Monday, December 31, 2012

2013: The Year of DOOooom!

Happy New Year, Ya'll! 
As I listen to the fireworks here in suburban Orlando, which make it sound not unlike Beirut, I figured I'd give you all a brief and incomplete "Coming Attractions" list of what to expect here in this little corner of the interwebs.

First and foremost, after some consultation with the great powers (i.e the wife) and many hours of sleepless musing on my part, I have decided to launch not ONE but TWO cartoons upon the Ides (@ the 15th or so) of this month you call January at Da Rednekkz Artwerkz

Basically, the idea will be to do one comic one week and the other the next. The other decision, which was the most agonizing one by far, was to NOT do a Templars of DOOooom comic that was pulled directly from Warhammer 40,000.  HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that I'm not going to do a Templars of DOOooom Comic. I certainly am.  The problem being the Games Workshop IP. While its great fun to do a 40k comic, its also a lot of work to keep up and its something that you are not allowed to make any money off of at all. AND.... not to be a greedy bastard, but as a starving artist type, a guys got to try to make a living.

 SO.... here's my solution.  Being the guy that I am and wanting to keep everybody happy, I'm going to try to do a 40k comic of sorts- even if its one panel- once a month or so and post it here at the Mekshop. Meanwhile, I'm going to post my Templars of DOOooom comic, which will be more of a fantasy/sci-fi based thing- but with some familiar themes, which you may find entertaining at the Artwerks along with my revived "Occupied" comic, which is sort of about everyday current things, talking cats and possessed sock monkeys.

Miniatures and such.....
In the midst of trying to quit my 'outside the house' job and be a full time self employed artist again (which in the midst of my current medical challenges is near to impossible, but that's another story) I'm naming 2013 as "The Year to Finish Unfinished Business" That means finishing up my armies that I have started to paint. The first of which will be the Templars of DOOooom and their accompanying traitor guardsmen.  Then I hope to move, systematically through my other armies to get them done.  Of course, Games Workshop may throw a massive monkey wrench into this with cool new codex releases. I know the Dark Angels codex is likely to cause some trouble, without a doubt, either bringing the Apostles of Quetza from small allied force to a full sized army or resurrecting a couple older army ideas I have had. I have a bunch of unbuilt terminators and regular marines that have just been waiting for the Dark Angel or Black Templar codexes to drop. I've been aching to do a dark,sinister knightly order.

So .that's the battle plan. We'll see how it survives contact with the new year.  I hope you all stick along for the ride, it promises to be a fun one. I wish you all a wonderful and prosperous new year.

Cheers ya'll!

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