2. Thank you, sir! And to you as well. I hope you had a meal worthy of losening your belt and a nice nap. I also saw the post on your blog and agree whole heartedly with your challenge.... So much so that I intend to pass it along. As for the rest, I'm excited about the Herpaderpus and Buboa projects figuring they might help me keep a bit of my sanity during the month to come. I hate working retail, but jobs are hard to come by (that's a whole other rant that I won't get into here- this is a place for grimdark,death,disease and blood... not evil things like the economy and politics)