Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Templars of DOOooom: Blinky!

I just didn't feel like painting today, So I did some sculpting. 

I decided Blinky needed something more nurgly on his side for exhausts. Here's a composite of what I've done for tonight.

I'm trying for that fungusy,old haunted mutant tree with tentacle thing. I think its pretty good for a first shot. There will be some fine tuning once it hardens.

The gang over at the Mighty BOLTER and CHAINSWORD forum responded well to the idea of Blinky doing the cutesy "Please don't shoot me.... I'm cute" / Puss and boots thing.....  SO...  I repositioned the guns, did a little sculpting and some quick goofing around with the photo editor.... and here you go, from the opponent's point of view.....

Coming attractions is pretty much as it was last time, except for Blinky, though I'll likely get more done tonight while I avoid watching the election results.

Cheers Ya'll!

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